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Interzone / Imagination Game - what if ...
« on: August 25, 2011, 05:06:22 AM »
I was watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBAmPxSI8bo

...and thought to propose to you here at Anus forum an imaginary picture out from wich to conclude some realistic effects and conclusions. If of course you shall bare to participate.

Let's say that 10 years from now (max) christians shall become indeed and in open as unwanted and hunted as are muslims (considered so by the officials and those going with the flow of popular opinions) now. I mean legislation and all developed further against christianity. Not simply interdicting crosses and all by the rules of "multiculturalism" and "freedom of self experession" etc I mean let's imagine that is not long untill open official action will be taken against christians as enemies of the state and social order. Maybe is hard to imagine that cause i know metal world has deep antichristian roots and history, although recently  the underground is trying to move past that ('90 to now) and to fantasize about mainstreaming this would be "crazy"....  but let me remind you that the legislation and the actual  trend (and this is not news) is anti-christian, as christianity is seen as radical as the muslims, and that is true, if we refer to the real orthodox christianity, that's even against good ol' catholicism, not to mention all modernity , liberalism, multiculturalism etc All that's missing is open "christian terrorist" acts for authority to take stand.

So, what if the christian becomes same thing as the muslim? Seen as the"bad guy" the "offender of democracy" the "enemy of order" etc
What would underground metal be then when partially at least it would seam as the precursor of what then shall be an mainstream trend? (hope my english is good enough)

(no need for arguments like: that would never happen because...let's say it shall, thats the game)

Would Anus became the forefather of a mainstream moment? Would Anus say "i told you so"? Would that be relevant for the current state of affairs (ideology) ? Are there reasons to believe that this fiction has a maybe small possibility ?