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Metal / Shop on Line News: Cannabis Corpse, Rotten Sound, Isis…
« on: September 25, 2014, 03:19:24 PM »

Plenty of good records arrived in stock! Enjoy at: http://grindshop.bonesbrigaderecords.com/

First of all, Idiots Parade discography is OUT!!!

CD IDIOTS PARADE “Idiotsgraphy” (Sk) 9.90 Euros

Complete Discography. 12 pages booklet Lyrix + Pix. 47 songs of Grind Fastcore Violence. Female fronted fastcore band from Zvolen, Slovakia ------- NEW BONES BRIGADE RECORDS Release!!!!


CD AFGRUND « Corporatocracy » (Swe) 7.99 Euros

"Corporatocracy" is the follow up to last year's "The Age of Dumb" from this harsh and Grindcore crew + cover songs of Splattered Cadavers (Repulsion), Shadows (Nasum), The Nightmare Continues (Discharge).

CD ANGELCORPSE “Of Lucifer and Lightning” (US) 8.90

Extreme Death Metal album, 2007 Angelcorpse’s return!! Destructive vocal, expect anything but blasphemy and carnage!!!!

Split Digisleeve ATARA / MISERABLE FAILURE (Fra/Fra) 10 Euros

Both bands play for 19mn of extreme nihilistic grindcore, brutal!!! Ltd Edition.

CD BASTARD FEAST “Osculum Infame” (US) 9.90 Euros

Formerly ELITIST, new band’s name for a filthy new album of Crust Sludge blackened Hardcore!! For Fans of NAILS, TRAP THEM.

CD BURIED INSIDE “Chronoclast” (Can) 9.90 Euros

Heavy Metallic Hardcore and melodic atmosphere, Third album, Relapse Records.

CD CANNABIS CORPSE “From wisdom to baked” (US) 10 Euros

New album, 90’s Florida Death Metal Style!! With Chris Barnes SIX FEET UNDER & Digestor of GHOUL as Guest!!!

With members of IRON REAGAN, MUNICIPAL WASTE etc… Excellent new songs!!!

CD-Single CAVE IN “Lost in the air” (US) 4.50 Euros

Contains "Lift Off" on the B-side. Cave In recorded the two tracks after touring with A Perfect Circle in 2001,  The song was later re-recorded for Antenna.

Digipack CAVE IN “Jupiter” (US) 12 Euros

Complex and Melodic Post-Rock core. Experimental energy. (Hydra Head Records)

CD + DVD CAVE IN “Antenna” (US) 14 Euros

Emotional Prog-Post Rock influenced album. + DVD: Live Footage, Videos, Backstage and Recording studio footage.

CD CAVE IN “Perfect Pitch Black” (US) 9.90 Euros

Heavy and more experimental Pop Post Hardcore.

CD CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR “Mechanical Tides” (UK) 9.90 Euros

Furious vocals, Fast, powerfull and dirty riffs!!! For Fans of NAILS, GAZA & TRAP THEM.

CD Slipcase CULT OF LUNA “s/t” (Swe) 12,00 Euros

Limited Edition Shape Slipcase. The mighty debut album of epic, apocalyptic noisecore metal from Umea, Sweden. Devastating power & emotion that will destroy you with its beautiful, black heaviness.

Digipack CULT OF LUNA “Eternal Kingdom” (Swe) 12.00 Euros

Cult Of Luna return with their storming fifth album "Eternal Kingdom"! Limited Edition Digipack, Alternate artwork than the regular version CD.

CD + DVD CULT OF LUNA “Eternal Kingdom” (Swe) 12.00 Euros

Cult Of Luna return with their storming fifth album "Eternal Kingdom"! Limited Edition Slipcase CD + DVD.

Digipack CULT OF LUNA “Salvation” (Swe) 12 Euros

Quite simply one of the most outstanding albums of 2004. 76 minutes of musical genius. Expansive Noisecore never sounded so good. Ltd Digipack version.

