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Metal / Re: Death Metal and Black Metal Wiki
« on: September 12, 2007, 10:23:37 PM »
History of black metal starter page added. Or maybe it can serve as some timeline, I'm not sure yet. Anyway, I'll try to continue it later.

Metal / Re: Starting up a metal band in 2007
« on: September 02, 2007, 03:46:05 PM »
I wasn't trying to attack you personally, it meant what it said. You made some good points in your posts but when you said that nowadays metal is becoming 'cool' I couldn't help but wonder what that meant (I thought you meant metal is becoming more popular lately which isn't a new thing)

Talking about how "metal is dead" is a populist topic these days, an easy way to garner attention and alignment but often without offering any realistic solution.

Metal always needs to deal with problems from within (clone bands, fucked up scenes) and from the outside (sellouts, falling into the mainstream) Every situation requires a different approach but basically to stay fit metal needs to exercise. Don't get me wrong I distanced myself from any scenes many years ago but I would like to see metal evolve as a musical genre and I believe it's still possible. Even if there would only be three great releases in the next ten years I will be grateful for them.

I think both black and death metal should try to break away from the standard metal song formula and experiment more in terms of composition. Having original riffs doesn't even matter that much since a lot of good albums have familiar sounding riffs, often bands also rehash their own riffs. What matters is the way the riffs are put together. In this sense the "rock" element has to die and be replaced with something else, but there's no need to claim metal has become helpless. Never mind what's happening in the mainstream because that's where the dead end is. Metal is only limited by peoples imagination.

Metal / Re: War metal
« on: September 02, 2007, 04:09:02 AM »
I've never seen Bolt Thrower or Immortal called War metal.

Immortal referred to their music not as black metal but as holocaust metal. And they dubbed their corpsepaint "warpaint" but that's about the only connection Immortal has with war metal.

Bolt Thrower is sometimes called war metal since most of their topics and album titles seem to revolve around the subject. Despite some musical similarities between the early Bolt Thrower stuff and bands like Blasphemy or Order From Chaos I think it's safe to say that Bolt Thrower doesn't really belong in the list of war metal bands because Bolt Thrower simply weren't into satanism like all the other bands were. Ideologically they were different.

I personally liked Conqueror before they fell into repetition with Revenge. Ever since then "war metal" has meant little to me other than just another scene filled with morons. It had it's highlights though, but its greatness doesn't constitute for more than a list of albums about as long as the one deadite already posted.

Oh, and I'm a little upset by your choice of words when you say "this is a list for newcomers" An introduction like that is often followed by: "and now you can move on to listening to mp3s of this obscure shit band from Nepal, welcome to the scene buddy!"

Metal / Re: Starting up a metal band in 2007
« on: September 02, 2007, 02:22:37 AM »
I'm not questioning the aspiration towards a greater ideal, I'm merely questioning the point of pursuing in the same direction as modern metal.
Metal can no longer continue in this path, it is a DEAD END. And from this dead end, Metal will evolve into something different, keeping it main characteristics, leaving behind what it is unnecessary.

Now go on, keep making rock infected music for years just to realize how worthless it will be. Keep repeating the same mistakes from the past.
At the moment metal is just another style of music,
which no longer can criticize society.
Its been so many years since metal is on agony, and you really still want to make something that sounds alike but got higher ideals?
Are you that blind to not see that this and many attempts will fall under the cloak of the music industry, because whether you like it or not, nowadays metal is becoming 'cool'.

You sound pretty sure of yourself in a lot of posts (and some of your posts are accurate btw) but maybe you should think some stuff over before posting certain things. For instance when you say that "nowadays metal is becoming cool" I can't help think "have you only been listening to metal for the past three years or something?" Actually every time someone starts posting about "the recent decay of metal" I can't help but think "that person is new to metal"

Metal has had to deal with regression and stagnation ever since it's inception. Emperor's "Anthems To The Wanking At Dusk" came out ten years ago now and you want to talk about how metal has recently become too popular?

