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Interzone / Re: What is reverence?
« on: April 03, 2009, 09:32:37 AM »
On the other hand, reverence can keep someone from pointing out something. Like, reverence for dead bodies would keep me from making a joke like this:

A priest, a narcotics officer, a TV director, a news anchor, and a Senator walk into a morgue and start copulating with the corpses. And every time they hump a corpse, money flies out of the corpses' ears. And that's the joke.

Metal / Re: Metal is Entertainment
« on: April 03, 2009, 09:10:49 AM »
At the end of the day metal, just as any artform, is entertainment.

Your refusal to distinguish between art and entertainment shows the extent of your ignorance of art's potential. Art can enlighten, mock, change the entire course of civilization, show hidden truths, deceive, destroy lives, and even save lives. It can be a mirror which allows a person to find themselves, or a sword that cuts them down. Entertainment, indeed.

Metal / Re: Metal culture and "psychosis"
« on: April 02, 2009, 03:30:25 PM »
I should note that there is a difference between being "psychotic" and being what people call "a psycho". A psychotic person's experience of reality is in conflict with the reality of those around him. Just because someone goes and kills a bunch of people doesn't mean that his experience of reality is different; he might just be extremely angry and full of hate. A psychosis may be completely disorganized, as when someone thinks they're surrounded by enemies (they may have a point), that complete strangers want to kill them (again, they may have a point), that they're actually characters from TV shows (well, that's a little silly), etc., or it may be organized and presented to others as reality in the case of someone who doesn't have fear and can persuade others to his point of view, such as a religious leader.

Metal / Re: Metal culture and "psychosis"
« on: April 02, 2009, 01:05:00 PM »
The psychosis the original poster may be describing: negativity. When people are both aggressive and depressed, they look for reasons to declare any possible hope a failure, so they can go back to their compensatory behavior.

Negativity without something to replace it can definitely be psychotic-like. Is it always the case that without something to replace what one opposes, one will actually embody the very thing they oppose and simply destroy themselves? In my experience, this is how things work. Being AGAINST things rarely succeeds, but to actually BE something which may be in conflict with something else has a fighting chance. Lawful, not anti-crime. Sober, not anti-drug. Healthy, not anti-disease.

Metal / Metal culture and "psychosis"
« on: February 28, 2009, 02:08:12 PM »
Does metal culture seem to contribute to a state of mind which could be called a "psychosis"? Demonic screaming, occultism, atonality, chaos, marijuana, amphetamines, etc. These are things generally associated with or contributing to insanity by society.

Or does it expose the split (schizophrenic) nature of modern society and thus expose reality?

Are what are considered psychoses by modern psychiatry simply unpleasant metaphysical conflicts which society wants to ignore, the ignorance of which may lead to a "healthy" state of mind in terms of making money? Or is modern psychology a way to fight such a worldview which would entertain such a notion and thus beneficial? Something else?

In order to change things, or make art, whether for better or worse, must one be "psychotic" to a certain extent? Of course, one could say that there are healthy ways to change things, and unhealthy ways. Some ways lead to healthy societies, others to delusional worldviews which take centuries to eliminate, if they ever are.

If one ends up thrown in the psych-ward by modern society, is one a mental defective or just dangerous to the status quo? Perhaps a little of both?

If I even have to ask this question, do I deserve AIDS?

Metal / Re: Metal as revolutionary
« on: February 11, 2007, 12:29:18 PM »
The way I see it, if you're in a civilization that sucks, or perhaps, is not going in the direction you desire, the situation is caused by having an inaccurate, persecution-based view of reality. Voting is a way to reinforce a reality which takes away all of the power from the individual and places it outside of himself. As such, it may appear to many to be based on empowering the individual, when to another it practically whittles their power down to nothing. I think the best solution would be there to be an epidemic of Christian priests turning into child molestors, Islam drowning its credibility in blood, and various unhealthy, unnatural poisons destroying anyone who can't take hint after hint to avoid them, followed by an indignant revolt against the suffocating omnipresence of such things. In addition, a society in which the complexity of specialized groups of people who have varying customs and desires they have found mutually present in each other increases rapidly to become a  factor which creates strong local bonds which stymies political, priestly, and educational attempts to limit one following their true nature. A society in which these myriad influences allow things to move towards requiring its members to not need special legal protection and bureaucracy to know how to avoid harm among the locals of whatever culturally distinct, yet loosely defined area he finds himself in might be worthy of consideration as a possibility. A society which works well might be a society which contains the opposite of anything you would define as true about it somewhere within it, thus making it as free as the individual living in it chooses to see it as, and as oppressive as he wants it to be to him.