Digipack CULT OF LUNA “Somewhere along the Highway” (Swe) 12 Euros

Limited Edition Digipack, The fourth outing from Sweden's Cult Of Luna sees the collective building further on their monstrous sound.

CD CULT OF LUNA “The Beyond” (Swe) 9.90 Euros

This 70+ minute opus is the sound of Apocalyptic Noisecore, and it will simply devastate you. Unmissable.

CD FUBAR “Lead us to war” (Nl) 8.90 Euros

New album, 22 hymns of Grindcore, pissed off and fast!!! Don’t miss their new great opus!

CD GRIEF “Come to grief” (US) 8.90 Euros

Classic sludge/doom release, Come To Grief. Originally released in 1994, reissue features expanded artwork and an unreleased track the band recorded for a horror movie.

CD IDIOTS PARADE “Idiotsgraphy” (Sk) 9.90 Euros

Complete Discography. 12 pages booklet Lyrix + Pix. 47 songs of Grind Fastcore Violence. Female fronted fastcore band from Zvolen, Slovakia ------- NEW BONES BRIGADE RECORDS Release!!!!

CD ISIS “Oceanic” (US) 9.90 Euros

Second Album, Post Sludge Metal Hardcore. 2002. Ipecac Recordings.

Digipack ISIS “Oceanic” (US) 15 Euros

Second Album, Post Sludge Metal Hardcore. 2002. Ritual Records. (Jap Limited Version)

Japanese pressing Comes in a digipak with additional insert and Obi strip.

CD ISIS “The red sea” (US) 9.90 Euros

An expansion of the sound pioneered on their previous release Mosquito Control, this EP offers a slight evolution toward the direction Isis would begin to take with their first full length.

Digipack ISIS “Panopticon” (US) 15 Euros

Japanese Special Edition with an enhanced video and digipak packaging.

MCD ISIS “The mosquito control” (US) 7.50 Euros

First studio, released in 1998 by Escape Artist. The piece runs fluently through all 29 minutes, and all four songs are linked through consistent bouts of chaos.

CD ISIS “Panopticon” (US) 9.90 Euros

Released by Ipecac Recordings in 2004. A trajectory of post-metal, achieved by heightened use of melody and clean vocals.

Double CD ISIS “Oceanic / Remixes and Reinterpretations” (US) 13,00 Euros

A 2004 compilation of remixes by various artists of songs from Isis' 2002 album Oceanic.

Digipak KYLESA “Ultraviolet” (US) 9.90 Euros

Melodic, Dark & Intense new Album, for Fans of BARONESS, MASTODON & NEUROSIS, LTD Edition Digipak First Press!

CD MARUTA “Forward into regression” (US) 8,90 Euros

Taking grindcore to the next level, surgically precise riffs, relentless speed, and volatile dissonance.

CD MASSACRA “Final Holocaust” (Fr) 8.90 Euros

1990 - One of the rare French Death Metal good band, An endless barrage of savage riffs, punctuated by numerous tempo changes and a direct drum attack!! Cult / Classic / Carnage

CD MISERY INDEX “The Killing Gods” (US) 10 Euros

New Album!!! Hyper fast, raging and angry new tracks!!! Think about DYING FETUS, HATE ETERNAL & CATTLE DECAPITATION.

Digipack NAUSEA “Crime against humanity” (US) 9.90 Euros

Grindcore classic re-issue, limited to 500 digipacks! High speed blasting with a slow, plodding heaviness that makes for an interesting intense ride.

Metal Box CD OUTLAW ORDER “Dragging down the enforcer” (US) 10 Euros

9 Tracks of Dirty Sludge to legalize crime, with Members of Eyehategod and Soilent Green.

3”MCD ROTTEN SOUND “Species at War” (Fin) 8.90 Euros

Ultra fast tracks!!! Furious and Total Blasting!! A Must of Grindcore!

CD SKITSYSTEM “Enkel resa till rannstenen” (Swe) 7.99 Euros

Originally released in November 2001, this classic record was recorded by Mieszko Talarzyk of NASUM, Pure dose of Pissed off fast Crust!!

