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Metal / New from DOOOOMED.COM
« on: March 02, 2010, 05:39:31 AM »

Wreck of the Hesperus / De Novissimis Split 10" Vinyl

Split 10" from two of Dublin's heaviest bands: Wreck of the Hesperus, filthy-sewer-sludge-funeral doom and De Novissimis, a powerful wall of dual vocal crust doom with added blast beats. The recordings on this album are exclusive one-off tracks and have already become rare. This might be one of the heaviest Irish records ever released!

Sea Dog - Wizards Of The Coast Vinyl LP

Thundering instrumental prog doom stoner rock with lots of early metal influences. there are bits of early Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy along with classic seventies prog rock and fuzzed up psyche rock. fans of the instrumental stoner psyche sounds of the likes of earthless will just adore this release. its a real thunderous assault on the ears with pounding drums, fuzzed up bass and howling guitar solos flying all over the place

Limited edition vinyl only release!

The Stranglers - Compilation 2xCD

This is the first chapter of a 3 volume series, 2 Cds... 8 bands... 2 and a half hours of doom & sludge. A concept album about strangling scenes from old horror movies!!

CD 1-
ATAVIST - 20:11 min (1 song)
MOLOCH - 16:03 min (3 songs)
AUSTRASIAN GOAT - 15:52 min (3 songs)
THE WHOREHOUSE MASSACRE - 20:16 min (3 songs)

CD 2-
STASIS - 22:19 min (3 songs)
FEAST OF SINS - 16:02 min (3 songs)
GHOST EMPIRE - 15:47 min (2 songs)
WELTER IN THY BLOOD - 14:36 min (1 song)

Moloch - Self Titled CD

Unholy, agitated hate-sludge from the UKs rich breeding grounds! Four tracks of feedback, depression, minor groove fluctuations and Strep throat screaming following in the trendsetting paths blazed by EYEHATEGOD, GRIEF, IRON MONKEY, WEEDEATER, and CAVITY! Only true sludge extremists dare apply.

Sollubi - At War With Decency CD

SOLLUBI are a side project from the guys of FISTULA and RAPE X. Together they produce very original psychedelic / sludge. You can find the down tempo and heavy sound of FISTULA with Rape X's psychedelic vibe make something in the vein of the band 16 covering Hawkwind!

Jucifer / Show Of Bedlam Split CD

The JUCIFER tracks on this split are the heaviest stuff recorded from this amazing duo. The 4 songs are really different but very heavy, forget the nice voice of the cute girl on the other albums, here you'll only find a demented, crazy woman who screams in unbridled torment all the way!!

SHOW OF BEDLAM from Montréal are also a female fronted doom / sludge outfit. Imagine SAINT VITUS with JARBOE on vocals then turn up the heaviness factor!

Grief - ...And Man Will Become The Hunted 2xLP Vinyl

The final release from Boston Massachusetts' founding fathers of truly torturous doomed sludge agony has been properly issued on vinyl for the first time!

For fans of Burning Witch, Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Khanate, Goatsnake, Boris, Corrupted etc.

Limited edition of only 500 copies worldwide, one-time only pressing!

Deluxe Gatefold sleeve, printed inside out over the rough side, with black inked paper bags

Heavy quality 180gr. heavy weight vinyl

Out of print! we got the final copies from the label!

Amon Ra - Slaves To The Moon CD

Psychedelic stoner rock of the highest caliber! This power trio mix up Sabbath with some Purple, throw in some Hendrix and Spiritual Beggers and finish it up with a dash of Motorhead!

Machetazo - Sinfonias Del Terror Ciego Vinyl LP

Old school death-infested horror grind from Spain's sickest!

Limited to only 500 copies!
Cool cover art...different than CD version!
Out of print! Last copies ever!

Hermano - Live At W2 Vinyl LP

John Garcia and crew recorded live at the W2 in Den Bosch, Netherlands on December 4, 2004.

Limited to only 900 copies!
Yellow vinyl
Now out of print, we have some of the last copies from the label
Features a cool cover of AC/DC's "TNT"

Monarch / Grey Daturas - Dawn Of Catalyst Vinyl LP

Two respected underground heavyweights pair up on "Dawn Of The Catalyst". Australia's Grey Daturas have built a solid following over the last few years through constant touring worldwide with artists like Neurosis, Wolf Eyes and Yellow Swans (having also released splits with the latter two). Their combination of sonic style guitar-improv freakouts with more down-tuned doomed ambiance and all out noise has attracted fans from all dank corners of underground music. France's female-fronted Monarch is that country's entry into the slo-mo nihilistic utterly oppressive doom genre where they've distinguished themselves from their peers in both sound and aesthetics. On "Dawn Of The Catalyst" each band contributes one extended track (over 16 minutes long each!), both veering to the more experimental, droning, lurching side of their collective persona's. A split to be felt more than simply heard, it requires full volume and full bass frequencies for maximum effect.

One time only pressing limited to 800 copies!