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Interzone / Hipsterism Defined in Under Three Minutes
« on: August 25, 2010, 07:32:51 AM »

Funny how this was done about twenty years ago. People never change, do they...?

Metal / Have Incantation sold out?
« on: April 18, 2010, 09:45:26 AM »
How have Incantation sold out?!

Metal / The Metal Moron Awards
« on: June 16, 2009, 10:46:21 AM »
Best New Band - Five Finger Death Punch
Best Underground Band - Behemoth
Best Metal Label - Roadrunner
Spirit Of Metal - Saxon
The Dimebag Darrel Shredder Award - Herman Li/Sam Toteman (Dragonforce)
Event Of The Year - Download
Legends Award - Def Leppard
Best Breakthrough Act - Amon Amarth
Best Album - Lamb Of God ‘Wrath’
Metal As Fuck - Anvil
Inspiration - Emperor
Riff Lord - Steve Vai
Best Live Band - Slipknot
Best International Band - Slipknot
Best UK Band - Iron Maiden
Golden God - Iron Maiden


Are these people for real?!?!

Interzone / Is the form really that important?
« on: March 15, 2009, 04:11:31 PM »
Art is a way of communication. A way of expressing certain ideas. These ideas are bigger than art itself, they are created to have a certain impact on society, to change people's way of thinking. The form itself is empty. It's the substance that matters. So, do you think one concept can be expressed through different genres of music or even different kinds of art - like for example hessian ideology through non-hessian music or through movies and fiction literature? Is it possible to manipulate the aesthetics of, say, pop or jazz music to make it express non-typical for pop or jazz substance? Like in Atheist's "Unquestionable Presence" - jazz/fusion is trapped in a complex metal framework in order to work like heavy metal and not jazz/fusion...

Interzone / Do we really need new bands and albums?!
« on: January 05, 2009, 09:36:06 AM »
Every now and then, after I read some article/forum topic/whatever on the Internet reviewing a new band with a new album and convincing me how good this band is, I just can't help but downloading the frickin' thing, you know, just from curiosity.

Result: It sucks. Every single metal album I've heard from 2008 basically fits into one of these two categories:

 1) "Back to the roots", "oldschool", "FVK TEH POZURS", "real metal", or in other words: people trying to sound like their favourite bands "y'know, just 4 fun lol".
 2) "Original sound", "avant-garde metal", "progressive", "primitive death/power/crust/techno/avant-garde/jazz/neoclassical with harps and shitting bulls", or people trying to make something new for no apparent reason.

And then I asked myself: do I really need to waste my time listening to 539486324 bands just to find 3 1/2 riffs of worth?!

No. It is an absolutely useless and IQ-abusive activity.

Of course, as some of you may say, that look-through-the-shit-find-something-of-worth is the whole idea of elitism.

I am not an elitist. I don't want to listen to any metal other than my favourite bands. I don't want to promote young metal bands on brainless blogs and forums for another nerd/idiot to download them and masturbate about the underground and "true metal".

Here's my idea: metal is dead. Stop looking for good new bands. Instead, of all your music collection, choose, say, 100 or so albums, the albums which are most special to you, which you can really call ART.

Listen only to them. Promote only them.

Worship them.

Metal / Ideologies and music
« on: February 14, 2008, 07:56:21 AM »
Metal, for many people, is more than music. It's an ideology, rebellion, a whole new world...

Throughout the years, a whole bunch of different ideologies have been involved, one way or another, in metal. Political, religious and philosophical. And a lot of bands seem to be singing about what they believe in, (or claim to believe in).

It seems that every band that has started to run out of ideas (or never had any ideas) starts to sing about politics. I mean things like "Me nazi, me hates jews" or "We love you, brother! Peace!!!". It just gets on my nerves...

I know that music IS a form of expression. But I think there is a huge difference between what you express and HOW you express it. Take Burzum for example - Varg never stated "Look at me, I'm an odalist and fascist, Heil Hitler!" in his lyrics. Instead he expressed his ideas through the music and the dark images he created with the lyrics. He stimulated the listener to actually try and find out what the music's meaning was. It didn't give you the idea ready and easy to understand for you, like most things in society today...

I mean, metal is supposed to be an opposition to all this MTV crap our world has turned into. It doesn't tell you "believe in this, this and this" like religion. It provokes you to actually THINK and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.

Just look at Dissection's Reinkaos. "Satan, satan, satan, satan". OK, we get the picture. It seems like the whole thing was made not because of the music, but for the purpose of serving as propaganda for some idea.

I'm an anarchist (not a punk ore some AFA idiot, OK?!) but I'm interested in old black metal - Bathory, Mayhem, Burzum, Immortal, etc., because these bands actually try to express something through their music - national-socialism, nihilism, paganism - you name it... And I prefer these bands to punks who create a 2-chord noise for a background of their speeches. If I want to learn something about nazism, anarchism, satanism or whatever - I'll read a book. This is MUSIC.

What do you think about ideologies and metal? Is it OK for someone to use their band as a "propaganda instrument" (LOL) for their ideology? Do you think that most bands, when they start to run out of ideas, start singing about politics or whatever they support? (Slayer, for instance...)

P.S. Sorry for my terrible English...