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"I see all those old dudes out there just banging their heads to our records," Reinert said, wearing an imposing goatee and extra-large Miami Dolphins jersey. "And I have to think — That stuff you're banging your head to? That is some gay, gay metal, man."

Their bass player, Sean Malone, is heterosexual.

Interzone / Recommend me a good discman
« on: October 08, 2013, 09:40:29 PM »
The laser on my old Sony discman has finally died. It reads approximately one out of every five discs and sounds like a cat coughing up a hairball when it does play.

So what is a good model discman that's cheap and easy to find these days? I assume Sony is still the best manufacturer?

I hear good things about Sony's D-25 and D-555 models, but have no interest in paying $300 for a discman. $50 or less is my price range.

Interzone / The "Busy" Trap
« on: April 02, 2013, 10:07:21 PM »

Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day. I can’t help but wonder whether all this histrionic exhaustion isn’t a way of covering up the fact that most of what we do doesn’t matter.

Interesting that most of the user comments to this New York Times article are defensive and negative.

Cue D.R.I.'s "Money Stinks"

Metal / Master - "The New Elite"
« on: August 08, 2012, 04:27:50 PM »

This is out to buy in Europe and available to steal on the Internet, but it's not out for sale in America yet.

Anyway, it's pretty ****ing punishing musically. The vocals are the only real let down. I'm not digging the new "Macho Man Randy Savage" vocal style. Master continues to release excellent old style death metal records.

Metal / Mike Smith Leaves Suffocation
« on: March 21, 2012, 12:09:07 PM »
Not surprising, given their constant touring with terrible bands and string of bad albums.

The decision was pretty much inevitable. When we first reunited, the economy was in a much different place and I was able to make Suffocation my full-time job. Over the last few years the ability to tour and support a house, family and all it entails, became a strain on myself and my family. Once you reach a certain point financially, decisions have to be made before falling to a point of no return.


Metal / Morbid Saint re-releasing first two albums + live DVD
« on: December 30, 2011, 10:01:32 AM »
Morbid Saint's second album (technically a demo) is finally getting an official release!


CD-1 Spectrum of Death

The purest form of the original recording done at Opus Recording Studios in 1988.Our own master copy that has been re-mastered at Sixsound Studios.
This is the only copy of Spectrum of Death made right after the final mix was done, before any mastering.

CD-2 Destruction System with Extras

The original 48 track tapes to what should have been our second album have been lost for over 20 years and may never be found.
Without re-recording the entire album with the original band,(which would be impossible)
Destruction System has been re-mastered to near perfection.
CD-2 also includes four previously unreleased songs.

Dying Day and Lives Blood, recorded in 2010 with Chris Jacobs on drums and Bob Zabel on bass.
Thrashaholic, the first song ever written by Morbid Saint and Death before Dawn,
recorded in 2011 with Randy Wall on drums and Bob Zabel on Bass.
All four songs were written by the original Morbid Saint.

DVD-1 Morbid Saint Live

Recorded live in 1991 at our first show opening for Wrath, Gary Beimel on bass.
Recorded with multiple cameras, this DVD shows never before seen footage of Morbid Saint playing songs from both albums live.

Metal / Immolation -- "Providence" new EP sponsored by Scion
« on: October 04, 2011, 04:48:25 PM »
New York’s seasoned Death Metal clan Immolation will be releasing a new EP (courtesy of Scion A/V Metal) on October 11th! “Providence” is 5 brand new original tracks, marking IMMOLATION’s 20th year of recording as a band.


Interzone / Adam Gadahn (not) arrested in Pakistan
« on: March 07, 2010, 02:03:29 PM »
One of America's most-wanted terrorists has (not) been captured in Pakistan:


As an American raised in California and weaned on heavy metal, his presence as one of the chief officers in al-Qaida has been a source of interest to many in the US news media:


Metal / List of RIAA-affiliated metal labels
« on: July 28, 2009, 12:52:55 AM »
There's a great searching tool available that lets you track individual artists, labels and albums.