Digipack SLAUGHTER “Meatcleaver” (Can) 9.90 Euros

One of the first thrash/death metal bands that started out in the early 1980’s that combined hardcore punk with screaming heavy
thrash and death metal. “Meatcleaver” was their first demo tape recorded in August 1984. Limited to 500.

CD TERRORIZER “Hordes of Zombies” (US) 8.90 Euros

3rd Album, Death Grind with the return of MORBID ANGEL frontman David Vincent on bass & Pete Sandoval on Drums!!!

Split CD VANCOUVER / ZATOKREV (100% Ch) 6.90 Euros

Both bands play great Post-Metal-Rock-Hardcore, for fans of Neurosis, Kill the Thrill…

7” EP

EP GENOCIDE PACT “Desecration” (US) 5.60 Euros

With members of D.O.C (US), Massive Death Metal who remind me Bolt Thrower with very Old School dark atmosphere, Early 90’s!! One time pressing of 500!!


Limited Blue Wax, No Compromises Grindcore Classic!


Masterpiece repress! Ultime Grindcore / German Fastcore. Limited yellow wax.

Split EP MOLOCH / HAGGATHA (UK/Can) 4.50 Euros

Two sludge heavy weights on one piece of vinyl. This split with two songs on it shows the diversity of the genre . Both bands operate on the doomy side of the spectrum, but have a distinctive sound.

EP PILLAGE “Demo” (US) 5,00 Euros

10 tracks of blistering fastcore/powerviolence rage!! Features current and former members of MK Ultra, Sick/Tired, Charles Bronson, Ruination, Los Crudos, Herds, Loser Life, and Punch In The Face.

Picture EP ROTTEN SOUND “Species at War” (Fin) 7.90 Euros

Ultra fast tracks!!! Furious and Total Blasting!! A Must of Grindcore! Limited Pic EP + Free MP3 Dropcard.

EP SLAG “s/t” (US) 5,00 Euros

Pure Blasting Grindcore from San Jose, Fast / Intense / Crushing. Mastered by Jay Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed).


A raw mix of Phobia and Assuck inspired grind with some crusty grooves and moshable breakdowns / hyperfast song in an almost Charles Bronson like way. The other song is a bit more midtempo with a Fingerprint.


12” LP & 10”

LP CANNABIS CORPSE “From wisdom to baked” (US) 12,50 Euros

New album, 90’s Florida Death Metal Style!! With Chris Barnes SIX FEET UNDER & Digestor of GHOUL as Guest!!!

With members of IRON REAGAN, MUNICIPAL WASTE etc… First Press LTD to 500!!!!! Excellent new songs!!!

LP RORT “Warpath” (Australia) 12 Euros

A kind of music mix between Bolt Thrower and Infest! Crushing guitars, neck-breaking blast beats, menacing vocals and unrelenting hardcore violence. Great and surprising mix of Hardcore, Death Metal and Grind!!


Tape + Zine IMPETIGO “Faceless” (US) 10.90 Euros

Zine A5 / 16 Pages Limited to 500.  + Badge and magnet.  The cassette tape was reproduced as close as possible to the original "Faceless" who was released from Wild Rags of US in 1991. Gore Grind Death Metal cult band! SEALED and Well Packed!!!


Limited to 100 copies edition, including two bonus tracks: studio and live cover versions of NASUM's "Blinded" Total Grind!


DVD CAVE IN “Antennavized” (US) 9.90 Euros

Live Performances from London’s Monarch Club, Videos, Slide Show; Exclusive audio bonus track.

« on: September 06, 2014, 03:12:13 PM »


- JESUS CROST 's new album "1986" is out on Digisleeve, Limited to 500 copies, no more, no less, no repress! This album offer us the best mix of Slamming Death Metal and Fastcore Violence.
Also available on 12"LP ltd to 500.


