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Metal / Hak-ed damm
« on: February 17, 2015, 07:21:15 PM »
Hailz the brutal black metal band from Canada Hak-ed damm are back after 3 year with two new member. Hak-ed damm are back on stage in april 3th in Messe Des Mort 4 in Montreal. And our prepar a new opus for end of 2015 or  2016.
For keep inform please Like and share the facebook page:


Best regard
Silencer/Hak-ed damm

Metal / Hak-ed damm
« on: July 20, 2010, 08:09:35 AM »
The first full cd by the extrem black metal band from Québec city Canada Hak-ed damm Nekrowristfucked out in august 8th...

And now are available for listening for one week on the myspace...


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Silencer/Hak-ed damm


Metal / Hak-ed damm
« on: February 10, 2010, 05:25:34 AM »
Hak-ed damm

Black metal band from Québec city , Canada in vein of Marduk, 1349, Caparthian forest ......Have a firts mcd called Black Tortured Metal available in your web site...
And now in studio for first full album called Nekrowristfucked comming out in july 2010...

Confirmed to the Michigan Deathfest 2010 in july 17th...

Silencer/Hak-ed damm

Metal / Hak-ed damm
« on: February 05, 2010, 06:47:46 AM »
Hak-ed damm

Black metal band from Québec city , Canada in vein of, Marduk, 1349, Caparthian Forest........have a firts mcd called Black Tortured Metal available in your web site...And now prepare your first full album called Nekrowristfucked...Entering february in studio...Comming out in june 2010...

Confirmed to the Michigan Deathfest 2010 in july 17th...




Metal / CDs to sale...FREE SHIPPING
« on: February 05, 2010, 05:45:39 AM »
Message me if so interes.......
Good deal for many cd......

I take PAYPAL...
All cd are new ( never listened)
Shipping include without cases

10$ each
3 for 25$
6 for 45$
10 for 75$

10$ each
all 4 for 25$

The Essential Horror Music Video Collection Vol: 1
The Essential Horror Music Video Collection Vol: 2
The Essential Horror Music Video Collection Vol: 3
The Essential Horror Music Video Collection Vol: 4

