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Topics - tumours for TV stars

Interzone / Pentti Linkola voted 18th "greatest Finn of all time"
« on: February 24, 2010, 08:16:20 AM »
Interesting and surprising to say the least!


Metal / MALCONTENT METALHEADS: take over Metal Reddit!
« on: September 10, 2009, 05:43:51 AM »
Follow the link below, join in the mischief! At the time of writing, our first test target article on the metal reddit is already at #1! Help keep it there and let's make the unpopular, popular!

Take over Metal Reddit

More targets to follow comrades!

Metal / RITUAL (US) back in action, read on for interview!
« on: September 01, 2009, 01:20:53 PM »
Quote from: RITUAL interview 2009
Some of you may sadly remember a highly derivative and tedious US black metal band called Ritual who released some stuff on Wild Rags a few years back. Probably most of you who’ve actually heard of them only know them through a Xasthur cover version, which was just as dreary as the original.

At the time of their activity the band were derided for their laughable attempts to not only copy the Norwegian bands in sound, but also in action. But whereas the Norwegian bands made supreme music and burned churches, Ritual only made dire music that had next to no connection with the music of Immortal, Burzum et al beyond shallow surface aesthetic, paving the way for hordes of other hopeless “me too” black metal. And their “heinous, shocking crime” that they still make so much of today was to merely spray graffiti on a church like some retarded ghetto kid from a broken home. 

Anyway, we got wind recently (a distinctly pooey wind) that the mediocre fools were back in action, and trying to reinvent the past with themselves as some sort of “cult” and “legendary” band, ho ho. So it seemed only right that we subject them to our usual rigorous interview process!

1) Are you still spraypainting churches in a rather dismal attempt at emulating the Norwegians?

(A) If I were to vandalize churches these days. I would spray paint violent bible passages so that believers would question the insanity of the book they follow. True Satanism/Luciferianism is a spiritual rebellion and not against Christians, but rather the restrictions placed on the mind by their beliefs. We seek to transform the individual through magick into something better. The Norwegian kings sold out for more wealth and their mothers were tired of seeing their sons killed in battle. Returning to their Pagan past would never work because they would sell out again.

Click for Ritual (US) full interview 2009

Hilariously, the band now refer to themselves as "criminal black metal", based on that time one of them spraypainted a church. The ruffian mafia clearly has nothing on these guys, lol.

RITUAL myspace

Metal / Phillip Glass - 4th movement of 3rd symphony
« on: August 12, 2009, 05:32:06 AM »
Listened to this on the radio this morning before my first cup of coffee, so my interpretation might be slightly off.

Anyway, it reminded me of metal music written for an orchestra. The progressions and the compositional structure as a whole seemed very "metal". Now, metal that bears comparison to classical is one thing (early Gorgoroth), but what about classical that bears comparison to metal? Doesn't seem like a good thing to me. Or is it?

My take in this instance: too "poppy" but an okay easy listen. Very radio-friendly classical in other words.

The piece was composed in 1995 by the way.

Interzone / Mindless entertainment always takes precedence
« on: July 06, 2009, 10:12:21 AM »
Seriously, in the name of keeping chimps entertained, is anything sacred?

It's tiring how every single communications medium that exists, emerged with good and beneficial intentions on the part of the creators, yet is rapidly adapted for use by the moron hordes for mindless amusement. See TV, computers, internet, mobile phones etc etc. It's called "proletarian drift". Eventually, all new technology becomes available to the peasants for their misuse. 

Quote from: Article
In a bold and shockingly casual act of violence towards an endangered species, an ad campaign hosted on Microsoft’s MSN website depicts the machinegunning of a mother and baby panda to promote some bloody awful new cops and robbers movie.

Click for article

Metal / Black & death metal lyrics
« on: June 28, 2009, 10:46:10 AM »
Are they important and if so, why?

Below we have an example of an actual lyric which must be hard to beat in terms of sheer generic and childish stupidity.

Quote from: Internet black metal retard Moat
History shall be changed forever
Thoughts of darkness won't leave his head
He leaves nothing for the better
Evil shall rule the land
So join him and take his hand
(The Knight’s Return)

Blasphemous of Veles once summed up his approach to writing lyrics succinctly (in Godless zine #1), by saying he preferred to write about the harsh realities of existence than compose "fairytales about elves and knights and their cocks". I would agree that this is the stance taken by the originators of death and black metal, and now we have the modern bands and intertard myspace projects all trying to copy what went before and missing the point...

Click here for article

Metal / The village idiot now rules the village
« on: June 19, 2009, 04:50:07 AM »
Quote from: Michael Llewellyn
In ancient times every village had its idiot sitting on the edge of society, gibbering to himself and spouting rubbish to bemused passers by. Since those halcyon days the idiot learned to breed and being the idiot that he is, he bred like a rabbit (he probably raped a farm girl with a gammy leg or some other impediment to a quick getaway) and gradually took over by force of numbers. Thus these village idiots, once mocked, castigated and in the minority, found their situation reversed...

Full article

Metal / Unreleased DEAD CAN DANCE track available for free download
« on: June 05, 2009, 08:49:45 AM »
A Rare Dead Can Dance track is now available for free download by subscribing to http://www.brendan-perry.com/
'A Means of Escape' was the first professional studio recording by Dead Can Dance featuring the original line-up of Brendan Perry (Vocals & Electric Guitar), Lisa Gerrard (Pearl Syncussion), Paul Erikson (Bass Guitar) and Simon Monroe (Drums).

Recorded in early 1982 by the Australian producer, Chris Thompson at Richmond Recorders, Melbourne it captures the early Joy Division inspired wall of sound that became DCD's sonic trademark in the early eighties.

The file is a high quality mp3 - 320kps

Hope you enjoy this rare gem from the DCD archives.