- IDIOTS PARADE 's Discography on compact disc under press right now!!!
call "Idiotsgraphy"...
Will contains 47 tracks … including 4 cover songs, 12 pages booklet (lyrix and pix)
OUT 22nd September.

- Split 7" COKE BUST / DESPISE YOU -They are working on new songs: a split 7" on A389 Recordings in the USA and Bones Brigade records in Europe!

- !!!NEWS From LEEDS!!!
THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN are close to put a final point to their new album, recordings done and art design almost finish, Bones Brigade Records is very excited to put this new album out on LP in cooperation with Dead Heroes Rec. More news soon…

Thanx for reading & your interest on the bands and label's news.

Metal / New JESUS CROST 12"LP "1986" OUT NOW
« on: July 02, 2014, 04:47:19 PM »
     JESUS CROST "1986" LP12"
     OUT NOW!!

The perfect mix of Slamming Death in the vein of Cephalotripsy and Stop & Go Power Violence in the vein of Yacopsae!! Incredible!!

Available now on (limited press quantity) at:


Metal / Weekend Nachos / Insect Warfare / Yacopsae etc... NEWS!!
« on: June 13, 2014, 04:56:19 PM »

Bonjour Everybody,
Just to inform you that soon will be out the 12"LP of the new JESUS CROST, you can listen to 1 new song there:
Crazy new album, like the perfect mix of Cephalotripsy & Yacopsae!! This new album is a bomb of violence!

Also here the new list of great records we received, all availale at:

Compact Disc

CD BRUCE X CAMPBELL “We are all Kamikaze” (Can) 7.99 Euros
Brutal zombie grind crushing band !! between Dahmer and Insect Warfare!!!

Split CD IN DISGUST / P.L.F. (US) 7.99 Euros
2010 In Disgust / P.L.F. split!! Killer!!!

MCD MAGRUDERGRIND “Crusher” (US) 4.99 Euros
Pure Blasting Grindcore Violence + 1 Sludge song. Don’t miss!!

CD Digipack PICK YOUR SIDE “Let me show you how democracy works” (Can) 7.99 Euros
Featuring members of Haymaker, Left For Dead, and Fuck The Facts. Political style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, crust, grindcore, and powerviolence.

CD QUATTRO STAGIONI “Discography 1998-2008” (Ger) 7.99 Euros
The complete Discography, Pure Grinding Power Violence!! A Must!

CD WAKE “False” (Can) 8.99 Euros
Tight, diverse, ardent, and heavy FALSE is a direct injection of fantastic grind.

CD WEEKEND NACHOS “Punish and Destroy / Torture” (US) 7.99 Euros
First album + ep on CD, 45 songs of Power Fastcore!

Double CD YACOPSAE “Discoregraphy” (Ger) 15 Euros
149 tracks! The final collection of all their out of print vinyl stuff , compilation tracks, demo/ rehearsal and live recordings (including lots of previously unreleased/ rare material from the early days).

7” EP

EP BACKSLIDER “Maladapted” (US) 4.50 Euros
Pure Fastcore , crushing break parts!! For Fans of Weekend Nachos!

A Must have a your Grincore Classic Collectiobn!! Fast and Powerful!!!!!

Split 5” POWERCUP / SUFFERING MIND (Can/Pol) 4 Euros
NoisyGrindMinceCore / Political Grindcore anger.

Split EP WAKE / REHASHED (100% Can) 5 Euros
Punk/thrash group that has previously released a full length album and WAKE an intense metallic, hardcore-fused grind!!

Split EP WAKING THE DEAD / D.F.C. (Nl/Bra) 5 Euros
Fast & loud crossover/thrash mayhem stuff early DRI, Suicidal Tendencies fans. This is D.I.Y. thrash punk not bloody fucking stars !!

12” LP & 10”

Split LP BLOODRED BACTERIA / BASTARD NOISE “From Zero To Hero And Blackwards - Collab.” 10 Euros
Both bands share one track with a cross-over-fade in the middle to switch from Bloodred Bacteria to Bastard Noise. 1-sided 12" 45rpm with a silk-screening on the b-side. HC/Grind melts with massive skull electronics. Ltd Edition First time on Vinyl.

