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Interzone / Field report from Scenic Nootropica
« on: March 02, 2014, 10:20:03 AM »

Some kind of Russian manufactured super powered peptide enhanced derivative of piracetam. Manufactured with recycled tractor parts and AK-47's. Combining the chemical with high grade Vodka (pairing with drinking cologne is specifically contraindicted) is known to cause spontaneous combustion and rampant Kozachok.

Crosses the Blood Brain barrier readily, binds like insufflated superglue to the appropriate receptor sites. This stuff is effective in very small doses. Optimal effects observed at one or two doses of 9mg per day. Quasi psychedelic effects replete with short term memory annihilation observed at 50 - 100mg doses.

This compound reputedly stimulates the release of BDNF which is also one of the theorized methods of action of modern anti depressant medication. One of the most significant effects of this compound is the general mood lift that follows dosing. Improves cognition in a ...weird way. I find noopept impedes my short term memory, which is something of a disadvantage as said memory is required to keep the OS informed as to what it's supposed to be doing while it's preoccupied with brapping off of the cranium. Memory issues amount to occasionally forgetting why you walked in to a room, however you'll be too damned chipper to care. Verbal fluency increases, it is easier to articulate ideas and grasp concepts. Psyche seems more stable, easier to deal with problems that arise. Probably there are a whole lot of long term benefits to sustaining increased levels of BDNF- recovering from drug induced brain damage, keeping your brain 'young' etc etc. I'm not entirely clear on this though, it's been a while since I stopped taking it and I don't remember much specifically other than it felt good.
On the flip side, taking excessively high doses felt a whole lot like a threshold dose of LSD. Short term memory problems were pretty apparent, pretty fucked, and persisted for more than a month after I stopped taking the stuff. I want to communicate the effect on visual acuity as a GPU metaphor. Imagine you overclocked your rig and were all of a sudden pushing tremendous amounts of data to your display. It looks awesome as fuck, holy shit, look at all these details you've never noticed, colours are brighter, everything is sharper, more defined, and there's this interesting lysergic shimmer to everything- the world looks so vibrant and amazing. But you've got huge pipeline problems, the CPU is just shitting the bed and dropping frames all over the place and you've got a disquieting staccato clumping to your perceptual input and you're head feels, well, like other processes are being affected in a similar way. Definitely interesting but the memory issues make it untennable. You don't really want to exceed the recommended dosage with this one.


Insoluble bilge milk harvested from the purulent udders of bovine Chris Reifert would sing about.
They'd be love songs at that.
The compound is completely hydrophobic and mocks your attempts to administer it dissolved in water by floating on your beverage like a chancre. FUCKING UNDISCIPLINED SUPPLEMENTS.

Aniracetam has a relatively higher binding affinity for AMPA receptor sites compared to other Nootropics. This produces a mild anxiolytic effect, you'll feel pretty chilled.
Apparently Aniracetam is livered or brained but somehow magicked into some metabolite that has slightly different effects to its parent compound- so the initial effects are heavy on the anxiolytic chill and after an hour or two the more focusing effects become apparent. I really enjoyed this compound in social sittings, anxiolytic effects lead to more relaxed and considered conversing and it seems to work well for lateral speaky/people type situations. I was primarily taking this before going to work at a liquor store (I'll finish my degree next year and summarily burn the place to the ground) and it made it a hell of a lot easier to converse with strangers about stupid bullshit. 
Aniracetam doesn't seem to vary its effects with dosage as much as the other racetams. 400 - 800mg two or three times a day seemed to work best. After three or four months I stopped noticing much effect from aniracetam and stopped taking it. I was usually coadministering this with either noopept or piracetam (and methylphenidate) and probably just induced a whole bunch of receptor downregulation which would be sorted back to baseline with a months abstinence. Unfortunately one night while I was huffing along the pavement with some fresh steamy jenk I was scrutinized by the fuzz and was forced to dump my dumplings in my noots container to avoid doing hard time. Abstinence has since been off the cards as it was heady brew and I've yet to divine the secret of transdimensional shamanic pineal stimulation from my deceased grandma, long live the new flesh.


I'm somewhat certain that this is piracetam with an oxygen atom adhered. This addition appears to have displaced the holyshitthistastesawful atom from the molecule and gives us an almost sweet tasting supplement. Happy days.

This stuff is virtually the same as piracetam except that it costs a whole lot more, is mildly stimulating, and induces extreme colonic distress in high enough doses.
If you ever find yourself questioning piracetams cheap ubiquity, shitty taste and complete lack of giving you diarrhea for days on end, oxiracetam is for you. Buckle down and give em hell.


Ambrosia that fell from the sky and also through some demigods anus. Granddaddy of nootropics. Prepare your tastebuds for masochistic delight. Ever wonder how people can debase themselves to enjoy eating other peoples scat? Piracetam holds all the answers. It shits on your tongue and elevates your existence and utterly convinces you that tongue shitting is a pretty all right thing to do. 

