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Interzone / Re: Beyond Beherit
« on: September 05, 2008, 03:48:07 PM »
I have after a long  period of isolation from anything metal have recently been enjoying a renaissance (of sorts) in regard to appreciation of it. I am finding now that, in particular New York death metal sounds to clinical, cold and emotionless and it reminds me to heavily of the second Viennese school of classical music thus rendering anything in this style as an intellectual exercise. Swedish death metal, even at the best of times seems to marred with either the Gothenburg style or the quasi-Gothenburg style (case and point being early Entombed). I could go on like this for all styles of death metal but I believe you understand what I am saying about the genre as a whole (with exceptions of course).

New York death metal and Gothenburg death metal have one thing in common: they want to be rock music, which results in them limiting phrasal composition.

I can see what you're saying in reference to Swedish death metal (Although I doubt At The Gates, pretty much the only Swedish death metal band I really like, wanted to be rock music. Their earlier albums stand apart from a lot of death metal IMO and Slaughter of the Soul just felt like an exercise in laziness/capitalizing on br00tal music as opposed to an artistic progression), but I really don't see the connection with New York death metal at all. Could you elaborate?

Edit: I meant to also respond to the OP. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to find, but I would definitely recommend Ildjarn - Hardangervidda. I think it's a good example of ideas related through black metal being transferred to ambient.

Interzone / Re: SMN Forum Woes
« on: September 05, 2008, 03:11:21 PM »
I guess what I also mean to say is it's nice to see such intelligent individuals on this particular board that see metal as true "art" and not just a bunch of noise/slam death metal slobbering idiots getting together "drankin beer" and living a pretty much empty and meaningless existence.

Everyone leads a meaningless existence. I thought we were nihilists here?

That's more of a fatalist sentiment. I've gathered that Prozakian Nihilism includes a step of reconnection with more realistic, constructive goals after the disconnection from meaningless and unfruitful goals (i.e. the goals of mainstream consumers).

Interzone / Re: The problem with message boards
« on: September 04, 2008, 05:45:07 AM »
However, underground metal seems pretty fucking stagnant to me, which doesn't seem to be something anyone on these forums (or anyone at all) can solve.

There are lots of people on this forum who do not find it so stagnant. Maybe even half of the posters.

I always get the impression most mid 90s-present underground metal is frowned upon, and not with necessarily bad reason. Even though I like a lot of newer death metal and black metal I still don't see it achieving anything new or even that interesting. Actually every time a band I like that's still releasing new material comes out with something, it's usually just a reason to stop checking back (that is, aside from tour dates) because it's become the same homogenized garbage that everyone else has been releasing for the past ten years.

Interzone / Re: The problem with message boards
« on: September 04, 2008, 05:30:13 AM »
I don't see any problem with this message board, except that there isn't enough discussion of metal. I haven't come across any message board with good discussion of underground metal, but if anyone has perhaps they could help us out?

I've found over the years mostly the only people that stick around these forums are the ones that regurgitate Dark Legions-ish rhetoric verbatim and then new people that sign up end up doing the same thing. I've always thought that the initiative to find and eliminate problem causing elements on these boards is what has ended up depressing interesting conversation. When this board started it was just about already existing members of the other anus.com forum chatting somewhat casually, yet engagingly about metal (at least that's what I remember). However, underground metal seems pretty fucking stagnant to me, which doesn't seem to be something anyone on these forums (or anyone at all) can solve. So, without an outlet for more casual, lighthearted, downright stupid, vaguely related or completely unrelated discussion, I don't think there's really that much to talk about.

Metal / Re: Nokturnal Mortum
« on: September 04, 2008, 04:51:46 AM »
So is there a link to the new song?

I personally enjoy all of Nokturnal Mortum's work for different reasons. Lunar Poetry and Goat Horns are very melodic and epic sounding, they both feel very passionate. There does seem to be something almost empty about their later albums that lack the raw feeling in these two releases, like they got carried away with the songwriting. To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire kind of lacks the feeling in the first two albums but also lacks the polished technicality of Nechrist, which is why it probably gets ignored. I liked The Taste of Victory/Weltanschauung as they seemed to contain more of the raw, adventuresome qualities of the initial releases. I'm curious as to what the new material is like.

Metal / Re: Bands worth hearing thread
« on: July 06, 2008, 10:38:21 PM »
VILE - Depopulate (CD)

This one doesn't suck ass. Fairly bare bones speedy Death Metal focused on technical, cyclic and melodic riffs. The drumming is really tight and I like the vocals a lot, low and belchy. I thought this album was great but "New Age of Chaos" descended into the ranks of bland, homogenous Unique Leader clones.

Interzone / Re: Hard to find CDs
« on: June 04, 2008, 11:13:29 PM »
I haven't bought CDs in ages, I actually sold my entire collection on this forum and on ebay a couple years ago. I've since kept high quality rips of everything on two different hard drives and an AIDSpod and downloaded everything new that I want, which I actually highly recommend over owning hundreds of CDs.

