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Interzone / On becoming a better king
« on: March 28, 2014, 10:18:54 PM »
I have noticed in myself that sometimes when I discuss online, I am egotistical in that I enjoy the thrill and power of making normals squirm in discomfort when I unleash difficult truths.

I am of course not suggesting that I cease being a social reject -- that I will always be. I am merely suggesting that I end my egotistical activity of over-indulging in the thrill of holding taboo opinions, values, and goals.

What character deficiencies have you noticed in yourself?

Interzone / On the function of art
« on: March 22, 2014, 10:58:09 PM »
... we find (among others) the Academics, like William-Adolphe Bouguereau. This is from the wow-I-can-definitely-see-what-it-depicts-but-it’s-boring-me-to-tears school of art. It has no urgency. Great art is almost by necessity always inspired by personal experience in the world and time we live in. Trying to remove yourself from it will turn the art into stories about virtually nothing. And that’s what we see in Bouguereau. An artist trained in the old school, with all the craft of tradition but none of the spirit gained from experience. That experience doesn’t need to be one of terror, but giving an artwork weight demands an ability to pick up what is going on around you and inside you. And we are not talking socio-political particularities here, but an existential understanding. What does it mean to be human during this time and this place?


When I was younger, I agreed with this article. I thought Bouguereau was a very talented picture maker, but ultimately a boring, pointless artist. (I also thought that Bach was boring music.)

Now that I'm older, and by that I don't mean softer, but on the contrary, harder, more disciplined, more perceptive, and more experienced, I have changed my mind.

Now I find Bouguereau one of my favorite painters (and Bach one of my favorite composers) and can't help but find this old DLA/DMU article a rather naive, superficial view of the function of art in general and the nature of Bouguereau's paintings in particular.

Again, I definitely personally understand where the author was coming from though, and no disrespect is intended toward him, merely disagreement.

In my opinion, Bouguereau was neither purely-mechanical-photorealism nor was he Thomas Kinkade-esque pretty stories.

His paintings do in fact carry a lot of urgency, and on two levels:

(1) When nearly everyone was being hip and rebelling against traditional drawing and painting methods, Bouguereau, Ingres, and a rare few others were maintaining them

(2) When nearly everyone was being hip and rebelling against traditional painting subjects, Bouguereau and a rare few others were upholding them

The author of the article correctly notes that great art should not be (or at least, need not be) mere sociopolitical commentary (as even the least propaganda-like of it is transient and vain), but then makes the error that Bouguereau has no personal, subjective, existential import in the here and now.

This is a gross ignorance of the power of metaphor and myth. Bouguereau paintings are laden with metaphysical and psychological symbolic and allegoric power, and these principles most definitely apply to the existential experience of the individual by their nature of being eternal verities. What could be of more weight than that which is everywhere and everywhen true?

But coming down from the clouds, even those of you readers skeptical of perennial "Truths" cannot deny the romanticist themes in Bouguereau, in his treatment of nature, youth, senses, and emotions. And yet even in this more down-to-earthiness, Bouguereau does not fall into the egodrama of self-expression or of merely illustrating "what is going on around you and inside you". Instead, he shows patterns of life and experience which any intelligent and noble soul can relate to: the loss of virginity and virtue, the longing for a better world, the joy of friendship and kinship, the mystery of the past, the complexities of love, the majestic yet simple beauty of nature, and much more.

I can never be sure whether I am merely projecting qualities onto Bouguereau that aren't there. That possibility aside, what I can be sure of is that, as I have aged (only 26 years old, but nonetheless), I have found that we too often over complicate things in life, perhaps as a nervous distraction, a way to entertain ourselves, a way to escape and avoid facing the fact that maybe, just maybe, the answers to the deep questions of life are a lot more simple than we think, and that we merely have not yet found the courage to face them and accept their implications, for it would mean an end to nearly all of our thought and activity, as nearly all of it is in vain (not merely in the sense of never comparing to the Eternal and Infinite, but also in the simple sense of never even living up to our own highest personal visions and values for ourself).

Now, when viewing art, whether it be a Bouguereau painting, a Bach concerto, a Sacramentum album, or an Incantation album, I simply ask myself: is it beautiful, and does it make me want to live a beautiful life?

