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Metal / Pure Metal and ANUS
« on: August 08, 2010, 07:55:34 PM »
I have not been listening to heavy metal for very long, only five years; this is a time that is a mere fraction of the veterans'.  Despite this, I am a proud metalhead who knows he has the heavy metal spirit.  As a metalhead, I feel confused and concerned about ANUS.  I understand this is a community with an intellectual orientation, so I hope you can embrace a healthy and constructive discussion that is likely to morph into an engaging debate.

My issue with the ANUS philosophy is that it is an example of historical revisionism.  You view death and black metal as the purest representations of what metal is; correct me if I am wrong about that.  The problem is, speed/thrash metal and all the metal subgenres that germinated from it are, in essence, heavy metal diluted with punk.  You think metal is nihilistic?  You are incorrect.  Metal is romantic.  It is a very romantic genre, and optimistic, and emotional, with a strong will to power.  It is a fun genre, but it does explore every human emotion, including the darker ones.  It is spiritual, vibrant, and driven by moral codes of unity and respect, and most importantly, individualism.  The best representation of the true metal spirit can be found in bands like Manowar, Saxon, and Judas Priest.

Because the influence of punk seethes through the veins of your personal favorite metal musicians, I think you have a warped concept of what metal is about.  The attitude you see in extreme metal is typically a punk one, and people who exclusively enjoy extreme metal are more punk in spirit than metal.  Your nihilistic view would fit better if ANUS were a punk website.  Pure metal?  It's a square peg in a round a hole.

I'm being honest and blunt with this:  your website does not scream denim and leather, spikes and chains, and sword and sorcery.  In other words, it does not scream "metal."  It screams punk.

I'm interested in what your views are on these criticisms.