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Metal / Azaghal / Blackdeath / Gestalte "PhoboSatan" minitour nov 2013
« on: September 03, 2013, 05:03:27 PM »
"PhoboSatan" tour November 2013

In november 2013, the black plague returns to Europa... A rare occasion to see these bands live.

AZAGHAL (Fin - First European tour ever)
BLACKDEATH (Rus - First European tour ever, new album "Phobos" coming soon)
GESTALTE (Nld - First European tour ever, new album "Ashes of the soul" out now on Heidens Hart Records)

Thu 14/11 FRA Lille, Le Midland
Fri 15/11 BEL Gent, The Frontline
Sat 16/11 NLD Rotterdam, Baroeg
Sun 17/11 NLD Arnhem, Willemeen

Blackdeath new album "Phobos" will be released before these concerts as well. Label will be announced later. Also there will be two additional concerts for Blackdeath in Hungary on 22 + 23 of November, and hopefully two more in Germany on 19 + 20. More info when they are confirmed.

Gestalte "Ashes of the soul" debut album is out now, listen here: http://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/


Metal / HHR news 10-2012: General updates
« on: July 11, 2012, 06:41:54 AM »
Out now and in stock:

MURW 'Kanker' LP/CD (HHR)
Unique death/doom metal. Long awaited debut album of Murw out now on cd and lp. One of The Netherlands' best kept secrets returns with a truly stunning and groundbreaking album of progressive death/doom metal. Extraordinary, unconventional and creative songwriting, this album is nearly impossible to compare with any existing band or fit in any existing genre. Murw is not a newcomer one-day-fly performing a cheap, new gimmick trying to stand out. Throughout their history, dating back to the early 90s where the band already did shows supporting Emperor for example, they've shown a unique own style of music, culminating into "Kanker".
Listen here: http://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/kanker

GRAVELAND 'Immortal pride' LP (Forever Plagued Records / HHR)
No comments needed. High quality official vinyl reissue with original cover and logo, large poster, printed innersleeve with lyrics.

GRAVELAND 'In the glare of burning churches' tshirt
GRAVELAND 'The Celtic winter' tshirt
Available in sizes S to XL; these are American sizes so a little bit bigger than Euro sizes. Doublesided heavy Gildan shirts, high quality. These shirts are KILLER and a more than worthy tribute to the legendary old Graveland era!! For photos, check the website. Down to the last copies!

SEEDSAW 'And the singing larvae' tape (Black Bunker / HHR)
Psychedelic, cacophonous new wave / metal Crowley-occultism. New demotape from Spiderpact member Juho Goatspeed. Perhaps for fans of Ved Buens Ende and Joy Division. Released on cassettetape, limited to 300 copies.

At the press now:
BESTIAL SUMMONING 'The dark was has begun' LP
No comments needed. High quality official vinyl reissue. Expected release is end of july / beginning of august. Pre-order now!!

STARGAZER (Aus) - 'The scream that tore the sky' tshirt
ILDRA (UK) "Eðelland" tshirt
IRRWISH (Nld) new 7"
ILDRA (UK) "Eðelland" lp
GRAVELAND 'In the glare of burning churches' LP
KJELD - "De tiid hâldt gjin skoft" mlp
HEIMDALLS WACHT (Ger) "Ekte Westfäölske svatte metall" cd

Order at www.heidenshart.nl.nu

Metal / Murw
« on: June 05, 2012, 07:55:15 AM »
Murw "Kanker" out now on lp and cd.

Long awaited debut album of Murw out now on lp and cd. One of The Netherlands' best kept secrets return with a truly stunning and groundbreaking album of progressive death/doom metal. Extraordinary, unconventional and creative songwriting, this album is nearly impossible to compare with any existing band or fit in any existing genre. Murw is not a newcomer one-day-fly performing a cheap, new gimmick trying to stand out. Throughout their history, dating back to the early 90s where the band already did shows supporting Emperor for example, they've shown a unique own style of music, now finally culminating into their debut album "Kanker".

Produced with the utmost priority and care and carefully following the wishes and requests of the band. This record sounds and looks as good as possible and as intended by band and label. Dedicated lp-mastering for optimal analog sound, resulting in more dynamic sound that perfectly fits to the diverse songwriting and fluctuating structures.

