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Metal / NEW Release Die Saat LP - heathen black metal
« on: November 16, 2004, 10:30:37 AM »
Eisenwald & Ewiges Eis Presenting:

Die Saat - "Niedergang" LP
(handnumbered to 500 copys + exclusive bonus)

The first & only offcial Vinyl edition of germans heathen folk balck metal band .. after the limited CD version has been sold out for a long time now we are proud to present this piece of vinyl.
Its limited to 500 units ( hnadnumbered ) with exclusive Bonus, only for the LP edition !!

More infos can be taken from our info pages
www.eisenton.de  / www.platten-firma.de
or just write a mail.....

Available for 10 / 12 $ + postage direkt from us
get in contact, its going very well and will be a hard to find item in the future.
Get also in contact for some distro items for small underground prices..

So folks, Horns UP!!!