A few results of labels to avoid when buying new CDs:

Roadrunner (tons of death metal, basically anything recorded in Morrisound and produced by Scott "Studio Vampire" Burns; no wonder they whore out their back catalog so feverishly these days)

Def American (Slayer)

Island (Anthrax)

Sanctuary ('Sabbath, Motorhead, Megadeth)

Elektra (Metallica)

Megaforce (Overkill, Testament)

Noise (lots of great speed metal like Coroner, Kreator, Helloween, Rage along with modern crap like Dragonforce and Kamelot)

Caroline (Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies)

Noise being RIAA is a surprise and major bummer; they have tons of awesome and foundational metal albums in their catalog.

It's funny how the American speed metal and death metal movements were funded almost entirely by the RIAA.


Long video, but worth watching.

Explains how the world's most-sampled drum beat has spawned entire genres of music and challenged the validity of modern copyright laws.

Metal / Carcass world tour -- Suffocation added as #1 support act for US leg
« on: September 08, 2008, 04:52:10 PM »
Sep 9 2008    8:00P
   Starland Ballroom w/ Necrophagist & Dying Fetus, Sayreville, NJ (USA)    Sayreville, New Jersey

Sep 10 2008    8:00P
   Sonar w/ Pig Destroyer & Misery Index, Baltimore (USA)    Baltimore, Maryland

Sep 11 2008    8:00P
   Volume 11, Raleigh, North Carolina (USA)    Raleigh

Sep 12 2008    8:00P
   The Masquerade, Atlanta (USA)    Atlanta, Georgia

Sep 13 2008    8:00P
   Florida Death Fest - Jannus Landing, Tampa (USA)    Tampa, Florida

Sep 15 2008    8:00P
   Emo’s, Austin (USA)    Austin, Texas

Sep 16 2008    8:00P
   Circo Volador, Mexico City (Mexico)    Mexico City

Sep 18 2008    8:00P
   House of Blues, Los Angeles (USA)    Los Angeles, California

Sep 19 2008    8:00P
   The Grand Ballroom, San Francisco (USA)    San Francisco, California

Sep 21 2008    8:00P
   El Corazon, Seattle (USA)    Seattle, Washington

Sep 22 2008    8:00P
   Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver (Canada)    Vancouver, British Columbia

Sep 27 2008    8:00P
   Witchfest (South Africa)    Mooi River

Oct 9 2008    8:00P
   Capitol, Perth (Australia)    Perth

Oct 10 2008    8:00P
   HQ Complex, Adelaide (Australia)    Adelaide

Oct 11 2008    8:00P
   The Arena, Brisbane (Australia)    Brisbane

Oct 12 2008    8:00P
   The Metro Theatre, Sydney (Australia)    Sydney

Oct 13 2008    8:00P
   Billboard, Melbourne (Australia)    Melbourne

Oct 15 2008    8:00P
   Transmission Room, Auckland (New Zealand)    Auckland, Auckland

Oct 18 2008    8:00P
   Loud Park @ Saitama Super Arena (Japan)    Tokyo

Oct 19 2008    8:00P
   Diamond Hall, Nagoya (Japan)    Nagoya

Oct 21 2008    8:00P
   Big Cat Capa, Osaka (Japan)    Osaka

Nov 1 2008    8:00P
   Rock Al Parque, Bogata (Columbia)    Bogata, Bogotá (Distrito Capital)

Nov 2 2008    8:00P
   Estacionamiento de la Casa del Artista - Caracas (Venezuela)    Caracas

Nov 5 2008    8:00P
   Teatro Caupolican (Chile)    Santiago

Nov 8 2008    8:00P
   El Teatro Flores (Agentina)    Buenos Aires

Nov 9 2008    8:00P
   Santana Hall - Sao Paulo, (Brazil)    Sao Paulo

Nov 15 2008    8:00P
   Danish Metal Awards (Denmark)    Copenhagen

Nov 22 2008    8:00P
   Damnation Festival (UK)    Leeds, Northwest

Carcass set list:

01. Intro Tape
02. Inpropagation
03. Buried Dreams
04. Intro Tape
05. Corporal Jigsore
06. Carnal Forge
07. Intro Tape
08. Incarnate Solvent Abuse
09. No Love Lost
10. Edge Of Darkness
11. This Mortal Coil
12. Embodiment
13. Intro Tape
14. Reek Of Putrefaction
15. Keep On Rotting
16. Genital Grinder
17. Rotten To The Gore
18. Death Certificate
19. Intro Tape
20. Exhume To Consume
21. Ruptured (Intro)
22. Heartwork
23. Carneous (Outro)

I was going to sit this one out when Necrophagist was announced as the main supporting act, but them being replaced by Suffocation makes it worthwhile, I think.