Recorded and mixed at Vato Loco, Austria, by M. Schirenc (Pungent Stench, Hollenthon), August 2010. Vinyl pre-mastering at Tuanti, The Netherlands, by A. Peeks (Heimdalls Wacht, Ancestors Blood), March 2012.

Full color sleeve and insert (lp) and full color 8 page foldout booklet (cd) with lyrics and drawings. Both lp and cd are pressed in West-Germany. No DMM-mastering for the lp (if you want your records to sound digital, you might as well listen to mp3s).

Also we're fed up with low quality mp3 and shitty youtube rips on the internet so I have uploaded the entire album here to listen: http://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/kanker

Cd available for 10 euro + postage;
Lp available for 12 euro + postage.
Both are available at the band directly or at Heidens Hart Records: www.heidenshart.nl.nu

"Is er nog een plekje over, een kleintje?
Laat maar zien en ik ben weg
als sneeuw voor de zon"

Metal / Nuit Noire, Hypothermia, Zahrim, Isolation tour
« on: May 27, 2007, 01:28:12 PM »
Update may 28th:

Nuit Noire - Fäerical blasting black metal punk
Hypothermia - Monotonous black metal
Zahrim - Cold and haunted occult black metal
Isolation - Melancholic and desolate black/dark metal

29 June: Salzgitter, Germany;
30 June: Club 162, Hekelgem, Belgium;
1 July: Club FZW, Dortmund, Germany.

As you can see, Witten has been replaced with Dortmund.

Bring razors!

Info and reservations: http://arjan.dagdief.nl/hh/

Coming in september: Angmar + Peste Noire

Metal / Branstock and Funeral Procession out now!
« on: April 16, 2006, 09:07:37 AM »
Two new releases are out now:

BRANSTOCK (Germany) mini cd

New 10-track minicd released in co-operation with Raging Bloodlust Records (Germany - www.ragingbloodlust.de), compiling songs previously released on split 7" with Nordreich and Sadorass, as well as new songs exclusively for this release. The tracklist is:

1. Einmarsch (Der Blutharsch Interpretation)
2. Heimat im Schlafe
3. Lichtbringer
4. Entscheidungsschlacht
5. Runenmacht
6. N.D.S.
7. Der Schicksalsfaden ist gesponnen
8. Bewahrer des Märkischen Stolz
9. Gotteslästerung
10. Abschlussworte

Tracks 1, 5 and 6 taken from split 7" with SADORASS
Tracks 2, 3 and 4 taken from split 7" with NORDREICH
Track 7 taken from Tape Sampler "Black Metal Peststurm"
Tracks 8, 9 and 10 exclusively on this mCD

This mcd costs 6 euro; trades are welcome.

Mp3: http://arjan.dagdief.nl/hhmp3/branstock-heimatimschlafe.mp3

FUNERAL PROCESSION (Germany) "Schmerz aus Licht" mlp

One long, mesmerizing and hysterical black metal song. As the band theirselves said: "probably the slowest and most depressive song the band has ever written."
This truly unique release comes on a single-sided, clear lp in a handmade cotton bag and includes an insert with lyrics etc.
This lp costs 12 euro.

Mp3: http://www.funeralprocession.net/downloads/funeralprocession_schmerz_aus_licht_edit.mp3


The nearest upcoming releases will be Heimdalls Wacht - "Westfalian Schlachtenlärm" tape, Circle Of Ouroborous - "Shores" tape, Cultus - "A seat in Valhalla" cd, Meslamtaea - "New era" tape, and always more...


The mailorder has been brought totally up-to-date and now includes many rare, exclusive and long sold-out material from bands such as Conqueror, Order From Chaos, Todesstoß, Absurd, Crowned In Semen (ex-Profanatica), Draugwath, Fornost, Lugubrum, Manes, Regnum, Arkona, Maniac Butcher etc etc...
Besides that, many cd's have been lowered in price, to as low as 5 or 6 euro. I also accept Paypal now.
Every order over 25 euro gets a free copy of the "Schneesturm" compilation cdr (with Nordlicht, Brocken Moon, Mondwolf, Moonfrost, Todesweihe and Paysage D'Hiver); every order over 50 gets more free stuff and discount.