LP COLUMN OF HEAVEN “Ecstatically embracing all that we habitually suppress” (Can) 10 Euros
Demo LP, Limited Edition, Ex-The Endless Blockade members, Blasts of harsh noise and brutal hardcore Power Violence!!!  A Must!!

Split LP ROBOCOP / DETROIT (100% US) 12 Euros
Two bands that are releasing the harsh reality of music and noise on the unsuspecting victims of today's music followers. they combine a onslaught of noise, powerviolence to produce some blasting combinations. A Must!

Check their FaceBook Update!!!!

Metal / Cool price CD, News for your collection: LDOH, Yacopsae...
« on: May 15, 2014, 12:44:55 PM »

Available at http://grindshop.bonesbrigaderecords.com/

Compact Disc

CD AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE “Relief” (Aussie) 8.99 Euros

Awesome new album! One of the most crazy Tortured Grind in Australia, for fans of Discordance Axis, Narcosis etc…

Split CD AUTORITAR / WARSORE (Aussie/ger) 7.99 Euros

Cult Split 10“ repress on Split CD, between fast crust and uncompromising Grindcore!!

Digipack EIBON “II” (Fra) 7.99 Euros

Two massive twenty-minutes tracks where EIBON refine their very own vision of slow and painful music.

CD EXCRUCIATING TERROR “Expression of Pain” (US) 8.99 Euros

Grindcore album  Masterpiece!! Classic, legend, cult…! + extra unreleased Live tracks!!

CD FEASTEM “Avaritia humanae” (Swe/Fin) 7.99 Euros

Ultra fast grindcore with energic breaks down attack!!, awesome album!

CD Digisleeve GRIDLINK “Longhena” (US) 7.99 Euros

Tortured Ultra Fast Math Grind! With Bryan on drums from Kill The Client, Phobia etc…

CD HATRED SURGE “Collection 2008-2009” (US) 8.99 Euros

The 2nd collection . Contains all tracks from the DECONSTRUCT 12 and both the ISOLATED HUMAN 7"  & the 2 track SERVANT/BESTIAL 7". FastcoreGrind.

CD HUMAN CULL “Stillborn Nation” (UK) 7.99 Euros

Very good Grindcore!! From raging riffs to good fast energy!


Old-School Grindcore / Grind’N’Roll / Apocalyptic Grind.

MCD INFECTED SOCIETY “Get Infected” (Fra) 5.99 Euros

Sick “right in your face” Grindcore!! Incl. Napalm Death and Pantero cover song.

3”MCD K.S.K. “Bounecore from tha hood” (Ger) 5.99 Euros

German thrashcore freaks with new CD!!! 17 songs of pure dirty thrashing core!!! For fans of INFEST, YACOPSAE…

Double CD LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY “-Since 1989 – Rest in Gore” (Nl) 15 Euros

Almost 160 minutes of brutal fast old school goregrind!!! Contains: -128 songs -28 unreleased songs -Complete new art work

Complete discography till 2014 -All 7" EP's and demo's –sticker.

CD MACHETAZO “Live at CBGB” NYC (Spa) 7.99

CD version of the limited vinyl pressing released two years ago by Black Mass Records.

Live recordings at the legendary CBGB club in NYC. Outstanding sound quality! 15 songs plus MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM covers.

CD MASSGRAV “Napalm over stureplan” (Swe) 7.99 Euros

Furious, pissed off, ass kicking Scandi-thrash-grind, 27 songs of a non-stop barrage of ripping guitars, crazed drumming, and seething vocals.

CD MASSGRAV “This war will be won by meat eaters” (Swe) 7.99 Euros

20 new songs of hyper pissed Swedish hardcore grind thrash, including a Limp Wrist cover.

Digisleeve CD MONSTERS! Compilation 7,99 Euros

With: Total Fucking Destruction / Dept of Correction, C.O.A.G. Miserable Failure, Unsu, Infected Society.