Metal simply needs to deal with regression and stagnation every day, if that's too much trouble for you you can give up and say that we should let metal die or that metal is a dead end and go listen to something from the gay/christian/mainstream infested classical genre (of which the majority is shit too IMO, I don't understand how this genre would somehow "win" from metal especially on a metal forum)

To Apocalyptic Raves: if you want to start a metal band and are sincere I wish you the best of luck. I say don't let metal die but take metal back and try to elevate it to new heights. As long as you're aware of what you're doing there shouldn't be a problem. If it turns out to be nothing more than some people playing mediocre metal in a garage that's fine too, you can still get more insight in metal that way. But I'd advise you to pretend not to exist to the outside world until you have created something really worth listening to. What metal doesn't need is more bedroom projects and kvlt demos released in editions of three copies.

Metal / Re: Fashion shows in corpsepaint
« on: August 30, 2007, 11:14:49 AM »

From a show for fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch’s Spring ‘08 collection. This is not a joke.


...or is it? Black metal surely is at this point.

When exactly was black metal entirely free of jokes? It certainly isn't without you I guess... ;)

Metal / Re: Detox from mainstream?
« on: July 23, 2007, 06:21:13 PM »
No television isn't going to change anything either. I don't even get this idea. Obviously television is unimportant and wrong, but by taking it away you aren't going to make someone's philisophies change.

I wouldn't expect peoples philosophies to change either but it can certainly change someones perception of the world if that person stays away from television for a while. I also think the way we see ourselves and treat others is influenced by television. Perhaps this is more obvious in Europe than in the USA since the whole process of distraction is partly related to Americanization here. But it can be boiled down to the same reason why most "old fashioned" people don't want to have the television on while they're eating: they want to keep their own culture and spend time being together instead of just being in the same room.

Two weeks spent simply in the act of avoiding these things is virtually the trial in itself.

Agreed, but I think the way Raise the Dead puts it it's no longer about just being a metalhead but about being a better person. I fully agree with him, to get a better overview of your life you need to distance yourself from it sometimes. Otherwise you simply get stuck somewhere.

To appreciate loud guitars with blast beats and grunted vocals one doesn't need to do anything special. But ignoring all forms of society's entertainment is a good way to start to be able to fully connect to the beauty of what extreme metal signifies in it's essence (darkness, alienation, repudiation of christian values and acceptance of all aspects of nature as being reality)

Metal / Re: Death Metal and Black Metal Wiki
« on: July 13, 2007, 07:22:19 PM »
History page for Mortem:


Does anyone have any additional info on the dates of their US '05 tour?

Metal / Re: Death Metal and Black Metal Wiki
« on: July 11, 2007, 06:15:39 PM »

Metal / Re: Death Metal and Black Metal Wiki
« on: July 11, 2007, 07:47:50 AM »
Oh jeez...

Well, if we're going to brag about our "contributions"


contributed by me, not that I expect this to be the final version.

But I think this "look what I did" stuff will lead to ego-boosting. And it also makes it look too much like the wiki is a "friends-project" of this forum and not an open project for all who have internet.

When I visit the wiki I can see on the main-page if any bands have been started on and I can see in the recent changes if anything else has happened. Please only post links to specific pages of the wiki here if you are looking for assistance, otherwise what's the point other than shameless self-congratulating? If you make a contribution it is appreciated but a wiki is never "completed" like Kontinual suggested, there will always be changes and edits and do we need to post about those too? If the original creators of this wiki don't agree with my viewpoints then they are encouraged to contact me about it either in pm or here.

Metal / Why New Music Doesn't Sound As Good As It Should
« on: July 10, 2007, 11:43:01 AM »
Never mind that today's factory-produced starlets and mini-clones just don't have the practiced chops of the supergroups of yesteryear, pop in a new CD and you might notice that the quality of the music itself—maybe something as simple as a snare drum hit—just doesn't sound as crisp and as clear as you're used to. Why is that?

It's part of the music industry's quest to make music louder and louder, and it's been going on for decades, at least since the birth of the compact disc. Click the link for a nice little video, a mere 2 minutes long, which explains it in detail, with audio cues that you'll be able to hear in crisp detail.

