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SATANIC WARMASTER releases "Nachzerer"

SATANIC WARMASTER releases "Nachzerer"
August 25, 2010, 02:10:29 PM
One of the most notorious names in the black metal underground for nearly a decade and a half, SATANIC WARMASTER makes its triumphant, moonlight-gleaming return with Nachzerer. The Finnish warrior’s first full-length album in five years, the highly anticipated Nachzerer comprises all the usual uncompromising and close-minded SATANIC WARMASTER elements – freezing primitive speed, solemn war-torn marches, and above all fiery and hideous execution – but distilled to their blackest, most potent essence. Each song is a hymn to ancient times and forgotten realms, the entirety of Nachzerer embodying a song-cycle that’s a unified work in itself: in times of strife, the Warmaster returns!

Track listing for SATANIC WARMASTER's Nachzerer:
1. Intro
2. Satan's Werewolf
3. Vampires
4. Warmaster Returns
5. One Shining Star
6. Bestial Darkness
7. Rotting Raven's Blood
8. Utug-Hul


SATANIC WARMASTER biography 2010:

When the Carelian woods rustled in the passing of ancient shadows and the full moon shone its dismal Glare upon the kneeling worshipper, the demons whispered their horrid decree. By the binding rites of darkness and witchcraft, Werwolf bestowed life upon SATANIC WARMASTER in the year of infamy 1998, in order to finally realize his true expression in art, prepared for by years of battles in crafting unholy Finnish black metal in other hordes. Though men and their minds never cease to evolve, the core principles of SATANIC WARMASTER that were laid out in the brief ritualistic exhortations of the cult demo Bloody Ritual, recorded in 1999 A.S., have never changed in essence. While forgotten and dreaded because of its unforgiving nature, this release laid out the symbols and signs of initiation to the pact with Satan, which remains the original source of revelation for SATANIC WARMASTER. Around the same time, Werwolf explored a more triumphant, militant and Germanic musical style with the Blutrache demo Marsch Zu Neuen Zeitaltern in 1999 A.S., and while the concept of this demo would have only a little resemblance with SATANIC WARMASTER's intentions, it was important in forging the pattern of melodies used in the hymns that SATANIC WARMASTER composes in the name of Satan.

During the next years, Werwolf devised and recorded in darkness and solitude, perfecting his sombre art with unreleased demos, untainted by social commentary and human morality. Some of these recordings were later released to the benefit of the Satanic black metal underground, which has always been a vital element of contact, collaboration and criminal partnership for the personal, extreme projects and actions of Werwolf, the ultimate mastermind of Satanic WARMASTER. By far the most famous and influential release of the Finnish black metal underground of the 21st century, the album Strength & Honour in 2001 A.S. revolutionized the composition and thought of a whole generation of young bands, spawning a series of imitators and causing more discussion (both positive and negative) than almost any other Finnish release of the decade. Harkening back to the spirit of ancient times, occult war, bestial vampirism and Satanic lust, Strength & Honour boldly and arrogantly recalled the history of black metal from Nordic and European regions, shooting a rune-engraved bolt to the back of the head of everyone who thought that black metal should have progressed beyond the radical beliefs of early Norwegian, Polish or French black metal innovators.

SATANIC WARMASTER was not destined to be hypocritical and experimental pseudo-progressive mental masturbation, but brutal, honest and dangerous as a bloodthirsty wolven hunt, a nocturnal trip into His realm.... The majestic, feral moods of Strength & Honour gained an even more sublime and tormented soul in the mini-album Black Katharsis in 2002 A.S. which expressed profound sadness for lost glories and the vanquished fallen. In addition, it explained the ritual sufferings of the devotee to Satan in his passage towards understanding the mysteries of the master.

The third storm of SATANIC WARMASTER, the Opferblut album in 2003 A.S. saw the beginning of a long line of releases for No Colours Records, the infamous German black metal label who had originally discovered such diverse bands as Dimmu Borgir and Graveland for public release. The music continued as intricate, spirited and raw, as in the follow-up mini-album ...Of the Night in 2004 A.S., firmly placing SATANIC WARMASTER as one of the more reliable and consistent bands in the underground black metal of the new millennium.