CD NASHGUL “Obey” (Spa) 7.99 Euros

“Obey”compiles songs from the splits with P.L.F. and MALPRACTICE INSURANCE plus some previously unreleased ones.

CD NOLENTIA “May the hand that holds the match…” (Fra) 7,99

Intense and dark Grindcore, clear, tight and powerfull Grind!!

Double-CD PACTUM “Sucubo m.o.d.l.” (Mex) 10 Euros

Full Discography, 2 albums, 1 demo and 2 EP!! Dark Black Death, Cult!!

Very well designed, inner sleeve, lyrics etc..

CD P.L.F. “Ultimate Whirlwindof Incineration” (US) 8.99 Euros

Fourth and new album, turbo drums and pure violent attacks of riffs.

CD SPLITTER “Avskrackande exemplar” (Fin) 7.99 Euros

Fast right to the point Grindcore, in the vein of Nasum.


With: Weekend Nachos, Kill The Client, Spoonful of Vacodin, Insect Warfare, Magrudergrind, Maruta, Total Fucking Destruction, Brutal Truth…etc…14 Bands!!!

CD TODAY IS THE DAY “in the eyes of god” (US) 7,99 Euros

Harsh vocals, sudden changes in feel, and -- most importantly -- crashing, clanging guitar riffs that bludgeon the listener!

CD YACOPSAE “Tanz, Grosny, Tanz…” (Ger) 7.99 Euros

Back in stock, Stop and Go Power Grinding Violence, A Must!

7” EP

Split EP Fanzine COMMUNAL GRAVE N°2 (written in English)

7” with Yacopsae / Slight  Slappers, Both bands uncompromised PowerViolence + Fanzine with Gride Tour Report + TFD / Idiots Parade Tour Report + Despise You Summer Euro Tour 2013 Tour Report, Backslider interview etc…

Split EP FATAL NUNCHAKU / xKATExMOSHx (Fra/Ita) 4.50 Euros

Orange Wax, Grindcore vs Fastcore, very good split!!!

Split EP HEMDALE / DOUBLED OVER (US/…) 4,99 Euros

Pure Gory Grind Madness!!! Finally something gore and good!! Hemdale is back!!! / Old School Grindcore savage.

12” LP & 10” [/b]

10” HORSE BASTARD “Giraffetermath” (uk) 8 Euros

Intense Grind Violence, unsane vocal!!  Fast Fast Fast!!!Crazy huge energy!! A Must!!

Picture LP LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY “Hymns of indigestible suppuration” (Nl) 12 Euros

Gore Grind Classic repress on picture!! So good, still!!!

Cassette / Tape


Limited to 100 copies edition, including two bonus tracks: studio and live cover versions of NASUM's "Blinded" Total Grind!

Metal / NEW LIST: New price!!!!!!!!!
« on: March 31, 2014, 09:07:57 PM »

All items available at www.bonesbrigaderecords.com -> GrindShop


Compact Disc


CD AFGRUND “Corporatocracy” (Swe/Fin) 7,99 Euros

"Corporatocracy" is the follow up to last year's "The Age of Dumb" from this harsh and Grindcore crew.and cover songs of Splattered Cadavers (Repulsion), Shadows (Nasum), The Nightmare Continues (Discharge).


Split CD AGUIRRE / GUEVNNA (Fra/Jap) 6,99 Euros

New sludge tracks from Bordeaux / New ex-Coffins singer Ryo’s band! Expect Slow Doom Darkness!


Double CD COFFINS “Ancient Torture” (Jap) 12 Euros

A definitive collection of Coffins split releases, compilation and vinyl only track. Features stunning artwork and layout by Mark and Mike Riddick. Ultime Doom Death.


CD COFFINS “Buried Death” (Jap) 7,99 Euros

On their 3rd album (recorded in 2008) Tokyo-Japan’s Coffins are firmly established as the underground’s leading  purveyors of Neanderthal paced Doomed Death Metal!!


