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Audiofile / Samael
« on: May 08, 2006, 10:57:04 AM »
Samael MP3s

"A primary innovator of modern black metal styles Samael begin as a speed metally old style black metal band and morphed into a doomy dark metal band, then returned with more commercial black metal styles. At this point their music is a cross between Kiss, Ministry and perhaps an old rock style like Venom."

Samael - Worship Him (1991) [ CD $3 ]

Samael - Worship Him (1991, Mega)

Samael - Blood Ritual (1992) [ CD $3 ]

Samael - Blood Ritual (1992, Mediafire)

Samael- Ceremony of Opposites (1994) [ CD $4 ]

Samael- Ceremony of Opposites (1994, x)