As far as the stuff that you mentioned though, you're not going to find Det Frysende Nordariket at any online distro. This goes for a lot of black metal and death metal and I would imagine for a lot more releases now than when I was buying this kind of stuff. Your best bet for releases like this is ebay (although I bought Det Frysende Nordariket on CD for aprox. $50 and sold it later for aprox. $100) and if you really want this rare shit that bad without paying out the ass you can find lots of bootlegs for the normal CD or cassette price on ebay or miscellaneous distros. But if you're going to get a bootleg why not just download the album?

Moving on, my next recommendation would be to just keep google searching for more online distros because you really never know what you're going to find, especially with distros based in other countries. However, at the same time you could run into some assholes that will never ship your purchases or ship it like two months later, so you may want to ask them how they ship and details like that. As an example though, I was looking for In The Autumn Shade and No Longer Silent by Ceremonium for ages, and I finally found them in stock at this weird online distro I'd never seen before, go figure.

Finally, your best bet is to find out the band's label (or occasionally even contact the band directly) and check out the label's online merchandise section. When I used to look for stuff online the place that would have it 80% of the time was the band's label. Some labels and distros I remember off the top of my head are Moribund, ISO666, Ajna Offensive, No Colours, Unique Leader (bleh...) etc. you can figure it out. Also you will find some weird used shit on amazon.com, and you might want to just check out your local used record stores, even better if you've got one with a metal section (but those can be pretty ugly)! But anyway, good luck and if you really want something super hard to find I'd email the band or try and trade with someone too.

Metal / Re: Metal improving in 2007
« on: May 25, 2007, 01:59:52 PM »
I saw Behemoth a couple years ago. I thought their music and their performance was overtly stupid, and also leaning more towards neo-death metal than anything black metal related. Except they did play From the Pagan Vastlands. The vast difference between that and every other song was unbelievable.

Metal / Re: Metal improving in 2007
« on: May 23, 2007, 06:36:32 PM »
I really don't think death metal and black metal have been going anywhere for years. I personally try and carry black/death metal aesthetic into the electronic music that I make since it is the music that inspired me in the first place. But as far as metal itself I think you'll continually be dissapointed if you look for metal in metal if you know what I mean (that is probably besides a small number of underground bands still active). I think it's been said before but metal is dead. Or at least what metal used to be is dead, and what metal is now is just like everything else and will probably never again produce anything that made metal what it used to be.

Metal / Re: Electronic music
« on: May 23, 2007, 06:20:30 PM »
I used to be heavily into metal and discovered anus.com around 2001. However, in the past few years I've switched almost exclusively to experimental electronic music (and now veering back to metal actually...) which is also the kind of music I've been making. Anyway, from my experience these are the artists I personally felt connected with black metal/death metal when I switched to electronic music:

Kraftwerk - Very "noble" and "intellectual" sounding. Saw them live in San Francisco a couple years back. Incredible aesthetic...

Autechre - If you're into minimalist, slow, progressive beats and melodies check out their ealier stuff (kind of like Kraftwerk). But if you're into straining your hearing through highly distorted guitars and drums in black metal bands like Ildjarn, Burzum, Sort Vokter, Forest, Funeral Mist, etc. you'll probably like Chiastic Slide onwards.

Beyond these fairly obvious suggestions, I've discovered many more great alternative electronic artists.

Boards of C4n4d4 [WTF WORDFILTER???] - Truly mesmerizing. Some of the only music that captivates me as much as epic black metal, and that also has a subtly disturbing aesthetic. Big emphasis on nature. Check out In a Beautiful Place out in the Country, Hi Scores, and Geogaddi.

Oval - Systemisch is the album to listen to. Kind of like later Autechre in ways, but far more minimalist and melodic. Reminds me of Biosphere a bit.

Chris Clark - Getting a bit more heavy, this stuff is also like Autechre, and often pretty dark. Definite metal aesthetic in my opinion.

Aphex Twin - Can be highly technical, can be extremely ambient. Either way, this music is mostly very intelligent.

Muziq - Harder to find but very worth it. From the standpoint of an electronic musician, this is what I listen to for inspiration.

Mum - Ambient electronic music from Iceland. Same kind of vibe as Oval. Very moody and passionate.

Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, Kid 606 - If you want to blow out your ears and fuck with your head...

Metal / Re: Examples of how good metal gets
« on: September 04, 2005, 12:32:16 PM »
Transylvanian Hunger
A Blaze in The Northen Sky
Under A Funeral Moon

haha, agreed!

for me, perfection would probably be these releases:

at the gates - terminal spirit disease (minus the bonus material)
cryptopsy - none so vile
darkthrone - transylvanian hunger

Metal / Re: gateway bands
« on: July 30, 2005, 10:01:28 AM »
Well, this was like, 99 or something. Everyone had CDs and I was making tapes from my neighbour's Metal collection. It's kind of funny looking back on my persistence with the cassettes.

