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Game HeadBang Till Death - HEMORAGY

Game HeadBang Till Death - HEMORAGY
September 07, 2010, 10:02:48 AM

Play the HeadBang Till Death game* and win some prizes !  (contest till the September 30, 2010).

Play and just send an e-mail to jeuheadbangtilldeath @ hemoragy.com with the login you will use fo the game with your postal address.

The winner will be the metalhead who will combined the highest score playing with the 3 characters. There will be 3 winners !

Good luck !! HeadBang Till Death !

*the HeadBang Till Death game is a bonus from the third HEMORAGY album HeadBang Till Death, and also online playable

More infos on http://www.hemoragy.com