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Metal / Re: How Slayer re-invented the postmodern world
« on: June 20, 2014, 08:48:41 PM »
The influence and relevance of Slayer will never cease.  They stand as heroes in the hall of metal musicians for their influence has reached into many genres of metal.  Black metal, death metal, speed metal contemporaries, and even some of the power metal bands that flirt with a darker side of music owe some homage to Slayer.  Slayer was also the first introduction for many metalheads, and non-metalheads who like metal to the darker side of metal musics, for Slayer holds a special position where they were/are able to convey the dark side of humanity in a format which in an artistic fashion does not exclude the newcomer, but offers insight with an acquired taste.

Hail Slayer!

Metal / Re: Why is metal retarded?
« on: May 16, 2014, 08:07:38 AM »
Seriously: why are the people in this genre so incapable of logical thought, action and honorable behavior?

I don't mean the FMP/NWN types (only); they're obviously collectors, and collectors are Wal-mart shoppers putting on airs to pretend they're "cultured."

But, looking at the bigger picture, why is that Facebook/etc. are clotted with so many people behaving like idiots? And not just idiots, but oblivious, spoiled, entitled idiots?

I recall a small amount of users being like that in the past, but it seems the retardation has taken over. What broke?

The self-centered and self-entitled nature of society today leads to lack of struggle and ambition in a lot of people.  This culminates in not wanting to surpass the faults of oneself and allows directionless people to wander about in a haze of forgetful irresponsibility.  A vulgar but respectable sense of purpose is almost completely lost in the common man today, although there are those who are not like this and manage to cultivate themselves despite their economic standing, such as library patrons and people who hit the books without being able or wanting to invest in the university system.

No, it does not.  There is black and death metal lacking nihilism in the fatalist and pessimist version of the word.  There are many forms of metal which set forth standards of bravery, romanticism, strength, honor.  The nihilism espoused by this site is to lead to a cultivation of lofty traits by recognizing the nature of the world around us.  Whether or not you have a preexisting, or conflicting, belief system or philosophy, you can respect such a worldview.

Metal / Re: CD degradation
« on: May 16, 2014, 07:57:52 AM »
Environment and composition of the media itself plays the largest role in the degradation of compact discs and books.  Given that different parts of the world have different pollutants and climates, the challenge is ultimately to make something that can resist oxidation.  Just like we age, so do the objects we make; the test is in how to craft endurable items.  Plastic is also known for its degradation in the face of light waves and oxidative/reactive chemicals.

Interzone / Re: Antidote to Christianity
« on: May 10, 2014, 09:32:46 PM »
The pressing problem is how to unify people who an increasingly individualist orientation together.  A universal set of principles or a philosophy could do it, yes.  The problem is which one is it, and is it strong enough?  Humanism may be the creed of many Europeans and Asians, and increasingly of North Americans, but it lacks a strong core and ethics needed to help meld people together.  Religion is increasingly correlated with fundamentalism and fanaticism, which are outgrowths of modernity and misplaced zeal respectively; and most people do not wish to be encumbered by incoherent philosophies as much as they were during the hippie era.

We basically have to accept the fact that Abrahamic influence is going to decline, but Dharmic influence is not going to replace either as both are being neutered with the exception of traditionalist holdouts, crazy new agers, and radical fringe movements.

Many various Humanist philosophies, however, often do not like to accept that a dark side of man exists and that this part of man must either be subdued, balanced, or allowed to reach its fruition ...

Interzone / Re: Denigrating science to inflate the religious ego
« on: May 09, 2014, 01:32:19 PM »
As a scientist and a student of religion, I can say that most people do not really know what either is.  Traditional religion in its more pure sense of understanding is completely beyond the grasp of many people today.  They even go so far as to equate modern religious forms such as "fundamentalism" or the like with "traditional."

Some scientists and religious people alike have no capacity for actual thought and debate, let alone real groundbreaking research, and should be doing something else as they are a hindrance to both fields.

Metal / Re: Municipal Wastes first album
« on: May 04, 2014, 08:38:03 PM »
Bought it on vinyl years ago at a crust punk show.  It is a fun and solid album.

Metal / Re: What bands are you listening to today?
« on: April 19, 2014, 10:24:01 PM »

"Heavy" Metal
Solitude Aeturnus
Heaven and Hell
Black Sabbath
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden

Sick of it All

and more.

Interzone / Re: You are your grievance.
« on: April 19, 2014, 10:13:40 PM »
There are so many special-interest groups these days, that must - by law - be specially catered-to, that it gets to be something of a minefield for the rest of us.

Such groups of individuals have one thing in common: They all demand special treatment.
But how are the rest of us supposed to know who they are, in order to afford them this special treatment? By the time one finds out they are members of a special protected group, it may already be too late.

It would, perhaps, be a good idea to have such individuals tattooed on their foreheads with whatever specific grievance it is that must be taken into account by everybody else.
That way, roving gangs of normal people would know to avoid them, altogether, lest they become criminals without realizing it.

This way, there would be a price, of sorts, to pay, for that special protection afforded by law, while at the same time affording protection to the innocent who may otherwise fall foul of legislation.

Not a bad idea. You'd see people with tattoos proclaiming things like:
Gay. Muslim. New Age. Goth. Religious Nut. Disabled. Punk. Short. Old. Feminist. Ethnic. Nutcase. Victim.