Metal / Re: gateway bands
« on: July 30, 2005, 04:46:39 AM »
I listened to Death - Human through The Sound Of Perserverance, Sepultura - Arise, Morbid Angel - Covenant and Domination, Nile - Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka, and some Carcass (among others) from ages 11 - 13, then picked up Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant around 14 and took it for awesome Black Metal, and around 15 I found Burzum, Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger, Summoning, and so on for Black Metal, and realized what that was all about, and then realized what Death Metal was all about with the discovery of Morbid Angel's first two albums and subsequent exploration into bands like Cryptopsy, At The Gates, Gorguts, Monstrosity, etc. I never cared for more popular stuff like Cradle Of Filth, Slayer, or other Metal bands in either of those fashions. When I was 10 all I listened to was Classical cassettes and felt like the music was a natural progression because of the element of more aggressive passion and similar complexity. Also up until about 13 I still listened to everything on cassette, haha. I wasn't your average kid.

Metal / Re: Underrated albums?
« on: July 29, 2005, 10:38:51 AM »
Streetcleaner is incredible. I honestly don't listen to it enough, probably because of the character of the album, kind of really "down".

Metal / Cryptopsy new album and tour
« on: July 27, 2005, 05:18:28 PM »
Once Was Not, Cryptopsy's fifth studio album, was completed last week. Sébastien Marsan, at his Studio Vortex in St-Constant (Quebec, Canada), did a wondrous job of mixing and engineering. The album was mastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound in New York City and features artwork by François Quévillon, Filip Ivanovic and Martin Lacroix. With eleven tracks totaling about 50 minutes, this is a concept album where every song has its own identity. We made sure to have a lot of flavors and different rhythms and tempos throughout the whole process, the variations in the tracks may surprise some of you. An exclusive Cryptopsy studio report will be featured in BW&BK #91 in August (more infos are available here). Expect Once Was Not to be released in October by Century Media Records.

In the meantime, Cryptopsy are still a 4-piece looking for a fifth piece: In this case, a second guitarist for our bouts of extensive touring.
Guitarists: send your bios to contact@cryptopsy.net and send your CDs and DVDs (for the obvious reason that we like freebies) at this address:
P.O.Box 37534
159, 25th Avenue
J7P 5N2

Other than that, we'll see you at the New Jersey Hellfest, and then later this fall on tour with Suffocation, Aborted and Despised Icon in the United States and Canada.

CRYPTOPSY at the New Jersey Hellfest
08/19 : Trenton, NJ : Sovereign Bank Arena

CRYPTOPSY with Suffocation, Aborted and Despised Icon
09/27 : Farmingdale, NY : Downtown (w/ Despised Icon only)
09/29 : Nashville, TN : The Muse (w/ Despised Icon only)
09/30 : Tulsa, OK : The Pinkeye (w/ Despised Icon only)
10/01 : Houston, TX : Mary Jane’s
10/02 : McAllen, TX : Villa Reel Convention Center
10/04 : San Antonio, TX : White Rabbit
10/05 : Ft Worth, TX : Ridglea Theater
10/06 : Albuquerque, NM : Launch Pad
10/07 : Tempe, AZ : The Clubhouse (w/ Cattle Decapitation)
10/08 : San Diego, CA : Soma (w/ Cattle Decapitation)
10/11 : Anaheim, CA : House of Blues (w/ Cattle Decapitation)
10/12 : West Hollywood, CA : House of Blues
10/13 : Orangevale, CA : The Boardwalk (w/ With Passion)
10/14 : San Francisco, CA : The Pound
10/15 : Portland, OR : Meow Meow
10/16 : Seattle, WA : Studio Seven
10/17 : Victoria, BC : Sugar (w/ With Passion)
10/18 : Vancouver, BC : Commodore Ballroom
10/19 : Prince George, BC : The Generator
10/20 : Calgary, AB : Warehouse (w/ With Passion)
10/21 : Edmonton, AB : Starlite Room (w/ With Passion)
10/22 : Regina, SK : Riddel Center (w/ With Passion)
10/23 : Saskatoon, SK : Roxy on Broadway (w/ With Passion)
10/24 : Winnipeg, MB : Pyramid (w/ With Passion)
10/25 : Minneapolis, MN : Ascot Room
10/26 : Chicago Heights, IL : Mr. Kelleys
10/27 : Cleveland, OH : Peabody’s
10/28 : Detroit, MI : Harpo’s Concert Theatre
10/29 : Toronto, ON : The Opera House (w/ With Passion)
10/30 : Ottawa, ON : Capital Music Hall (w/ With Passion)
10/31 : Rouyn-Noranda, QC : Petit Theatre du Vieux Noranda (w/ Vader, With Passion)
11/01 : Chicoutiml, QC : Poly Laure Conan (w/ Vader, With Passion)
11/02 : Rimouski, QC : La Coudee (w/ Vader, With Passion)
11/03 : Quebec City, QC : L’Imperial (w/ Vader, With Passion)
11/04 : Montreal, QC : Medley (w/ Vader, With Passion)
11/05 : Worcester, MA : The Palladium
11/06 : West Springfield, VA : Jaxx (w/ Vader, Decapitated)
11/07 : New York, NY : BB King’s (w/ Vader, Decapitated)


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