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Metal / Metal is Entertainment
« on: March 25, 2009, 02:16:46 PM »
This isn't so much a complaint with the forum itself but with what I've observed in the users. I think my biggest complaing has to be with the METULZ IS SRS BSNSS attitudes that proliferate here.  I know this site is devoted to "serious" appreciation of metal as art, but seriously, how serious can you get? At the end of the day metal, just as any artform, is entertainment. Yes, fucking entertainment, something people get enjoyment from after hours, unless you're a professional musician. When was the last time metal changed the world? When was the last time a metal musician or even a metal fan had anything important to say? "Well, in my view, yadda yadda yadda was blah blah's best album, the rest is just commercialized drivel and throwback speed metal." Good for you, I guess, but who gives a fuck, and why should anyone? As far as I'm concerned at the end of the day it's about getting something out of the music, regardless of what it is (Burzum, Slipknot, Hank Williams, Kidz Bop 5).

The whole (civilized; good luck living outside its constraints) world is one huge economic system. If you want to make a difference, excel at something in it and make a difference there. Start a business, become a politician, be a researcher, an inventor, anything that has to do with the real world and changing its face. "I'm a metal elitist and an internet troll, but I'm kind of a big deal, really" doesn't impress anybody. It really is about how you spend your limited time on this Earth and what you get done with it. If you're capable, you could come up with a technology that everyone in the world will start using and will change the way people live out their lives, or you could spend your time roving around metal bars (when was the last time you spotted a person you'd call a "leader" in one?), listening to albums and treating it all so very seriously, all the while having achieved nothing. It's up to you. It might seem inconceivable to a metal addict who devotes his time to little else but the world is full of things much, much more important than metal, which is pretty trivial, if not laughable really.

Metal / Varg Vikernes to be released from prison
« on: March 10, 2009, 02:28:20 AM »

Article is in Norwegian, but you should be able to infer what it says with a Google translation. Apparently he's going to live on a farm in Telemark with his wife and 18 year old son...