The key to the problem is that, in making the soft parts of a track louder (in the process making the entire track loud), you lose detail in the song: The difference between what's supposed to be loud and what's supposed to be soft becomes less and less. The result is that, sure, the soft parts of a song are nice and loud, but big noises like drum beats become muffled and fuzzy. But consumers often subconsciously equate loudness with quality, and thus, record producers pump up the volume. Anything to make a buck.

The bigger problem is that this is all unnecessary. Stereo equipment is more powerful today than ever, and last time I checked, every piece of music hardware had a volume knob.

Don't take my word for it: Pop in the first CD you bought and play it at the same volume level as the most recent one you bought. You might be shocked by what you hear.

Anyone still wondering why the music business is suffering?

Video link: The Loudness War

Original article

Metal / Re: Death Metal and Black Metal Wiki
« on: July 08, 2007, 11:58:02 AM »
Another thing: I hope it will be a serious wiki and that it won't contain any jokes. No jokes, not even one please. No funny Cradle of Filth or Pantera pages. No funny "trolling" crap, none of that, it only attracts morons and lowers the standard.

Other than that I think it's a good idea.

Metal / Re: Death Metal and Black Metal Wiki
« on: July 08, 2007, 11:54:38 AM »
Please note that all contributions to Heavy Metal and Death Metal and Black Metal Wiki may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors.

Even though this goes without saying it would have went better without saying.

If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then don't submit it here.

Ok, I won't. Not if you make it seem like I'm sticking my head in a guillotine. Are you looking for people who are willing to bend over and "take one for the greater good" or are you looking for strong minded people who are willing to make a contribution? Also: if anyone can edit, alter and remove articles how will this work? Will this be debated or does "might make right"?

I am not familiar with how wikipedio works [and proud of it] so please explain this to me (or direct me towards some info-page)

Metal / Re: Man Gets Sick Benefits for Heavy Metal Addicti
« on: July 06, 2007, 01:51:03 PM »
If this guy who wants sick benefits for his metal "addiction" was really passionate about metal then why isn't he actively supporting metal? He could work in the metal-industry, even if he's a complete moron he could still collect the empty beer glasses at concerts.

It seems to me he's just a metal-consumer, I can still respect him for that but it doesn't give him any special rights. If he was really supportive of metal he would be doing volunteers work and getting welfare on the side. Instead he gives metalheads a bad name in one of the worst conceivable ways. Neither metal nor society needs people like that.

Metal / Re: Flowering of Swedish death metal
« on: July 06, 2007, 01:02:17 AM »
I think a lot of its acceptance had to do with the murders and church burning in Norway.

Not really, this only got people into metal who before that weren't interested in metal.

Something that shouldn't be overlooked is that black metal already existed outside of Norway without the church-burnings. And a lot of the people who listened to bands like Blasphemy and Beherit were not happy with the "neo-fascist" aspects of the Norwegians. This was partially because most of them also listened to bands like Napalm Death and Carcass and had very leftist ideas about society.

Metal / Re: Detox from mainstream?
« on: July 05, 2007, 11:03:07 AM »
I've noticed that many people who get into metal start out really confused over simple things. They do not understand the idea of not being moral, or of worshipping power or destruction, or why you would live a life other than the job/TV that most people endure.
I think a detox period might be necessary, where people don't watch TV or talk to normals for about a week, and then clarity can come. It won't in every case (stupid people, priests, fools) but it is at least possible, where when people's heads are full of TV and the conversation of others it is not going to happen at all.

Only one week of no television? I think a whole year would be better...

I don't mean to be rude here but wouldn't it be a better idea to get people into metal who are already have the right attitudes and ideas about humanity instead of trying to use metal as some tool to convert people? The people who made the music already had those ideas, shouldn't the listener at least be open to those ideas from the start? I must add that I don't think only a select few can have those ideas, it's just that only a select few are able to fully embrace them and put them to good use (others commit suicide and stuff like that) But if people don't even understand worshiping destruction for instance I don't think hundreds of hours of metal will change them much.

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