Piractem was the first nootropic I ever took and the one I keep coming back to. All problems with piracetam can be remedied by taking more piracetam. Most problems in life can be diminished with piracetam. Issues stemming from internet strangers exagerating how good piracetam is can be rectified by taking more piracetam.
So the literature generally suggests taking about 3 grams of piracetam per day. This is terrible advice* and you should disregard it. Apparently piracetam is an allosteric modulator of NMDA and AMPA receptor sites. In high enough concentrations the activity across these two receptor sites begins to self potentiate. I can't remember exactly where I read this, and given it was on the internet I'm not sure the person positing this opinion has any qualifications beyond perusing webmd articles. However I find myself agreeing with the essence of their statement: take more piracetam. I'm currently taking about 25 - 30 grams per day and it's working pretty well. The effects are subtle but well worth it. These aren't a pancea for the savant challenged-  the etymology of 'nootropic' is erroneous in my opinion. These substances aren't going to improve your IQ, they don't raise your cognitive ceiling. They just make it easier to deal with shit. Feels like there is less brain fog, less impediments in all areas of the psyche: memory, vocabulary, emotions, communication. I couldn't sit an IQ test before and after and point to some quantitative difference and honestly that isn't the point. Probably if that's what you're after nootropics can make it feel like you're doing things better and faster and can give you some nice narcissistic jollies but in terms of measurable effects meditation, diet and exercise are probably more important. I can tell you that my social interactions with my friends and significant other have improved, expression and communication are up and that imbues it's own benefits. I'm less inclined to become lost on the internet aimlessly clicking through links in a stupor. I feel more goal focused, more capable of weathering events that rock the boat, more present. Feels good man.

*I've only been taking this high a dose for a few weeks now, I expect the effects might change over time. I read about a canadian person who uses the handle Isochroma on various forums (google his name) who inspired this dosing regimen. He reported feeling fucking amazing though seemed to be exhibiting symptoms of hypomania which may point to long term issues, but hey, I figure this stuff is a whole bunch more benign than the rivers of intoxicants that have passed through my body in the past.


Choline bitartrate, lecithin, Alpha GPC, CDP Choline, Centrophenoxine, Acetyl L Carnitine

At some point it was deemed that all racetam supplementation necessitated cholinergic supplementation. I think the proliferation of this assertion is like a bunch of scrotums, gently slapping on your forehead, ruining your day. Racetams implicate a bunch (read most, or all, whatever, it's not like you're brain runs exclusively on 98 octane choline) neurotransmitters in their action. Acetyl Choline is probably the most widespread so it gets the most attention. NB centrophenoxine and Acetyl L Carnitine are not direct choline sources.

Choline Bitartrate tastes like shit and smells vaguely like semen. (I do hope this is true, I'd feel bad if it was just some disgruntled Chinese factory worker who gave my batch its smell.) Excess choline can cause depression. When I started taking this shit I got mad depressed. It seems like the body acclimatizes after a while and becomes capable of regulating choline levels better. Taking a small amount can alleviate neck tension and brain fog caused by nootropics, but so can diet and vitamin supplementation.

Alpha GPC and CDP Choline can cross the blood brain barrier and are a direct source of acetyl choline. The effects of these compounds is apparent immediately after administration. The first few times I took it I felt great, like it amplified the racetam effects. After that I fell into a slump and the supplements just made me feel shitty. Retrospectively I think I was just taking far too much choline. Homeostasis was reached after a while. The supplements just felt normal, I started getting huge swathes of pimples on my back like I was a teenager again and my body temperature was generally elevated. Choline supplementation is known to spike testosterone levels, though I can't much vouch for this effect as patella femoral disorder and bursitis forced a break from lifting and running, experienced no sick gains, just sick pimples. 

Acetyl L Carnitine Apparently does a whole bunch of great things you can learn about through google. Mostly it just increased my appetite and made me feel a bit jittery.

Centrophenoxine tastes incredibly vile, reputedly it does good things but I'm not sure if I've experienced any of them- placebo or massive confounding by coadministered substances.
Seriously you have no idea how bad this shit tastes.

I've sourced most of these substances through ebay. Apparently piracetam was put on some prohibited list by the Australian TGA so it's no longer legal to be sold commericially in Australia, meaning it can no longer be found on ebay.com.au however it is still legal to import direct from the vendor- for cheap, in bulk quantities. PLUG YOUR NOOTS AND WORSHIP SATAN.

Audiofile / BT
« on: April 26, 2012, 11:50:10 PM »
BT - This Binary Universe <FLAC>

Pop influenced ambient similar to early Aphex Twin/Autechre.

Youtube sample:

part 1

part 2

part 3

Interzone / Cast from a strange kiln
« on: May 07, 2009, 02:17:36 AM »
A worming tongue of flame cast open my solar plexus. The usual axioms were followed, breathless nothing And pulsing in the chest rising tangling the heart sometimes twin coursesings of tongues knitting in my flesh. The serpents rose and claimed the brain stem. Frothing solvent of the void bubbling through cracks in the skull dampening the self and the serpents push farther peaking at the crown of the skull imprisoned by bone. Trying to burrow through, my pineal is glowing bejeweled with heat and agitation and joy like oineric somnambulance. Muscles spasming, Dragons in my skull can't escape their immurement so force my cranium skyward, back locks taught in position totally straight. Muscles spasm every few seconds as though i were paralyzed by dream and the burning ever burning sometimes aching contention of it is overwhelming.

A rather intense introduction to chakras while meditating. Has anyone taken this to its terminus, the Kundalini awakening?

Metal / KCUF archive online
« on: May 06, 2009, 08:18:55 AM »
Don't know if this is old news but the KCUF archive is back up again.


Audiofile / Vreid
« on: May 15, 2006, 04:44:31 AM »
Vreid: Rapidshare, Blogspot


Vreid -  Kraft (2004, Mediafire)

Vreid - Pitch Black Brigade (2006, Mediafire)

Vreid - I Krig (2007, Mediafire)

Vreid - Milorg (2009, Mediafire)