List of available releases:

HH8: MYSELF (Bel) / MAXIMUM PERVERSUM (Bel) - '-C.2-' split tape 2003 (last copies)
HH12: EMPIRE OF HATE (Aus) / MORTHOND (Usa) - split tape 2003
HH13: TÅGEFOLKET (Den) - 'Lad Asketid Begynde' 7" 2004  (last copies)
HH18: MYSELF (Bel) / MAXIMUM PERVERSUM (Bel) - "C.3" split tape 2005  (last copies)
HH21: BROCKEN MOON - "Pain rehearsal + Schattenlicht des Mondes" tape 2005
HH22: ANCESTORS BLOOD - "Wisdom opens the gates for the king" tape 2005
HH23: RITES OF CLEANSING (Ger) - "Nemesis" tape 2004
HH24: TORCH OF WAR (Ger) / WELTENKAMPF (Ger) split tape 2005
HH29: BRANSTOCK (Ger) mcd 2006
HH30: FUNERAL PROCESSION (Ger) - "Schmerz aus Licht" mlp 2006

Trades are welcome, feel free to send your lists. Also there is a very low wholesaleprice.
More info about every releases such as mp3s and covers can be found on the website.

Best regards,
http://go.to/heidenshart  and if that doesn't work:

Metal / Heidens Hart new releases
« on: March 02, 2005, 12:58:52 PM »
Cultus, Heidens Hart and Meslamtaea proudly present:

CULTUS / MESLAMTAEA - 'split' 7"

- CULTUS contributes a re-written and re-recorded version of a song already featured on the last album, namely "De dodenstoet", a furious and hateful song in the style that Cultus is known for.
- MESLAMTAEA contributes a new song in the style as the "Illusion" tape but features even better songwriting in a more progressive and folkish style.
- Both songs have been professionaly mixed and mastered so both bands sound better then ever before; you can expect a (fitting) massive and violent sound. This is a non-profit anti-capitalist release, sold for only 3,50 euro.

MP3 Cultus:

MP3 Meslamtaea:



Also released the last couple of weeks:

Ultra perverse split.

RITES OF CLEANSING "Nemesis" promo tape (Distributed by Nightfog and Heidens Hart)
First release from this German band and already it's one of the most hateful stuff I heard the last months. Filthy, intense and hypnotising black metal, with varying speeds ranging from midtempo to fast, 4 songs/20 minutes of black metal storm which will perhaps appeal to those who like Absurd, Abyssic Hate and Burzum. Highly recommended.

Âmes Sanglantes (Can) / NothingIstTrue (Usa) split tape
Harsh noise.


Coming soon within 2 weeks:

BROCKEN MOON (Ger) "Schattenlicht des Mondes + Pain rehearsal" tape
(Re-release of both rare tapes of hypnotising raw German black metal, with member of Aaskereia.)

ANCESTORS BLOOD (Fin) "Wisdom opens the gates for the king" tape + bonustrack
(Atmospheric pagan black metal reminding a bit of old Dimmu Borgir; the bands debut demo from 2003. Session member from Inferi.)

REGNUM (Ger) "Regnum" tape
(This time the songs are even more basic and minimalistic, however they are more intense and twisted then ever, and have the most crazy and sick vocals so far. Half an hour playing time, recommended for fans of Bethlehem, Todesstoß, Silencer, and Regnum!)

HEIDEN ÄRA (Fin) "Lopun ajan juhla" cdr
(Ambient/folk, just waiting for the covers for the release)


CULTUS news:

I'm very happy that the split 7" is finally out, the result came out even better then expected. The sound is really good on vinyl and the layout came out perfect. But let's not forget these compilations that came out last weeks, all featuring exclusive material:

"Morbid tunes of the black angels part 7" compilation tape on The Way Of Force;
"...For All Hate In Man! #8" compilation cd on Insomnia Records;
"Hellmetal Assault volume 2" compilation tape on Bang Or Be Banged! Productions.

These are all available through me and through the labels.


All releases are available for trade too, you're welcome to reply with trading lists etc.

Please contact me at herjann@gmx.net
More info can be found at http://go.to/heidenshart

Thank you for your time,