Metal / MARDUK: black metal's biggest tryhard losers
« on: May 31, 2009, 11:26:50 AM »
Quote from: Retarduk article
It wasn’t fair. He’d done everything he could to make Marduk what it was, admittedly more through sheer bloody-minded persistence than any real discernable talent, and deep down he knew that it had never been enough. Sure, they had a relatively big fanbase and made a more than comfortable living from their music, but most of their fans were total idiots and there was always the nagging doubt that they were far from equal amongst their contemporaries. Ivar from Enslaved had pissed all over Morgan’s shoes on tour once and on demanding an apology, Ivar simply farted and walked away without a word.

The likes of Emperor, Darkthrone, Mayhem, or those freewilly fuckers in Enslaved had all quickly started making crappy albums after 1995 or so, but at one point they had all released bonafide, influential classics hailed to this day by sensible metal fans the world over. Where was Marduk’s classic album? Morgan sighed again and thought back to the early days of the band, trying to figure out for the millionth time where he’d gone wrong.

Full article

Interzone / Half of Britons think 'countryside' is boring
« on: May 09, 2009, 05:51:40 AM »
It's true: the tragic remnant of the world not yet concreted over is now generally considered boring by those who need constant entertainment. Read on and I defy you to disagree with the idea that we should not appease such people by building more “attractions”, but rather massacre them and use their bodies as fertilizer.

Quote from: article
More than half of Britons think the countryside is boring and many of them are unable to identify common animals and plants, according to a new survey.

A third of people who were asked said they had never even considered visiting the British countryside.

The survey found one in 10 adults could not identify a sheep, 44% could not identify an oak tree and 83% failed to recognise a bluebell.

When they were shown a picture of a stag, 12% of adults identified it incorrectly as a reindeer.

Professor of Tourism at the University of Surrey John Tribe said: "It is alarming news that over half of the nation thinks the British countryside is boring and there is nothing to do or see there. Maybe this is because in the last decade Britons have preferred to holiday abroad and as a result they have forgotten the UK is abundant with great rural holiday locations."

Sandie Dawe from VisitBritain said: "Britain's countryside is far from boring and we have some of the most famous landscapes from the picturesque Cotswolds to the spectacular views of the Lake District that draw visitors from around the world.

"With more Britons considering a holiday at home this year, it's a great time to get back to nature and get reacquainted with rural Britain. The last decade has seen a rise in competition and it is important to remind Brits on what they are missing out on and what a great free attraction the countryside is."

Three thousand adults took part in the survey which was conducted in March by OnePoll on behalf of Travelodge.

Original article

Anti-Humanism.com article in response

Metal / Iron Maiden on front page of The Times Saturday Review
« on: April 12, 2009, 12:57:03 PM »
Pretty good article: it highlights a few key points about metal that we already know, but perhaps others aren't really aware of. For a start, that metal fans are generally intelligent and aren't idle slobs who can't organise or achieve anything. Also, Dickinson ilustrates that metal fans are not as gullible as the rest of the general populace when it comes to so-called "green" issues.

It's not online, so here's a few highlights:

Cool kids in Shoreditch wearing Iron Maiden T-shirts may well be doing so ironically but, in times of crisis, metal sells well. When AC/DC's new album went to No.1 last year it was surely a sign of hard times.

Iron Maiden have just won a Brit Award for best live act, from an awards body that has tended to ignore them... their manager, Rod Smallwood declares: "...that award was voted for by the public and Coldplay fans aren't very proactive are they?" Apparently an army of Maiden fans around the world orchestrated a mass vote.

So what is the enduring appeal of heavy metal? It's noisy and relentless, but, Maiden insist, its message is positive. Research exists claiming to show that heavy metal and classical music fans have the highest IQs among all listeners. One fan, Felipe Martynetz, a 24-year-old from Curitiba in Brazil, has a letter to give to the band, in which he has written that "the philosophical background in Maiden's song lyrics made me discover philosophy as something that had always been near to me, but whose presence I'd never suspected."

Bruce Dickinson: "...there's so much woolly thinking about everything to do with the environment. It's like energy-saving lightbulbs - all very well and good, but there are lots of health risks associated with them and in addition they're a bit of a nightmare to get rid of and they cost a huge amount to manufacture in the first place with all sorts of weird chemicals in them."

(Dickinson) went to Oundle when his parents started doing well in building and property. He felt an outsider there and says that he didn't make friends easily, which is a surprise because he comes across as such an affable chap now. The band comes from modest backgrounds. Dickinson calls heavy metal "the working man's opera".

'Flight 666' (documentary following Iron Maiden on tour) wil be showing in cinemas nationwide on April 21.

Metal / Terrorizer mag trying to claim first new Beherit interview
« on: March 14, 2009, 05:54:47 AM »
Quote from: Terrorizer Myspace Bulletin
Beherit: the first interview?

In other words, the question mark means they know that it's not.

Here's the link for their "exclusive":
Terrorizer Beherit interview

But check this out:

Beherit has been kept alive through the dedication of various fansites, are you grateful for their obsession?
“Sure, thanks to Beherit Worship, The Seventh Blasphemy, Dark Legions Archives and all the other true ones of Internet. Hail Sathanas!”

Metal / FENRIZ: "90's black metal is for little kids"
« on: March 09, 2009, 04:35:34 AM »
Panzergrim uberLOLs!
Below is a message an angry Fenriz of Darkthrone sent me via myspace;

you go to MY space to shit in my pool?

i made AND recorded trans hunger in 2 WEEKS.

now i use 2-3 months to write one song. primitive is difficult. 90s black metal is easy and more or less for little kid.

go die.


Yep, I've been pissing off the fanboys over on the official Darkthrone myspace.
Follow the link to see what pissed him off;