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Metal / Summoning
« on: December 02, 2004, 05:51:56 PM »
We were hoping for a new relaese this month, but alas:


In consequence of the delays and problems which both of us have to face with our other projects the work for the new Summoning album is delayed. But never the less we have the will to finish the work as soon as possible. Hopefully the new output can be released during the first half of next year.

To the seven songs which are finished in basic structures we have done the mandatory 3 minute intro which again will be very bombastic and hymn-like just like the rest of the songs. But never the less still one or two songs are missing to close the basic works. We are working on new material whenever we have time.


IN the moment we experiment with new and old Summoning sounds. In contrary to the last full length CD the guitar style will differ a lot (the rather rhythmical guitar style will change to a more floating arpeggio styled one). Added to the usual drum style there will be some addition Tom Tom sounds this time. The exact keyboard sound is not fixed yet.

A title of the CD is also not fixed yet.

A possible release date of the CD is earliest at march 2005."