Interzone / How to win in life
« on: November 02, 2013, 08:13:20 AM »
Listen kid,

There is no Plan B in life. Back up plans are not real. They are for people who don't actually have any plans. A plan is something you are going to actually follow, actually execute, actually accomplish. An idyllic delusion is anything else.

If you want to be a movie actor, are you going to work some boring but comfortable job just in case it doesn't work out? Or are you going to tell people you love them and goodbye, move your ass to Hollywood, get a day job no matter how uncomfortable (the more uncomfortable the better, actually), and then study acting for at least ten hours a week and start auditioning at least every other weekend?

If you want to become the next J. R. R. Tolkien, are you going to whine and complain your whole life about how modern novel writers have no spirit and how modern novel readers have no taste but do absolutely nothing about it working your boring but comfortable job that you "had" to fall back on because you thought it was "not worth it" to write your epic novel? Or are you going to do something about the sorry state of literature and the sorry tale of your life, and spend at least twenty hours a week writing your novels not giving a damn if no one ever reads it but doing it simply because it is the right thing to do and because it is what will make you happy in the long run?

Conventional wisdom says you should just have a Plan B just in case chasing your dream doesn't work out. Well, conventional wisdom, for one, isn't wisdom, and two, is for conventional people. But you're different. You're not going to give up on yourself just yet. At least, I hope you're not.

You see, when you have a burning desire and you give up all distractions and all pessimism and all cynicism (not in the classical sense but the modern sense of the word) and all apathy and all wimpy excuses and go for it no matter how many times you embarrassingly fail on the way to it, you will eventually succeed. Don't believe me? Then don't. I don't care. It's not me it's harming. It's only you. It's your ambition you are throwing away. You murderer. You sick fuck. A psychopath killing lives is not as bad as you killing your own Life Itself.

But even though you are sick, you need not feel guilty or ashamed or bad. It is not your fault, entirely. Your society and environment has contributed to your pathetic attitude and behavior. However, even though that is true, that does not absolve you of personal responsibility. It is still up to you and you only to get up and make shit happen. Just because your spiritual and mental sickness is not your fault and just because you are not a sinner does not mean you are some morally perfect angel entitled to do nothing. You are a man and you need to do everything you can to find your cure.

That is why I did not only call you sick but also called you a sick fuck. I am here to offend you. I am here to piss you off. Not because I want you to enter some paroxysm of self-hatred, but because I like you and I want you to have the energy and drive to get something done for once. Getting shit done without excuses, without procrastinating.

I don't want you to listen to my "advice" right here in this writing, I want you to listen to your Inner Self and follow your True Purpose in life and use your God-Given Abilities. If you're still reading this, you're still not getting it. You don't need to listen to me. You don't need motivation. Motivational writing and speeches are poison. Ignore them. All you need is to go inside yourself. That is how you will find the clarity and tranquility and strength and bravery to do something outside yourself. So go for it.

Give up all your other OK or good plans and go for the one and only great one. Don't settle. Be a radical. Be an extremist. Even if it takes you a decade or more. Don't tell me you have kids. Having kids is not an excuse to give up on your dreams. Just the opposite. Your kids are looking up to you and are watching you and hoping with all their heart that you get back to following your dream, because then they have a model of how to follow their own.

No excuses. Give everything else up and go for it. If you want to become a school principal, do it. If you want to become a chef, do it. If you want to start a business manufacturing winter jackets, do it. If you want to be a musician, do it. If you want to be a wise man, do it. If you burn all other bridges, pass the point the point of no return, and take the leap of faith (and I don't just mean figuratively, I mean literally), then you cannot fail. It is not possible to fail.

If you try to preserve your life you will lose it. But if you give up your life to God you will gain it and more.

Uncle Tim

Metal / Preview of concept album tracing nine civilizations
« on: August 12, 2012, 02:55:41 PM »
You've taught me a lot.

Goin' now.

Will be back in 3 - 5 years with some recorded material for ya'll to critique.


Stopping by to leave an early preview. Our first song, "Atlantis", is more or less complete. Computer program rough draft instrumentals only (not final recording):


Concept album on nine cities/civilizations/cultures throughout history (and mythology). Objectively traces the rise, apex, hubris, and fall of (and subjectively immerses in intense and dramatic detail) the Assyrian, Greek, Roman, Mongol, Egyptian, Persian, Ottoman, Norse, and of course, Atlantis. Meant for new listeners of metal: beginner heavy metal (more advanced black metal album to follow... in several years...). A little boring and very amateur at this stage, but we are brand new to this game. Still pushing past hobby to professional metal (while starting a full-time business / finishing grad school / finishing a novel -.-). We need a couple more years. Hope you enjoy the preview and please do leave critique and insult. Might have an actually finished preview in a few months. 'Til then...


