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Interzone / On the "Hessian Dreamworld"
« on: December 11, 2007, 12:17:05 AM »
Maybe a month or so ago, someone said a few things that caught my attention:

"Nobody really believes that metal will lead some great revolution, or will inspire any form of change. If they do, they live in The Hessian Dreamworld."


"The rest of that fantastical assbabble underscores the folly of falling victim to The Hessian Dreamworld. You are totally out of touch. 99% of all people exposed to extreme metal never adopt healthy Hessian viewpoints, and in modern times, 90% of extreme metalheads don't even subscribe to them."

First, let me say that I agree in part. If the Hessian Idea is essentially to convert metal as a whole into a revolutionary force, it seems obvious that it is absurd. A cursory examination of the general condition of metal and its hordes of fans will suggest to us that our basic raw material is not up to par. As we all know, and have discussed to death a thousand times, the majority of metalheads are more or less your average fellows, perhaps even a bit more neurotic and prone to degenerate behavior than other demographics. In no way have they proven themselves to be anything but another subculture of consumers.

A more careful examination, however, will reveal that amongst the hordes of halfwits, there is a minority who identify and appreciate an element of something more in the music. The development of ANUS is a direct result of the self-organization of such individuals. And it is clear that the ideas espoused by ANUS are striking chords with an increasing amount of people. Additionally, though this is one of the more obvious Hessian islands out there, it is not a truly isolated phenomenon. I am frequently surprised to come in contact with individuals who "get it". Further, they don't all "come from" this site. They aren't just aping what they see here. It is something that has organically arisen from their own understanding and experience of metal.

If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that this is also occuring within other musical subgenres and subcultures. The neofolk phenomenon, while hosting it's share of fashion-clowns and hipsters, also has been attracting people genuinely interested in nihilism, nationalism, romanticism, integralism and other ideas directly connected to metal. Some branches of electronic music have been moving in this direction as well. These people are picking up books and beginning to make the important realization that there might be more to our society than meets the eye... That there might be more to life than working, fucking and collecting albums in their spare time.

These people are not common. They are maybe one in twenty, probably less; but it doesn't matter. This isn't about mass. It isn't about revolutionizing the whole of metal (or any other musical subculture), or about metal in of itself becoming a kind of battle flag. It is about finding the minority who matter, those few who make the connection between the music, the ideas and the action that must follow. It is about finding these people, recognizing the raw potential we have as a group and channeling that energy into something constructive. It is about intelligence, application and drive. It is about transcending the insipid musical subcultures that hold us back, and taking the next step. If you do this, you're not going to be "metal" anymore. You're going to be something better.

Recognize that the ideas that metal connects to are valid, maybe even vital. If you truly are moved by this music, it must mean that some part of you wishes to see these ideas flourish. Breathe some life into them! Work to give them the power to actually take root in our society and matter. We can work towards this collectively, or as individuals, but we're sure to get the best results by arriving at consensus together and putting our ideas into practice in the real world collectively.

This is not a "Hessian Dreamworld" if we recognize the following: Because all things in this world are interrelated, metal is a small part of a much larger picture. You don't have to abandon the "small picture" of metal, but you do have to address and get involved in the bigger picture.

At this point, it may be useful to talk about some immediate, broad, realistic Hessian goals.

1. Spread the appreciation for metal as a valid artform and reveal the world of ideas it directly relates to. Do this where it matters. This means academic institutions, journalistic publications, and music academies. Don't waste time trying to "convert" people or convince those who do not wish to increase their understanding. It will only demoralize you.

2. Look into the possibility of establishing real world Hessian communities. These have potential value in providing a stable foundation for further Hessian projects as well as creating the basis for healthier real-world communities in general. Reject the world of artificial interactions and make-work that constitutes city life. Foster increased independence from the overall social infrastructure and live in a way compatible with Hessian ideals of Vir. This is a project that warrants a serious think-tank approach at the moment.

3. Get involved generally. Become a warrior for your ideas in your immediate surroundings. Stand up for them and actively attack the ideological systems which have reduced our world to an overflowing toilet. Do this where it matters: School, your social clique, your family, etc. Put your ideas into practice wherever you can. You can have a very direct impact on the lives of people you are close to.

I'm sure there are many other concrete goals we could come up with. Put your heads together.