That way, they would be safe from everybody else, while everybody else would be safe from them. Nobody would be forced to wear one of these tattoos, but if one elected not to, then they would be unable to later claim that they were victims of a hate crime.

Are those people who identify with special interest groups or "a cause" necessarily what they seem?  I believe that this post is marking a real phenomenon ... a phenomenon that is found in mostly the egotistical and intellectually retarded, and harmful to genuine holders of the mentioned titles who contribute to society.  This kind of self-centered vision of reality is intellectually retarded because it prevents an understanding of the forces surrounding, pervading, and giving life to our Earth and the Universe beyond.  Who could care less of anti-traditional forces claiming to be Muslim, New Age, or Fanatical?  It is nothing but folly for them because there can be nothing by complete submission without a self-centered vision and drive towards the understanding that Divinity has countless mirrors to reflect Its Rays of Guidance.

Interzone / Re: Crimea 2014
« on: April 18, 2014, 07:21:06 PM »
Yeah, but not only that. Let me explain.
Russia's policy at least since Stalin's time is a vicious ethnic management. Ethnic blending and transfers of people loyal to them and usually placed on privileged positions, in order to disrupt unity within native population. So, they import contingent of ethnic Russians to some place, and then, they can even resort to democratic instruments to maintain their influence. Not to mention, that they often install paid elites comprised of traitors in order to secure Russian interest. With time, thanks to such socio-political engineering, identity of common people is withered, they became misguided, demoralized and somehow they start to identify with foreign interests, often with pretense of some abstract justice and universal ethic. Such nations are forever crippled, with enemy within impossible to overcome. At the same time, identity and interests (be it ideological or purely financial) of collaborating elites remembering about their obligations to their principals remains stable.

Oh yes,  I am very aware of the policy of Russification.  It is more at work in places like Ukraine and areas adjacent to the Caucasus at this time, but it has left its mark so much that even some Asiatic peoples in Siberia identify as being Russian.

Interzone / Re: What is your political viewpoint?
« on: March 28, 2014, 07:43:22 PM »
I generally shy away from political discussions because I find that my views are concerned totally offensive and vile, but I view that as good because the Traditionalists and other like-minded folks predicted the inversion of values in our time.  To discuss it much in public settings will prevent me from gaining the professional stature I need to have the income needed to provide for a family in the traditional fashion.  However, many people will agree with you if you can find the proper words to describe your vision to them in person.

Generally, I try to sow the seeds of:

Aristocratic Meritocracy - The best are the best.  Intelligent and noble people born should be given an opportunity to rise above their circumstances or meet their circumstances depending, but this does not mean that society should be egalitarian at all.  Nevertheless, as part of raising the whole society to a higher level, certain standards and respect must be universal and enforced.  Good manner and behavior should be common.

Gradual Eugenics and Selection - Extreme forms of eugenics and measures like those of failed states seem to have been influenced by ideas of egalitarianism within a race or misguided ideas about genetic inheritance.  Encourage and help the intelligent to have children and pass on their genes and skills.  Those who are retarded due to nature's action do not need to be disposed as such because they generally do not have children, rather it is the average that are forming an underclass to be dealt with.

I have other views, but I save their elaboration for discussions with traditionalists.  They include moral conservatism, environmentalism, and a reasonably just market system.

Interzone / Re: Woman With Broom.
« on: March 22, 2014, 01:55:06 PM »
Words of truth and beauty. You do our site credit.

I communicate what seems a good idea at the time, even though despite me young age, I feel like a fossil.

Interzone / Re: Woman With Broom.
« on: March 22, 2014, 12:34:08 PM »
I wasn't initially talking about sex, either. But you know how deathmetal sites are.
If it's not death, then it's sex, and if it's not those, it's outrageous rudeness and barbarity...
That's humans for you.

Master Crow,

I have found that sex and death, and life and death are intertwined.  We can both find and lose ourselves in potentially annihilating acts like sex, prayer or meditative reflection, grieving, and our own departure from this life.  A little roughness is a good thing if tempered by nobility in action because it is symptom of not being pretentious.

"He's a motherfucking good guy, or an awesome son of a bitch."  This is really heartfelt love and sentiment which may be profane, but it reflects something which can be beautified.  That is up to the person expressing such to work to that end, but we cannot expect every man to be an intellectual, but we can help them to be men, or to be women, to express the noble and high ideals even if they use baser language.  It would be a more crude outcome, but it provides a foundation.  After all, the strongest buildings across the world were built with days of hard labor and frustration, curses and profanities, but these sing praises to a great reality in which all can come to ascend.

I can say of myself that I desperately want to have love, before anything else.  Other people say they want the physical first, and then love.  If they can make it happen, so be it, even if we disagree with the method their wanting to achieve it may be fully within the law should they care of such.

Interzone / Re: Woman With Broom.
« on: March 22, 2014, 10:21:49 AM »
I prefer something with a little more sexual symbolism: a paddle, cane, belt, or riding crop.

Well, I was not thinking about sex but rather the will to discipline unruly children when the time calls for it.

Interzone / Re: Woman With Broom.
« on: March 20, 2014, 08:59:30 PM »
A woman in touch with femininity and with good conscience imbues every action of hers with beauty.  I have found that my own personal attraction is to a woman who approaches with determination and walks with a serious but sinking relaxed gait.  Her character must be modest but powerful with good qualities and self-worth.

And she must now how to use a broom, or how to hit me with a skillet.

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