CD COKE BUST “Confined / Anthology” (US) 5.99 Euros

Pissed off Blasting Hardcore! New songs of pure energy boost!
and split and ep tracks as bonus!


CD MACABRE “Gloom” (US) 7,99 Euros

Classic Reissue, 21 (+ 6 bonus ) tracks of pure Madness!!! Call it Grind, Punk, Hardcore… whatever!!! It’s Psycho violence in your face!!!


CD MACABRE “Grim reality” (US) 7.99

Classic by Chicago’s most notorious band MACABRE….originally released in 1987!!!


CD MAYHEM “De mysteriis dom satanas / Deathcrush” (Nor) 7,99 Euros

Black Metal Classic!


Split CD MORBID / MAYHEM (Nor) 7,99 Euros

Black Metal Classic!


Digipack NAUSEA “Crime against humanity” (US) 10 Euros

Grindcore classic re-issue, limited to 500 digipacks! High speed blasting with a slow, plodding heaviness that makes for an interesting intense ride.


CD PHOBIA “Remnants of Flesh” (US) 7,99 Euros

New Album, Pure Anger, Pure hate, Pure Grind!! This is a masterpiece of Pissed off core!!!


CD PHOBIA “22 Random acts of violence” (US) 7,99 Euros

Classic of fastness!!! Grinding riffs and raging vocals!


CD PHOBIA “Cruel” (US) 7,99 Euros

Back in stock!! Grind Classic!!!


CD SATYRICON “The Shadowthrone” (Nor) 7,99 Euros

Black Metal classic!


Double CD SIGH “Scorn Defeat” (Jap) 12 Euros

As a double-CD comes the classic Sigh “Scorn Defeat” album in top sound (re-mastered) with the "Requiem for Fools” EP and the songs from their split with Kawir on the first disc added as extra, the second CD has Sigh’s compilation tracks and their demos. This is an album any self-respecting black metal fans should own.


CD SKITSYSTEM “Enkel resa till rannstenen” (Swe) 7,99 Euros

Originally released in November 2001, this classic record was recorded by Mieszko Talarzyk of NASUM, Pure dose of Pissed off fast Crust!!



7” EP


Split EP DYSMORFIC / DEATH ON/OFF (100% Ita) 4 Euros

Sick Grindcore Anger! /  Fast Old School Grind!!



12” LP & 10”


Split LP AGUIRRE / GUEVNNA (Fra/Jap) 10 Euros

New sludge tracks from Bordeaux / New ex-Coffins singer Ryo’s band! Expect Slow Doom Darkness!

CD Version on Bones Brigade Records.



Pic LP COFFINS “Sacrifice to evil spirit” (Jap) 12 Euros

Limited Picture version.


LP NARCOSIS “Heart slows down” (UK) 10 Euros

Math-Grind fury!! Back in stock, Lp from 2001, the last chance to complete your Narcosis collection


Split LP Gatefold TEETHING / RAVAGE RITUAL (Spa/fin) 10 Euros

Fast old School Grind /  Sludgy-Breakdown and Ultra Fast Hardcore-Grind, Awesome split!

if you need more details, informations etc..
please use: [email protected]

Metal / Bones Brigade Records News
« on: April 08, 2013, 09:34:44 AM »
Everything is available on http://www.bonesbrigaderecords.com  to the GRINDSHOP!!!

Compact Disc

CD BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA “2007-2010” (US) 10 Euros
Discography cd with Split 10”, Split 7”, compilation tracks etc…! Hardcore Grind!!
CD GOUT “s/t” (UK) 7 Euros
Moshing Beat Down Gore Grind, very good first release.
CD MASSGRAV “This war will be won by meat eaters” (Swe) 10 Euros
20 new songs of hyper pissed Swedish hardcore grind thrash, including a Limp Wrist cover.
CD SEVERE TORTURE “Slaughtered” (Nl) 10 Euros
New Album!! More brutal, eclectic and darker than ever, "Slaughtered" will blow you away!
CD TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION “Peace, Love and total fucking destruction” (US) 10 Euros
Second suffocating and asphixiating dark and totally insane full-length album by Brutal Truth's Richard Hoak's monster!

