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Metal / Re: Best metal guitars
« on: August 18, 2005, 04:22:14 PM »
Hey Admin, thats is a great Fucking guitar bro, but unfortunatly I wouldnt say that it excels in metal as it does in the blues, and 60's garage rock.

I have that guitar, but It is my experimental/punk/garage rock/blues guitar.

As far as metal is concerned, I only play 80's thrash and Black Metal, and my main axe is a Jackson reverse. IMO Jackson's are the best as are some of the higher end Ibanez guitars.
I guess it just depends on what style your looking for. I would think that that Ibanez would be suitable for Black Metal. The neck on that thing is very very fast and the pickups should be able to handle it.
If your into downtuned shit, I would pass on it and get something else. But then again, I think its a damn sexy looking guitar, and with the help of pedals and a nice amp, you could discover your own heavy tone that no one else has ;)
I for one am sick and tired of the EMG sound in metal.