Atlanta date it is.

Metal / Obituary/Unleashed US tour
« on: September 08, 2008, 04:47:33 PM »
Sep 16 2008     8:00P
   The Masquerade    Atlanta, Georgia

Sep 17 2008    8:00P
   House of Blues    New Orleans, Louisiana

Sep 18 2008    8:00P
   Lola’s    Fort Worth, Texas

Sep 19 2008    8:00P
   Scout Bar    San Antonio, Texas

Sep 20 2008    8:00P
   Scout Bar    Houston, Texas

Sep 22 2008    8:00P
   Seven    Mexicali, México

Sep 24 2008    8:00P
   House of Blues    West Hollywood, California

Sep 25 2008    8:00P
   Slims    San Francisco, California

Sep 26 2008    8:00P
   The Boardwalk    Orangevale, California

Sep 27 2008    8:00P
   Hawthorne Theater    Portland, Oregon

Sep 28 2008    8:00P
   Studio Seven    Seattle, Washington

Sep 30 2008    8:00P
   Bluebird Theater    Denver, Colorado

Oct 1 2008    8:00P
   The Beaumont Club    Kansas City, Missouri

Oct 2 2008    8:00P
   Station 4    St. Paul, Minnesota

Oct 3 2008    8:00P
   The Pearl Room    Mokena, Illinois

Oct 4 2008    8:00P
   Peabody’s    Cleveland, Ohio

Oct 5 2008    8:00P
   B.B. Kings Blues Club    New York, New York

Oct 7 2008    8:00P
   The Trocadero    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Oct 8 2008    8:00P
   Rex Theater    Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Oct 10 2008    8:00P
   The Palladium    Worcester, Massachusetts

Oct 11 2008    8:00P
   Rams Head Live    Baltimore

Oct 12 2008    8:00P
   Uncle Pleasants    Louisville, Kentucky

Oct 13 2008    8:00P
   Amos Southend    Charlotte, North Carolina

Oct 14 2008    8:00P
   Music Farm    Charleston, South Carolina

Oct 18 2008    8:00P
   Saitama Super Arena    Saitama City, Saitama

I'm in for the Atlanta show.

Metal / Seance reunites for new album
« on: April 11, 2008, 06:22:18 PM »
Swedish Death Metallers SÉANCE Are Back With 'Awakening Of The Gods' - Apr. 10, 2008

Are you ready for a death metal assault like no other? Are you hankering for that early '90s death metal sound that seems to have dropped off the radar? Search no further!

Native Swedish death metal act SEANCE is wired and ready to puncture eardrums like never before, with its new album "Awakening of the Gods". Completely recorded and mastered, this album is prepped and ready to flood the airwaves!

SEANCE's ball-busting internationally released premiere albums, "Fornever Laid to Rest" (1992, Black Mark Productions) and "Saltrubbed Eyes" (1993, Black Mark Productions) are a heavy dose of metal agression, packed with fury, ferocity, and fatal riffs! Several reviews hail "Saltrubbed Eyes" as one of, if not the most brutal death metal albums to date. But now, SEANCE is heavier than ever!

SEANCE members Rille Rimfält and Tony Kampner also play in WITCHERY (along with former SEANCE member Patrik Jensen, now with THE HAUNTED) and SEANCE drummer Mique Flesh also plays in FREEVIL.

Interested record labels should get in touch immediately to not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to release the best death metal album in years, SEANCE’s "Awakening of the Gods".

"Awakening of the Gods" track listing:

01. Wasted
02. They
03. Your Time Has Come
04. Invocation
05. Flight of the Wicked
06. Murder
07. Choose Your Eternity
08. Forever Haunted
09. Revel in Death
10. Prisoner 666
11. Burn Me

SEANCE 2008 is:

Rille Rimfält (WITCHERY) - Guitar
Johan Larsson - Vocals, Bass
Tony Kampner (WITCHERY) - Guitar
Mique Flesh (FREEVIL) - Drums

For more information and audio samples, click here.

Three new tracks are up on their Myspace. All of them are pretty uninspired.

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