Metal / Re: Metal as revolutionary
« on: January 23, 2007, 01:43:05 PM »
Don't worry.  I know exactly what it's like to have had the god complex, and the Jesus complex, and the antichrist complex.  You know what it is - Insanity.  Yeah I would imagine most of these extreme metal guys would have it, and probably because of one simple reason - TOO MUCH F*@KING DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!  You are nothing.  He is nothing.  She is nothing.  I am nothing.  They are nothing.  The world is nothing. The whole damn universe is NOTHING.  GET OVER YOURSELVES!!

Look, this happens to people because they usually ARE special people (and I don't mean in the retarded way).  People who go through life wandering why they are so different. Wander why they feel things no one else appears to feel.  Why they feel like aliens among all the other human drones, and so on.

There is nothing wrong with people feeling special because that really means they are special.  But let me tell you this:  You might be special, but you are a special bit of NOTHING.  You are a shining, glowing particle of sand within a long beach.  A massive, bright star amongest ALL the other, millions of bright massive stars, within billions of ordinary stars in ONE galaxy.

Vlad probably believes, like I used to believe about myself, that when he dies, he'll become a god.  Can I tell you something?  He won't.  I won't.  You won't.  There is NOTHING when you die.  You'll forget who u r.  Forget what u r.  Loose your consciousness, memory, thoughts, emotions, EVERYTHING.  You'll become ONE with the nothiness.  Therefor, you'll become one with EVERYTHING.

Get it?

Funny, I don't disagree with you at all.

Actually I took this way too seriously on purpose, and I really enjoyed your deconstruction of my thought process. It's not too inaccurate.

I won't disagree with your characterization of the thought process as insanity. Then again, I've never met a sane person.

I think trying to become a god is a very limited way of thinking; it implies that one already doesn't have that power, which means that you'll never, ever find it.

If people don't explore the depths of these thoughts, they're never going to get any more true art, only ego based rehashes of what's already known.

Metal / Re: Metal as revolutionary
« on: January 23, 2007, 06:30:17 AM »
I don't know; Varg Vikernes has a god complex, and it's quite effectively fed by the souls of his weaker listeners. "Worship me." I guess I have a god complex. I'd consider myself just more into some hardcore subjectivity with some occultness thrown in because the occult is fun and beautiful. Judging by the power he wields in the minds of others, I'm not sure Vikernes' god complex is unwarranted; his music is a tool which has allowed his will to be amplified to unbelievable proportions. I'd read My Journey to the Stars until it gets really scary, hehehe... Human beings have low self-esteem though, that's why they're stuck here, so they just make fun of people who think in ways that might turn them into pawns of the very people they mock. (Irony intentional)

Metal / Re: Metal as revolutionary
« on: January 22, 2007, 09:37:55 PM »
Dude. Hate Edge. It seems like you what you wrote came out of a text book.  Seems like, not is.  Even if it is, there is nothing wrong with that save this:  It complicates things when it is VERY SIMPLE.

First of all, egoism came from self-consciousness.  One begeting from the other.  Self-consciouness came shortly after consciousness itself AND here is where it gets very simple.  It ALL started when the first ape asked "WHY?". Not in words, of course but in a sense.  Remember, don't confuse "WHAT?" or "HUH?" with WHY? and THAT's the origin of consciousness itself.

It's not quite that simple. My ego came into being around the time I had a nightmare and I had my mother tell me it was "just a dream". Ever since I've been stuck here.

Example? Try imagine being one of our ancient ancestors, basically apes.

Apes? What the fuck are you talking about? Are you one of those idiots who's so socially conditioned by materialism and one dimensional historical narratives that you think that the scientific explanation from the bottom of the abyss, drudged up from an insane way of thinking created by alchemists who forgot that they were magicians is the ultimate truth? A context which is so mind-bogglingly far down into the depths of contradictory knowledge that its reduced humans into apes?

Let me tell you: When the moon tried to take me back to my now-forgotten home outside of this ridiculous universe, when the green and red serpents tried to take me home, to remove the nails driven through my dreams, I wish they would have rather than leaving me with a bunch of objectively minded fucktards who are turning themselves into apes and for years had me fooled into thinking I was one.

Oh yeah, and then all those other spheres in my dreams, the ones that to my horror disappeared, like a shattered godhead. I'll get them back, and man, are you people going to feel stupid when that happens. The ones that crashed into the black pool of nothingness that everyone seems to think they should see when they close their eyes, because humans are so fucking dumb that they think that they're only supposed to see the backs of their eyelids.

When I die, I'm coming back as motherfucking Cthulhu. Ia! Ia! Cthulhu!

Human beings are literally so dumb that they over a period of 6000 years or so have extended the course of their evolution from a few centuries to like, fuck, what is it now? 16 bagillion gazillion years? 6000 years is fine. You'll probably be turned to stone 1000 years from now at this rate.

