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« on: June 10, 2010, 01:54:17 AM »

"La Chaqueta Metálica" is an spanish extreme radioshow, witch have been on air since september 2002 on "Radio la granja" until may 2010 when it becomes an online podcast. You can listen it every week from wednesday at 21h at our Podcast at http://www.lachaquetametalica.tk

In every show you can hear news , reviews, songs, something about concerts, etc. about THRASH/ DEATH/ BLACK/ GRIND/ CROSSOVER/CRUST/DOOM and any music genres that could be similar to those.

To follow us easily,to know our news / updates, to know what we’ve reviewed and played on the show, and to listen to any of our shows you can visit our official blog.

Also, we are used to book gigs in our city, Zaragoza, from time to time.

To make contact with us:


Our last show:
Playlist 09/06/2010

Doom (UK)- "Sick joke" War Crimes (Inhuman beings) LP Peaceville Records 1988

Royal arch blaspheme (USA) -"Jahbulon" Royal arch blaspheme CD/LP Hell's headbangers records 2010

Putrid (Swe) - "From The Sepulchral Reticence" Demo MMXX DEMO TAPE Detest Records 2010

Hacavitz (Mex) - "To Meet Again" Metzli Obscura CD Moribund records 2010

Incinerator (Swe) - "Disciples of sodom" Disciples of sodom DEMO TAPE Auto editada 2003

Stench of decay (Finl) - "Vulgar necrolatry (Abhorrence cover)" Where Death and Decay Reign DEMO TAPE Detest Records 2009

Lifeless (Ger) - "Retaliation" Beyond the threshold of death CD Ibex moon records 2010

Wilddogs (Spa) - "Motores ardiendo" DEMO CDr Grog records 2009

Envenomed (Mex) - "Doctor Death" Evil is back EP Autoeditado 2010

Bulldozer (Ita) - "Art of deception" Neurodeliri LP Metalmaster 1988

To play it on-line or download: