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Niight- Funeral Doom Metal from New Jersey

Niight- Funeral Doom Metal from New Jersey
August 27, 2010, 06:49:16 PM
Niight is a project that was created out of an appreciation for a multiplicity of cooperative musical styles, ideologies and aesthetics. Our goal is to communicate all three facets in one medium. We believe our music is best heralded by the term "Blackened Funeral Drone" which we feel speaks for itself in terms of influence and musical lineage. We have made our release available in its entirety via streaming audio on this myspace page, however, if you would like a hard copy of this release, please send an e-mail to this account and matters will promptly be handled. ..


I'm posting this primarily because I know these guys personally. All of them are very strange, and not in the bad way. Informative, very intelligent collection of dudes who are really into Dead Can Dance. Despite their moniker of "Blackened Funeral Drone" there's not an ounce of Hipsterdom in this stuff. The music can get repetitive, but I think they're going for a trance-like feeling, considering how they describe themselves on myspace. I was present for these recordings and actually helped out with some of the technical things involved in the home-studio. It's not life changing material but it is oddly soothing. Interesting to see all of these styles converging into one.