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Metal / Graveland and Summoning similarities
« on: May 12, 2006, 03:03:15 PM »
Listening to the former's 'Memory and Destiny' and the latter's 'Minas Morgul'. Both use similar musical techniques to project the idealist themes, albeit with considerably different means of aesthetic. Both use basic melodies, which they develop, highlight, and deconstruct in the manner generalised by the sonata form, an attribute which consign them to a primitive, more populist form of classical music. Contrasted with death metal bands like Pestilence and At The Gates, which also employ the sonata form, Graveland and Summoning opt for more simplistic musical statements which may from time to time dump them into the 'trve bm' category. Summoning has more orchestration than Graveland, but synthesisers are purely superficial compared to song structure.

Lyrically, both Graveland and Summoning express heroic ideal and some basic tenets of fascism- Darken states them openly, Summoning encase them in Nordicist metaphors.

Any opinions?