« on: April 16, 2012, 12:53:53 AM »



Interzone / Cultural disintegration
« on: January 31, 2012, 02:26:44 PM »
Right now the manufacture of mass [consumer, mallcondo] culture imposes a thin shell of cultural similarity across English-speaking North America, but even that is under strain as subcultures use the decentralizing power of today's communications and move more boldly in their own [possibly more sane, possibly more wise] directions.

The end of the industrial age will bring down [most of] the Internet, but it will also play taps for the technologies that make mass culture possible.

In the bubbling cauldron of a future North America, today's cultural initiatives will fuse with older traditions, imports from abroad, and new movements in ways we can't imagine today.

The loss of political unity and the end of easy long-distance travel will make the rise of new local and regional cultures certain.

- John Michael Greer, The Ecotechnic Future: Envisioning a Post-Peak World

Old doors close, but new ones open.

Old powers fall, but in their absence, leave room for potentiality -- the potential for even greater powers.


Interzone / The Dictatorship of the Intelligent
« on: November 22, 2011, 12:20:15 AM »
"In case there is doubt as to what an intellectual is, here is a working definition. An intellectual is one who has an active, searching, reasoning mind. He is secure in the confidence that he can function through his own ability. He doesn't seek security in having a lot of uniformed robots marching at his bidding. He may be wealthy but through his own abilities and not through the deprivation or exploitation of others. Nor does he need the worship and support of fearful suckers.

The intellectual is the brain of every stable system where intelligence is appreciated. But he becomes an endangered species after the collapse of his system and its takeover by political or religious tyrants. Unfortunately, a system's collapse is usually followed by a takeover by political or religious fanatics who feel most secure in an atmosphere of ignorance.

So the collapse of our system will be a real danger to the surviving intellectuals. If the growing lunatic fringe should gain power, the True Believers will liquidate anyone who can read without moving his lips.

Intelligent people have three basic reasons for preparing to survive. The first, of course, is survival itself. The second is to prevent domination by the kind of religious and political fanatics even now preparing their own kind to take over. The third, and most important, is to rebuild on the ruins and to establish the Dictatorship of the Intelligentsia.

The term may have some offensive connotations. However wouldn't dictatorship by scholars and scientists be preferable to dictatorship by fools and another Dark Age?

One might ask what kind of system would be established. But that would be the wrong question. It really wouldn't"t matter. The idea is to upgrade our species by eliminating the parasites and predators. Without them, with only well-motivated, intelligent citizens, a system of order and liberty will evolve naturally.

Nor should anyone imagine rounding up millions of defectives and doing away with them. The great majority of the underclass will die in the chaos. Then it will only be a matter of sterilizing those parasites and killing those predators left, as they show themselves for what they are, thereby eventually ridding our species of it's underclass.

Now is the time to prepare for the greatest social breakthrough in history. Now is your chance to help inaugurate the next step in the evolution of human civilization.

There has never before been such an opportunity. But if the usual kind of Power Elite gains a foothold after the collapse, the chance may never come again. This is the first time in history the machinery has been in place for intelligent people worldwide to be in contact. With the Internet, CompuServe, computer bulletin boards, etc., the people of intellect can organize, prepare and consolidate."

- Kurt Saxon

The guy is a closet homosexual, but a lot (but not all) of what he said is awesome and is the truth.

Read the entire article here.

Interzone / Like the DLA but for painting
« on: November 14, 2011, 12:03:17 PM »
These critics like to say Bouguereau's work is really only derivative, harking back to earlier artists. Only in the 20th century has such a thing ever been scorned. To this I have one thing to say:


That's one of the core beliefs of modernism that must be soundly vanquished by self-evident logical analysis. Nobody can accomplish anything of merit if they are in fact not derivative. Only by mastering the accomplishments of the past and then adding to it can we go still further. Every other field of endeavor recognizes this truth. Without the knowledge of the past we are doomed to everlasting primitivism.