Ad Hominem---Dictator, A Monument of Glory (Black França)
Ad Hominen---Planet Zog, The End/ For a New World Best of( Black Françe) DVD Box
Age of Darkness---A Flowers Blooming in a Fear (Black Corée)
Amnion---Cryptic Wanderings (Black metal Espagne)
Anatomy---Overtreatment (Death/Grind Italie)
Ancestor---In abscence of light (Black metal Cuba)
Adokhsiny/Makam split---Hymns for Sacrificed Souls (Black Koré) CD-R 5$
Amenophis---The Element Of Tortured (Black Canada)
Apolexy---M.M.O.P.P.A.C.C. (death/grind USA)
Aras---Hemaseye Andooh (Black Iran) EP 5$
Arbitrary Element---Process of Extermination (Death Singapour)
Arch Enemy---Burning Bridges---(Death Suède)
Barrabas---Poison Fruit (Black Brésil) DIGI
Barzak---Barzak (Black/Death Bengladèche)
Beliar, Demonic Forest, Ilkim Oulanem, Khnuth, Nocturnal Shine---Split Union of...(Black Allemagne, Turkie, Mexique, Russie, Alemagne)
Black Empire/Kratornas/Xerion/Nakkiga SPLIT---Four Concentric Ways of the Ancient Cult (Black Mexique)
Black Mass---Conquering Legions of Astaroth (Black/Death USA)
Black Mass/Defile Split---Defiling the Masses Black/Death/Trash USA USA)
Blasphemous---Incineration of the Cult (Blcak/Death USA)
Blood Haven---Religious Suffocation (Black USA)
Bloody Sigh---Explosion of Elements (Death/Black Françe)
Brutal Orchestra Compilation (Black/Death Malésie, Singapoure, Thailande, Grèce, Alemagne, Indonésie,Usa) Compil 7$
Castigare---Regarder sans voir (Death Canada)
Cosmic Atrophy---Codex Incubo (Death USA)
Cryptic Tales---Valley of the Dolls (Death/Trash/Black Pologne)
Cryptic Throne---Apocalyptic Extermination (Black USA)
Dark Domination---Reign Of The Fallen One (Black Riga Latvia)
Dark Fortress---Tales from eternal dusk (Black metal Alemagne)
Dammerung---Black arrows of hatred (Black metal Ukraine)
Dawn of the Antichrist---Compil ( Black metal divers)
Demonic Cremator---Blizzards of Hate (black metal Grande bretagne)dvd box
Daemusinem---Diabolical Carnage (Black/Death Italie)
Deus Despectum---Nocturno dementia (Black metal France)10$
Diabolical Principles---Investigating a New Dawn (Black metal Grèce) 8$
Dimentianon---Hossanas norvus ordo seclurum ( death/Black metal État-Unis)
Dimentianon/Rigor Sardonicous Split---Split (death/Black metal/Funeral Doom Metal/Death Metal USA/USA)
Dying Fetus---War of Attrition (Death USA)
Dying Fetus---Stop at Nothing (Death USA)
Embalmed---Unholy Torment (Black Mexique)
Emptys---Destroyed holy Shine (Black Indonésie)
Eternal Darkness---Total Darkness (Death/Doom Suède)
Equinox---As the Moon Swallows the Sun (Black/Death USA)
Ezurate---Infernal Dominatio (Black USA)
Funereus---Embrace the Unholy Spirit (Black Mexique)
Genocide Winter---Monastica Holocaust (Black USA)
Godless Cruelty---Gott... Im Chaos gestorben (Black Alemagne)
Hailstorm---Death, Defiance, Decadence (Black Alemagne) EP 5$
Haemophagus/Bloodraised/Sick Bong Headquarter---3 Ways split (Death/Grind Italie)
Hat---The Demise of Mankind (Black metal Norvège)
Hate Forest---The Gates (Black metal/Anmiant Ukraine) EP 5$
Hate Hordes---Sexual Rites (Black Espagne)
Incantation---Blasphemous Cremation (Death USA)
Infiinite Hatred---Hateful Spell (Black Coré)
Immolith---Hymns of the Countess (Black USA) EP 5$
Immortal Rites---Api Dari Timur (Black/Death Indonésie)
Infidel---Killing for Immortality (Death USA)
Istidraj---Blasphemized Perversion (Black metal Singapour) Ep Digi 5$
Inverted Trifixion---Black Horizon (Black USA)
Inverted Trifixion---The Black Empire of the Lord Lies (Black USA)
Maniac Butcher---Barbarians (Black Républic Czech )
Mayat---Timoer Democracy (Death Indonésie)
Morbid Funeral/Necrolisis/Paganus Doctrina Split---Deathblast from the center of hell (Black/Trash/Death Costa Rica)
Morgue Supplier---Constant Negative (Death/Grind USA)
Mortus Caelum---Ventus Anfesto (black metal Grèce)
Mythology---An Infernal Grave+ The Plague (Black USA)mcd+demo 5$
Naberius/Vedmar split---Lagacy of Rage (Black Slovénie)
Nepente---Atonements (Death/Black Colombie)
Nominon---Terra Necrosis (Death Suède)
On Horns Impaled/Samrt SPLIT (Black Germanie)
Origin---Echoes of Decimation ( Death USA)
Permafrost/Menneskerhat/Annihilation666---3 Ways Split (Black Alemagne /Australie)
Primitive Graven Image---Traversing the Awesome Night (Black Royaume Unis)
Qrujhuk---Triumph the Glorious Blasphemy (Black Coré)
Raspatul---Devil in Renewed Birth (Death/Trash Singapour)
Repossession---Reign Over Inferno Death Pologne)
Ruins---Satanik Bitch Penetration (Black/Trash Germanie)
Sangrena---Blessed Black Spirit (Death Brésil)
Secrets She Kept---Requiems to Midnight, Woe (Black USA)
Sibimortem---Glory to eternal fire (Black/Death Mexique)
Sidus Tenebrarum---Born From the Dark Rib (Black Italie)
Skagganauk Abyss---The Ferocious Infernal Blizzard Enthroned (Black Russie)
Skin Slicer---Made in Hell (Trash Canada)
Terror Satan---Puro Odio a Cristo (Black Brésil)
Thanathron/Empheris SPLIT---The Rituals of Possession in Blasphemy (Black Pologne)
Terdor---Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942 (black metal Les Pays-Bas)
The Frost---Damned and Forgotten (Black Croasie)
The Frost/Black Fire SPLIT---Between Ice and Fire/Illucescit Mortis Jesu ( Black Croasie/Colombie)
The Howling Void---Megaliths the abyss (Symphonic/Funeral Doom Metal USA)
The Last Twilight/Profundis Tenebrarum/ Split (Black metal Espagne/Espagne)
Tundra---Primordial (Black Italie)
Unburied---Slut Decapitator (Death USA)
Utarm---Mutilation epoch (Expérimental black metal Norvège)
Vader---Reborn in Chaos + 2 bonus (Death Pologne)
Vedonist---The World of Reversed Decalogue (Death Polongne)
Vociferian---Glorificia Bestialis (Black Belgique)
Veneficium---De Occulta Philosophia (Black metal Canada)
Warmarch---Pactum Cum Diabolus (Black Slovaquie)
Waxen---FumaRoth Black USA)
Xeron---Nocturnal Misantropia (Black Espagne)
Your Last Wish---Your last wish (Death Canada)