The first live rituals of the Warmaster happened in 2004, commencing with great success in Turku, Finland and continuing to devastate that year's Under the Black Sun festival in Germany. The provocative and powerful performances have never since ceased, as the Legion Werwolf has continued to share the stage with diverse acts from Isvind to Krieg, deeply memorable because the atmosphere is in keeping with the true intentions of the music.

All this was somewhat only preparation for the masterwork that is Carelian Satanist Madness in 2005 A.S., a solitary, maniacal woodland procession, which united the archaic heritage of Carelian folklore with Luciferian mythology and viciously hateful black metal.

For many bands, this would have been more than enough, yet embraced by the demons of victory and the sorceries of sun and hellfire, SATANIC WARMASTER devastated the audiences in 2007 with a new mini-album of melodic, aristocratic, yet horrific black metal in the name of Revelation in 2007 A.S.

And the blood-drenched, fiery and despondent summer of 2010 A.S. saw SATANIC WARMASTER commit the most heinous crime of its existence. No one could have predicted the cruel manifestation of Nachzehrer, besides a glimmer of prophecy in the form of W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A. ("We are the worms that crawl on the broken wings of an angel”), an advance compilation of old and new tracks released earlier in 2010 A.S.

The monument of Nachzehrer 2010 A.S. sees SATANIC WARMASTER return to its oldest battlegrounds, the mythology of European vampiric nightbeings which carried through years of torment the shades of witchcraft embedded in the deepest layer of the human subconscious. Even though Christ had abolished the pagan temple, the beast was growing stronger with each drop of consumed blood. And as apocalypse bides nearer and the cold mist descends on the depths of the woodland, the Warmaster rides out with vengeance once again. By the power of Lucifer, those who do not wear the mark shall suffer and perish...


Re: SATANIC WARMASTER releases "Nachzerer"
August 27, 2010, 01:17:13 PM
To shamelessly return to an elder lexicon, Satanic Warmaster is True Black Metal and is kvlt as fvkk.

When I think about a band that exemplifies the spirit of Black Metal, somehow still preserving the essence of adolescent enough blasphemy necessary to make larger worldview and ideological changes through the medium of music, Satanic Warmaster is the torchbearer.

I don't own an album that I dislike from this man. Strength and Honour, Opferblut and Carelian Satanist Madness are three of my most cherished Black Metal gems and I will be purchasing this new output today if possible (and by if possible, I mean if they have it at Vintage Vinyl yet).

Re: SATANIC WARMASTER releases "Nachzerer"
August 31, 2010, 01:27:49 PM
More like Satanic BOREmaster.

Re: SATANIC WARMASTER releases "Nachzerer"
September 02, 2010, 05:51:19 AM
Hells Headbangers are the official U.S. distributor of this Werewolf Records, Finnish import release.


Comes with a 12 page booklet featuring all lyrics and band photos.

After five years of darkness, mayhem, arrogance and torment, the most gruesome and offensive Finnish Black Metal anathema returns with a new album for 2010. "Nachzehrer" shall devour your putrid corpse disharmonized by 40 minutes of Black metal in the purest, agless nordic tradition. Concurrent wolfish anger and dismal sorrow create a true symphony of the night, only magickal and timeless in essence...

Re: SATANIC WARMASTER releases "Nachzerer"
September 02, 2010, 01:26:27 PM
Satanic Warmaster is for dorks.

Re: SATANIC WARMASTER releases "Nachzerer"
September 03, 2010, 09:18:00 AM
Satanic Warmaster is for dorks.

He's not as much of an idiot as Kanwulf, so I can't hate him that much.

Re: SATANIC WARMASTER releases "Nachzerer"
September 03, 2010, 09:22:16 AM
He's a little bit more of an idiot than Orlok, but doesn't create interesting music.