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Interzone / Afghanistan: Family Values
« on: June 09, 2008, 01:54:05 PM »
OK, so I have a SAC (School Assessed Coursework) for year 12 English. It's on the Kite-Runner and the question I've chosen to address is basically about father-son relationships. What I want to do for today is have a look into Afghan family values concerning the relation ship between son and father or even just child and parent. If anyone knows a bit about this, or can direct me to a good internet resource, I would be very grateful :D

Interzone / Diocletian
« on: June 09, 2008, 01:18:47 PM »
This is one of my favourite new metal bands. They can be most accurately described as 'war metal' (in the vein of the Ross Bay stuff) but have far more direction and content than Conqueror or Revenge. I'd love to claim that they're from Australia but they are actually from New Zealand :)

Anyway, I've dug up some links, here's what I could find (Decimator is my favourite):

http://www.axifile.com/?5251477 - Demo 05
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WBSABEJE - Decimator
http://rapidshare.com/files/110101328/Diocletian-Sect_of_Swords-EP-Vinyl-2008_the_cleanser_metalarea.org.rar - Sect of Swords

Also, I posted a Morbid Darkness thread in the audofile section that's been deleted, how come?

Metal / Dark Millennium
« on: June 09, 2008, 12:30:22 PM »
This is some obscure German death metal that I've been listening to recently. The band was active around 90-96 and released a demo and a few good albums. It's melodic and very atmospheric, but you wouldn't call it melodeath. The vocals are very similar to John Tardy or early Chuck Schuldiner. I can't really describe it much more, but you should listen for yourself. If you like death or doom metal, you'll like this:

Ashore the Celestial Burden (full length):

The Apocryphal Wisdom (demo):

both passwords are www.thrashmageddon.com

I put it here instead of the audiofile section because I wanted a discussion on the band.

I'd like to ask here also why every thread I click returns an error, and seeing as this thread will do the same when I click it, if you know the answer please PM it to me :)

Interzone / Allow me to introduce myself
« on: June 09, 2008, 12:14:47 PM »
I am MorbidInvasion. But please read this post before you decide whether or not I can stay here.

I signed up as MorbidInvasion with the sole intention of 'trolling' this forum, but while doing so, I found that this place:

a) is not 'as bad' as what I thought originally
b) there is a good amount of metal knowledge here and good metal discussion

And now, instead of trolling, I want to participate in the discussion. I am not a nihilist, and I don't align myself with the hessian movement, but I'm going to respect those who are/do. What I want to do is discuss music, without trying to sound arrogant, I reckon I have a pretty extensive knowledge of extreme metal and could bring alot to the table.

So, in short:

Apologies to all for my 'invasion' of this forum, and I want now to discuss music without, as Satan is my Stewardess put it, 'being a dick'. If that's alright with you, Mr. Administrator, whoever you are :D