And, as far as holding our works up to the old masters -- that's what we want to happen. If we are to accomplish things of true merit and excellence, we must germinate and nurture great masters in the next millennium too. Bouguereau was quite aware that his work would be compared on the altar of past accomplishments, as were his contemporaries. It was precisely because they mastered the techniques of the past, built upon them and opened them up to an avalanche of new subject matter and Enlightenment ideals, that they accomplished the greatest half-century of painting in art history.


An educational and interesting read.

Interzone / Practical skills for Hessians
« on: July 10, 2011, 10:58:20 PM »
I sit down, I reflect, and I find that...

... while I have an above-average understanding of many things...

... my practical skills are lacking, and my attitude is at times wanting.

I really want to improve myself in those areas.

The latter is just up to me, of course, but as for the former:

Any of you experienced and older (lolbaldinglol) Hessians recommend any "need-to-have" practical skills?

Thank you.

Interzone / An amateur artist's question about art
« on: April 08, 2011, 01:00:54 AM »
Being in love with a girl, knowing it's doomed, and yet knowing you want the experience of loss because only through that can you move on from love for love's sake, and on to knowing what you want to fit into the bigger picture. Abstraction rules art. You want to take something specific, put it half into context, show us every essence of the experience of it, and then put it fully into context and make that context relate to the specific attributes of the something specific.



I would be most appreciative if somebody could further articulate / clarify ASBO's message there (particularly the part there that I italicized).

Thanks! :)

Metal / Listening to an album as a whole
« on: October 03, 2010, 05:11:52 AM »
Having listened to metal for several years now, I got into classical about a year ago (Respighi rules)... and am now noticing something I hadn't before: Rather than picking out favorite tracks, some metal albums are best listened to as a whole.

In the past, I had favorite tracks, but now... it seems best to turn off the lights, sit down on the floor, and let the whole album play as if it were one epic mind journey of a track. Have any of you experienced this? If so, what are good examples of albums like this?


Interzone / Alternatives to mindless pleasure
« on: June 26, 2010, 05:37:39 PM »
I thought of some loose ends on dopamine addiction. At the moment, through porn, games, and drugs, anyone in the industrialized world has the option to slide into unproductive pleasure. Without these technologies, some people can still do this, but only if they have very strong imaginations. In civilized culture, these are the "dreamers", and a few become great artists and philosophers. In primitive culture, these must be the people who become shamans.

Some questions: If you use your own imagination to self-administer dopamine, in what ways does this make you stronger than if you were to do the same thing with external tools? In industrial society, is it better to get pleasure through solitary daydreaming, than by engaging with other people in "useful" activities that are mostly harmful? Is there anything we get pleasure from anymore, that is unquestionably good? And now that everyone can get dopamine-addicted, how do we play the advantage of having a strong imagination?

- Ran Prieur

Porn? Don't need it because my girlfriend is amazing. Games? Play them with my siblings but not excessively. Drugs? Do them with close friends or alone but only once in a while.

Never thought I'd experience this personally, but recently being in touch with the "creative" and "interesting" people I knew in high school and college ("artists", "musicians", "thinkers"), most of them now:

* Have not been in a sexual relationship for over four years (what the fuck?)
* Play games or watch movies way too much
* Smoke weed every single day and become bored or irritated like little brats if the social night's agenda is something other than sitting around smoking weed
* Have produced little

This is not another "I'm / we're so well behaved and everyone else is going down hill!" thread. This is a "how do we have a social life if the people to socialize with are becoming bitter burnouts?" thread.

How do we get people to be constructive again? Am I expecting too much? Am I being too optimistic? Am I being too "liberal"? Time to start community events / organizations? Any thoughts?

Interzone / Resume Construction!
« on: November 28, 2009, 09:28:51 AM »
TL;DR: The focus of this forum should shift from (a) pointing fingers at people (whether pointing out each others' faults and fallacies or pointing out the crowd's ignorance and filth) to (b) pointing fingers at things (as in, to positive ideas and real life events, and to how those interested may participate); (a) is boring and moldy, (b) is interesting and fresh... and actually constructive.

* * *

Call me a loser, but I've been reading through these forums over the last two years. I have noticed a pattern.

- Every few months the user(s) death metal black metal, born for banning, ASBO, Conservationist, etc. types a longer post that points to, explains, and corrects bad attitudes / behaviors.
- Most of the replies are users essentially saying, "Yeah! I've noticed that too! Gosh, people really are stupid! Fuck crowds!"

