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September 18, 2010, 05:22:46 PM
Integrity has been whispered about around here every now and then, but they deserve their own thread.

Integrity is what G.I.S.M. would have become if they ever got more serious about what they were doing. Combining music that ranges from Japanese Hardcore, New York Hardcore, French Black Metal, Crossover/ Thrash, Doom Metal and the Noise/Industrial of NON and Boyd Rice, this band has stormed the globe exciting a consensus that Integrity took the vacant throne of hardcore punk from when the Cro-Mags inevitably broke up.

Considered the inventors of "Metallic Hardcore" this band began in 1989, predating such bands that follows in similar ways like Hatebreed, Earth Crisis... etc... and is arguably the best combination of Metal and Punk ever realized.

Their ideology is quite elusive, as lyrical and artistic themes deal heavily with Gnostic/ Occultism, The Process Church, Morality - What is Right?, Holy Terror (?), Animal Rights, Violence, Power, Domination etc... Integrity remains a band that is still very underground within the prism of a genre that is primarily mainstream (Metalcore/ Hardcore/ or whatever).

Visit their website for Merchandise and Free Album downloads @ www.holyterror.com
Scroll down on the opening page and click on the crypto-fascist iron-cross shaped fylfot (Process Church symbol) that says "Downloads" underneath.  Most of their pivotal releases are available for download in mp3 format, free of charge. You will see, that as their career goes on, they begin to change from a primarily base-hardcore band into a metallically flavored artistic juggernaut.

This band is capable of so much.

Re: Integrity
September 20, 2010, 08:33:22 AM
Funny that you mentioned G.I.S.M. in this e-mail; I was going to mention them in the "Lesser Know Early Forms of Metal" topic as an example of early death metal.  Their 1983 contribution to the "Great Punk Hits LP" collection, and particularly the track "Death Exclamations" is one of the most brutal and intense releases from the early era of innovation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmPr2QfHVOk

It's not death metal at all, being as it is firmly rooted in NWOBHM and hardcore punk.  Nonetheless, the result is something unique and awe-inspiring, particularly considering the vintage.

On that note, I look forward to exploring Integrity.  Thanks for the recommendation. 

Re: Integrity
September 23, 2010, 04:08:19 PM