7” EP

Mince core!!! Polks beats, d-beats, scissor beats, blast beats!! Early Agathocles / Grind Chaos.
Intense Grind Chaos / Raw and Massive Grind attack.
Slamming Grind / Crazy Grind a bit like Agoraphobic Nosebleed.
EP GOD’S AMERICA “Our bones will bleach in the sun” (US) 5.20 Euros
Devastating powerviolence/grind band from Las Vegas.
White vinyl, Ultra Fastcore / BlastViolence, Both bands offer us new killer tracks! A Must!
Last chance before it’s sold out!!!!!

Split EP THE KILL / THE COMMUNION (Australia / US) 4 Euros
Blast of anger & hate / Screamo Tortured Grind
EP TRIAC “…Always meant to hurt you” (US) 5.20 Euros
Baltimore’s TRIAC blast through four tracks of furious grindcore, Pure audio terrorism.
EP WEEKEND NACHOS “Black Earth” (US) 5.20 Euros
Crushing 4 tracks on this EP, 2 of which were later re-recorded for their 'Worthless' LP on Deep Six. Green Vinyl.
EP WEEKEND NACHOS “Watch you suffer” (US) 5.20 Euros
Limited Yellow Vinyl! Chicago's WEEKEND NACHOS are back with a brand new single!! NEW!!
12” LP & 10”
LP ARCHAGATHUS “Coffee Grinder” (Can) 10 Euros
14 tracks recorded between 2008 & 2011, Raw Mincing Grindcore!! Limited to 440 copies, hand numbered.
Heavy hardcore with the occasional blast beat, hearkens a 90's His Hero is Gone feel.
From Tokyo, Japan’s brutal grindcore blasters F.I.D.!!! These four women deal out insane grinding cyclone damage, think Assuck, Phobia and Insect Warfare!!!

10” GETS WORSE (Uk) 8 Euros
Fast Hardcore Power Violence from Leeds, with member of Joe Pesci and The Afternoon Gentlemen. Very Good!!!
Purple Vinyl Wax.

LP GORGUTS “From Wisdom to Hate” (Can) 12 Euros
Groundbreaking technical death metal from Montreal. First time ever on vinyl.
Blasting raw hardcore blaze-ups, fastcore tinges with breakneck speed / Blasting, in-your-face, raw, angry and real hardcore punkrock.
Yellow Clear Vinyl, Gore Grind live recordings and studio for N.V. Limited to 322 copies, hand numbered.
Gatefold LP LEFT FOR DEAD “Devoid of Everything” (Can) 12 Euros
Left For Dead's entire studio recorded-remastered output from 1996-1997. Ultra Fast Hardcore. Gatefold cover with additional lyrics insert.
LP MASACRE “Imperio Del Terror” (Col) 10 Euros
Limited to 300 Copies, Hand Numbered, demo 1989 repress + rehersal 1988 + Indeit Version. Comes with an insert.
Gatefold LP PICK YOUR SIDE “Let me show you how Democracy works” (Can) 12 Euros
Fast heavy pissed off hardcore that sounds like everything  you'd hope it sounded like. ex-and-present members of Haymaker, Fuck the Facts
LP SICK FIX “Vexed” (US) 12 Euros
Washington DC's straight edge power Hardcore  Debut LP "Vexed" comes loaded with twelve tracks of fast and crushing, pissed off
female fronted hardcore played by members of Magrudergrind / Coke Bust / Lotus Fucker / D.O.C. etc.


Tape ALDEBARAN “Embracing the Lightless Depths” (US) 5 Euros
Mighty and most important death/doom metal bands today. The heaviest and most searing work they’ve delivered.


T-Shirt LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER “Extincion” 10 Euros
L Size only - 1 side printed. black shirt.