That said, I still love you all, I guess. I wouldn't be here still if I didn't. Have fun, humans.


Metal / Re: Values as self-pleasing human creation?
« on: November 12, 2006, 04:26:23 PM »
P.S. Plz know that I am totaly aware that my points might be shockingly immature. I have studied no philosophy, I haven't read many books. So I hope this doesn't come as a surprise and you say "DIE IDIOT, GO AWAY FROM ANUS" :o

Depending on how you view things, it could be said that he's following values passed down by humans, but viewed another way, it could be said that these values were given to them by the Earth itself. Of course, it could also be said that the universe gave the Earth these values. It could be said that you gave him these values, just as he showed them to you.

My advice? DO read philosophy, but simultaneously read about myths and religious texts, then the occult. Never stop reading. Absorb as much information as is available to you, as well as the means to organize it (philosophy). If you truly have gotten this far without knowing shit about philosophy, to be open-minded in the direction you are being open-minded in, open to that which makes you uncomfortable, keep going until you fear nothing, and the above paragraph makes sense.

Metal / Re: Tritones
« on: November 12, 2006, 04:00:35 PM »
It should be noted that the lines are fifths.

According to horrible joke band and numerologists The Bloodhound Gang in their song "The Roof is on Fire", "If man is five and the devil is six then that must make me seven."

It should be noted that when the tritone is taken away, the interaction between two of the points (the "wings" when viewed right side up), if its thought of them as having equally attractive forces, meet in the middle to cause the C-Major scale depicted to collapse into C Pentatonic Minor, or a pentagram, which could be interpreted as depicting the golden symmetry of the human body.

Pentatonic Minor is the absolute most defining scale of rock music. It came into vogue around the 60s, which corresponded to a great increase in humanism. I think its fucking boring.

The Major scale is the absolute most defining scale of boring Christian hymns. The notes which comprise the tritone are only supposed to be used as passing tones, since they are "the devil in music". Personally, when working within music theory. I like to use the prescence of a tritone in a scale as a way to seamlessly dive into a diminished scale.

Metal / Re: Tritones
« on: November 12, 2006, 03:26:27 PM »
The septagram is a seven-pointed star, a symbol of synthesis and mystery due to its links with the number seven. Seven is an integrating number, encapsulating as it does the hierarchical orders of classical mystical thought. There are seven planetary spheres governed by the seven planets of classical astrology, seven colors in the rainbow, seven days of the week and seven distinct notes in a diatonic musical scale.

The number three relates to Heaven and the higher realms, not just through the concept of trinity but also as the vertical axis of three-dimensional space; and the number four pertains to the Earth and manifest realms, partly through its relation to the square and the four directions of two-dimensional space. Seven and the septagram can thus be considered as representing the sum of Heaven and Earth, and they allude to the seven directions of space - two directions for each dimension plus the center. As an aside, twelve, the number of signs in the zodiac, is a number of totality, expressing the multiplicative possibilities of Heaven and Earth as well as Heaven in a new mode (12 and 3 are numerologically equivalent, as 1 + 2 = 3).

As an expression of the number seven, and in representing occult intelligence and the beauty of wholeness (rainbows and symphonies are weaved from seven), the septagram is linked to the Kabbalistic sefira Netsach. Other seven-fold systems that can be related to the septagram include the seven latifah (subtle faculties) of Islamic mystical thought and the seven major Hindu chakras - the base chakra (Muladhara), the sacral chakra (Svadisthana), the solar plexus chakra (Manipura), the heart chakra (Anahata), the throat chakra (Vishuddi), the brow chakra (Ajna) and the crown chakra (Sahasrara).


Metal / Re: Tritones
« on: November 12, 2006, 03:09:17 PM »

The dotted line is the tritone.

What is the cosmic significance of this?

HINT: "Fallen angels take my hand!"

EDIT: That's called the "septacle" or "septagram" for your Google-enhanced semiotic pleasure.

Metal / Re: What were the origins of death metal?
« on: November 11, 2006, 11:36:17 AM »
A feeling that something was missing from life, and an attempt to expand creation beyond life itself to find the ideas which shape life, give it form, and limit it. Death metal is a Tower of Babel fleshtower built with the bones of liars, content to collapse and rebuild itself, expanding art into unknown territory.

Metal / Re: Deicide interview
« on: September 07, 2006, 06:49:11 PM »
(All of these comments are infested with AIDS. Question: Does the revelation that the artistic aims of Deicide were always merely a gimmick lessen your enjoyment of albums such as Legion?)

Wow, after all this time, I can now finally forgive my dear mother for throwing out my Deicide shirt.

I think Glen Benton should do everyone a favor, quit pounding shots of whatever he's pounding, and shut the fuck up before he accidentally becomes a Catholic priest or something.


OK, yeah, Legion is awesome though.

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