This forum should be a construction site of energetic and intelligent workers, but is unfortunately an office of babies and baby sitters. Now, I'm just an ignorant youngster who contributes nothing here, but I think that pattern says a lot to the discerning reader. And if I may point to one bad attitude, I think a lot of users here wear the "good people are scarce" glasses at inappropriate times... actually, almost all the time. Consequently a lot of us don't trust each other.

So instead of an alliance of nerdy fuck-ups attempting to educate and motivate each other so we might accomplish something together... we remain a loose crowd of hyper-rational, hyper-defensive monkeys with excess free time, pointing to each others' trivial faults -or- agreeing with each other on how fucked up things are, then doing nothing but finding more things to agree about.

... Guys... come on... let's turn this forum's discussions into What If's and How To's. Let's share wondrous visions and instructions to manifest them. Let's be dreamers and doers (albeit with a healthy dose of realism / nihilism / maturity, lest we devolve into politics and other intellectual junk food like that). Let's build!

Interzone / USA Suburbanite Turned Somalian King
« on: October 20, 2009, 03:22:31 PM »
I hope this doesn't make me vicarious, but if I'm understanding this story correctly, this is quite... well... inspiring:

Think of him as the accidental warlord. And a shard of hope. In less than a year, Mr. Aden, who was born in Somalia and emigrated to the United States at age 22, has essentially built a state within a state.

With money channeled from fellow clansmen living in the United States and Europe, he has transformed Adado and its surroundings in central Somalia, which used to be haunted by bandits and warring Islamic factions, into an enclave of peace, with a functioning police force, scores of new businesses, new schools and new rules.

Somalia is one of the most violent countries on the planet, and at times Mr. Aden has had to speak with the business end of a machine gun. His patch — which encompasses around 5,000 square miles and a few hundred thousand people, most of them desperately poor nomads and members of his own Saleban clan — is now one of the safest parts of this broken nation.


It did not hurt that Mr. Aden had a pipeline to overseas cash and a college degree from Minnesota State in management information systems. With the elders firmly behind him, he was able to form a well-armed police force of several hundred fellow clansmen who are fiercely protective of him — essentially his own private army, which has made it difficult for the extremist Islamists wreaking havoc in other parts of Somalia to establish a beachhead here.


Interzone / Questions on Individualism
« on: August 26, 2009, 02:39:14 PM »
"Immigration is a flashpoint for tribalist sentiments. Even the most open countries, like the U.S. and Canada, restrict immigration pretty radically. Some conservative nationalists in developed countries argue that allowing the “wrong kind” of immigrants in will destroy the cultural base of prosperity and good government in their country. So Japan only admits Japanese, for example. This view trades on a truth: that historically, the most progressive political institutions evolved in certain countries. In particular, liberty and capitalism colonized wide swaths of the world thanks the outmigration of British peoples in the 18th though 20th century. But few recall that the stalwart German stock of today’s Pennsylvanians were the untrustworthy krauts of yesteryear. The descendents of the Irish and Italians who were considered trash in the 19th century today provide the social bedrock of many cities in the Northeast U.S. All countries would be served by being open to new immigrants, who come to share their talents and exploit opportunities that natives neglect. We don’t know which groups will provide disproportionate numbers of talented, responsible people in a generation or two. What we do know is that a system of liberty and respect for the individual is our best hope of encouraging talent and responsibility in everyone we deal with."

- http://www.objectivistcenter.org/cth-32-2178-QandA_nationalism.aspx

Progressive toward what? But are Germans in Pennsylvania living better than they were in Germany? What about "brain drain"? Talented at what? Responsible to who? Is culture inherently against the individual's best interest?

Also, look at the pattern:

We erase culture (identities) and tear down castes (functions) so that the individual may move about freely, be who she wishes to be, do what she wishes to do... and what has happened at large? Most interesting! The individuals have actually created new cultures (though still under the hegemony of commercial / corporate interests) and higher IQ individuals have traveled to live with the higher IQ individuals, simply forming an international caste.

Furthermore, if the cultures and Nations of old oppressed the Other, then won't this new global alliance of Individuals oppress those who wish to live separately and in a different way?

I'm trying to go beyond the rhetoric and actually understand the argument... the intentions of why this all started, of how it all starts.

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