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Metal / Black Metal...Drying Up?
« on: October 15, 2005, 04:14:49 AM »
I keep listening to newer BM, trying hard to like it, but except for some choice NSBM I would rather go listen to Det Som Engang Var, In the Nightside Eclipse, or Live in Leipzig. I noticed myself reaching more often for Beethoven than ANY Black Metal put out in the past seven years. In fact, the only thing I found of interest in the past seven years was Sweden's Victimizer (a THRASH outfit).
I fopund Craft so derivative and inept as to be laughable. in fact, I'm profoundly bored by the Darkthrone.Burzum/Emperor wanna-bes. Sounds like alot of teenage boys that are grasping onto a genre that doiesn't require much technical skill. Kind of like Punk Rock in the '70's and Grunge in the '90's. Yippee.
A band like Dragonforce opened my eyes to just how Rabble-ready a genre like Black Metal is. After the great Scandinavian albums came out (I count the last of that lot as being Nemesis Divina, Panzer Division Marduk) all the kids whom couldn't really play any instrument or compose joined forces (in a disturbingly Leftist manner) to outevil each other.
Perhaps "being evil"/"fascistic" is simply another way to attempt scaring mommy and daddy? Becaus e so many children have joined the "ranks", its obvious that few dare to admit the fact that it's no longer shocking...if it ever was.
Anyone here have a name that should jolt me out of my current attitude toward Black Metal?

Metal / Jason Becker's Perpetual Burn
« on: September 18, 2005, 09:03:05 AM »
Anyone hear what this guy did on guitar when he was a teenager? This is intense stuff. It's often very Death-y in regard to the backing tracks. It's too bad this guy ended up with ALS; he would have been top in the guitar world today.
I'm still blown away that he did this at age eighteen. Not to mention how he blew Marty Friedman off the cd on the Cacaphony releases.
I've heard many call this dud an Yngwie wanna be, but Becker was just Classical in his own, personal way.
Just my opinion, but this is a must have cd

Metal / New Recrucifier Available
« on: August 18, 2005, 10:37:50 AM »
The new demo, entitlted Preteritus Est Testimnium, is now completed. A "real" studio was utilized, as well as a "human" drummer.
I must warn those whom consider shredding guitarists as being"rock stars" that the new material contains quite alot of guitar shredding, and thus I guess that means I'm a rock star.
Contact this new e-mail for a copy:

Thanks to all whom have supported my work for the past several years.
88 For Evig

Metal / New Issue of Psicoterror Out Now!
« on: May 12, 2005, 05:37:56 AM »
For those of those either familiar with this Satani-Fascist zine (it's been interviewing the Fascistic Metal and Ambient scene for nearly 15 years), or just curious, Psicoterror always features interviews with killer Black, Death and Thrash Metal bands. The editor, Renzo, always inserts his own Fascistic ,Nietzschean philosophy into his interviews.
This issue features Nunslaughter, Belphegor, and many others.
I'm biased, but one of the best interviews (hee-hee) is a LONG one with Recrucifier, which pretty much outlines the Satani-Fascist ideology. Psicoterror is pro-printed, and you contact Renzo at
psicoterror@yahoo.com for more info. Tell him Andy of Recrucifier sent you!

Metal / New Recrucifier Mp3:"Bane of the Noble"
« on: December 10, 2004, 09:27:02 AM »
You MAY have to cut this link and paste it onto your browser directly. Recrucifier plays Hateful Black Metal with a profound '80's German Thrash influence, I am sure all the posters know whom I mean.

Contact: vampiricdestiny@yahoo.com

Metal / KILLER, Satanic/Fascist Zine:Psicoterror
« on: December 04, 2004, 03:43:15 AM »
Heil, this is Apostate from the band Recrucifier. i have been reading this South American fascist's zine for over five years now, it's REALLY killer, with some of the best interviews PERIOD. The reason his band isn't exactly well known is because he wants it that way. His new issue is going to really KILL, just contact Renzo at
I guarantee, this zine will make you glad you checked it out.

Metal / Recrucifier Mp3 Here
« on: December 02, 2004, 10:48:32 AM »
Recrucifier is hateful black thrash that worships 1987 Bathory,1985 Sodom and 1993 Mayhem, as well as Mercyful Fate's "Don't Break the Oath". We write scathing metal that is STUCK in the Tradition of those albums, and couldn't care less if anyone has a problem with it.
Here's some completely kult, vicious metal: just visit my similarly twisted girlfriend's site:
Then punch on Recrucifier, scroll down to the demo "The Tapeworm race", where you'll find the song "As History has Proven".
History has proven that Metal fans fucking RULE!
You can ask about Recrucifier merchandise at