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Interzone / Thus passes the great hero Anders Breivik into martyrdom
« on: July 23, 2011, 04:30:57 AM »
Anders Breivik goes as a Martyr to join into the heaven besides the 11 brave people, who flew a plane into the two towers of american modern perversity.

Anders Breivik has written a little on this page :


He shows an understanding of the historical facts about marxisme and of the decline of christianity and western society after the war.

He was a millionarie and business owner, university educatede in economics, a tall and beautiful bodybulider, and he was a farm owner in a small town outside Oslo.

In other words, he was a true heros and an idol for all rigthous men to follow.

(Out of the 91 people killed, 11 were homosexuals, and all were social democrats!)

Interzone / Christian anti-humanist
« on: May 26, 2009, 03:08:47 PM »
In the industrial age christianity had become a degenerate norm set comparable to the present day humanistic moralism.

But today christianity have been abandoned by those, who today call themselves humanists, and who are vigourously enforcing their sick dogma upon us. They are all secular, and their culture- and valuelessness have finally sprung out in godlessness

So the good and rightous men who have been figting christian so called altruism in the past, they now can claim the abandoned christian faith and reshape it into the original Lutheran or better, as there now is no heard of humanists to make the church into a porridge of wrong anthropocentric ideas.

In fact, the whole anti christian segment of the metal scene is adolscent in its projection of blame upon the church, for there is nothing today, that really is determined by christian religion (but we should whish, that there were.)

"BEAT THEM DOWN LIKE MAD DOGS!" - Luther about some revolting communist peasants.

There are two ways of trolling in order to propagandize against evil: 1) To get the truth out in a way, so it mocks and makes fun of the liberals and their hypocracy. 2) To instill hate and fear among different groups of people against each other  (f.e. liberals/conservatives or muslims/christians,) so the current course of the world is sabotaged as a product of their lack of ability to coexist (coexist in the wrong way, that is.)

In order to create an effective troll personality that can generate much hate and instill fear between different groups on an internet web forum or on the usenet, the most reliable way is to start with casual discussion, where the troll beats the target discussion participants, and then gradually go on to hotter subjects. It is really a method of gaining trust so the participants will take the troll serious, when he goes on to propose highly controversial subjects. This way it is much easier to get people to belive that some really extreme troll is a genuie person. The troll might also succeed in drawing participants over to his side, if he have made himself enough of an authority in the eyes of the participants in this way.

Interzone / Christopher Langan
« on: May 06, 2009, 11:26:20 AM »
An interesting video about the american bouncer Christopher Langan, who has the worlds highest IQ known.

He belives in eugenics and environmentalism, and he has some strange kind of religious belifes, that resemble vedic religious beliefs a little, it sounds like.


These two parts are the interesting ones :