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Interzone / Re: Meshuggah - ObZen
« on: July 06, 2008, 02:22:45 AM »
Catch 33 is an achievement for modern atonal structuralist metal.  Unlike their past albums, which served only as precursors to their developing style, they capture a feeling of immensity along with interesting geometric riff patterns that parallel, or perhaps more accurately, symbolize the complex structure and immensity of existence.  They journey through the human experience of trying to reconcile with the nature of reality; oscillating through unawareness, confusion, anger, anxiety, nihilism, calm, intrigue, and resolve.  All the while, articulating through the sounds of modern mechanization that seem to grind against the personality of the musicís impetus.  In this way, the modern world (their atonal-mechanical-rhythmic-distortion-ness), being unnatural, wears on the soul behind the music causing it to become dissident and search for a better, more natural alternative.  But, finding no such place, the feeling remains that of inexorable inevitability and unnatural intuition.  The listener feels pushed ever onward by some immense force and plagued by some indescribable ambient caution or urgency or anxiety.  Something is wrong, but what?  Altogether, this album articulates a parallel to being a dissident in the modern world.  Beautiful.