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Topics - Reginald Gillette

Metal / Please recommend something that 'sounds like' this:
« on: February 16, 2013, 12:52:01 PM »
Hi. It's a passage in Neuraxis "The Apex".

I'm taken by that melody 1:45 to 2:20, with the major & minor triads, and triplet tremolo picking.  It's got a majestic/heroic feel which is a nice change of pace from dark/chromatic shit.

Can anyone point me towards something to give a similar vibe?  THANKS

Metal / 'One Man Metal' documentary -- Xasthur comes out the closet
« on: November 14, 2012, 11:58:34 AM »

Though I'm not a fan of Leviathan, Xasthur, or Striborg, I found this doco really entertaining and interesting.  Most compelling and fascinating was that Xasthur seemed almost non-human, a cipher.

You see Striborg mention he's a husband and father.  Leviathan explaining his entire life story, showing us his old house, photo albums of his deceased girlfriend, the love of his life.  He 'fucking hates being around people', but seems like he could have a conversation.

However, Xasthur reveals barely any concrete connection to the human world. 

He mentions that hypothetically meeting a like-minded person would make him "...glad", though he stutters even trying to speak that word, as though he can barely conceive it happening.  He lacks the Hessian signifiers of longhair, band shirts, leather jackets, bad-ass beard--no hairstyle at all. His eyes dart about, he fidgets, he looks like an old dementia patient in the body of a 38 year old. 

I feel bad for the guy--seems like a life of loneliness and isolation turned outward in rage.

Regarding his hit album, "Telepathic with the Deceased":

He seems to embody the True Kvlt Authentic Misanthrope we've long demanded from our Black Metal: writing about hate, despair, and death, but  NOT hanging out, drinking beers, having girlfriends, working in graphic design, or having any hope whatsoever. 

It's fucked up.  Can't wait to see what you guys think!

Interzone / Firefighters who won't fight for free
« on: December 07, 2011, 08:06:36 AM »
Many of you may be pleased to see this example of non-Liberalist, non-equality, non-'handouts':


Though, in the USA, can't I get treated in an emergency room even if I have no money? And then work out the funds later?  Perhaps that would work in the case of 'pay-for-spray', too.

Interzone / A theory of necrophilia
« on: October 03, 2011, 01:53:05 PM »
In psychiatrists Rosman and Resnick's 1989 review of the necrophiliac literature, they found the motivation in 68% of the cases was a desire to possess an unresisting and unrejecting partner.  This would appear to stem from feelings of powerlessness and rage, in turn originating in childhood neglect and sexual abuse.   

However, in the discerning initiate, necrophilia may be the desire to be possessed by the 'unresistance' of Death itself, and it remains chief among the blasphemies encumbent upon the thoughtful Hessian to traverse.  For such an initiate, the corpse is not a site on which he projects latent pain, but rather: their intercourse becomes the nexus of the Freudian death drive and the corpse's vivid display of Thanatos, expressing the initiate's twin drives of Eros's passionate thrust towards propagation/survival and the Thanatoic fearful/fearsome obsession with Death. 

In that bewildering, apocalyptic twinning, we may find a blazing reorganisation of our very experience of Life.
How's that strike ya?

Interzone / "Only Death is Real"...Really?
« on: November 07, 2010, 01:02:55 AM »

Maybe "Only Death is Real" is just tossed about because it's a badass-sounding slogan from a legendary band; it's exclusive, lethal, definite, and pure.  If so, stop me here.

I suspect that the slogan began as that, but it seems certain Hessians have integrated it as a motto for the culture. 

If it is meant as an actual ontological statement, then how is it valid?  Everyone will die, so only death is real? Is only death real because everyone experiences it, in which case only birth would also be real? 

For those of you who have experienced a dead body (no necro jokes!), I trust you'll agree that the 'death'ness was real, intense, illuminating, and struck you with a certain awe.  However, it wasn't real at the expense of all other things.

A more accurate and useful phrase might be, "Death Alone is Certain" (which Stephen Bachelor pulled from Buddhism, I think).  For me, that is more empowering as a goad to action. 

How do YOU interpret/use "Only Death is Real"?

Metal / Functions of Gore
« on: August 29, 2010, 08:38:56 PM »
Functions of Gore

Within Metal, how do gore-oriented lyrics function, both for the artist and the listener?

I'm curious because it just seems gross and degenerate.  From Infester "Braded into Palsy":

"Licking and taunting naked flesh,
Repulsive ebony skin.
Now destroy this bastard...
Sword to the neck...
Cast in blood.
... Fingering the feces from the anus...
Braded into palsy.
Tedious chopping... Tedious chopping.
Opening the stomach wall
Searching for cancerous sores
I love violating her ass
And drowning in oceans of diarrhea"

Is it a Nihilistic, Romantic revelry in total entropy?
Maybe this particular song symbolizes an overturning of all taboos: sex, interracial sex, murder, coprophilia, mutilation, maybe even a whiff of racism.
Is gore just SIIIIIIIIICK and bad-ass?

Slayer "Angel of Death" is about as far as I can go with the bodily invasions.