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Metal / 666 MAKE WAR NOT LOVE 666
« on: April 08, 2017, 10:13:16 AM »
Can some evil spirit trace first use of slogan MAKE WAR NOT LOVE/PEACE in black metal, as well as outside of it (I blelieve it came from something industrial related), and perhaps provide graphics or sources? It proved to be very influential for BM ethos so it is for the just cause - for scientific research!

Metal / Even more Sadistic Metal Reviews?
« on: December 10, 2013, 05:00:54 PM »
Testament - For 20+ years, this band has survived by parasitically leeching the last dregs of credibility from dying subgenres.  When Testament makes an album in a given style, you know it is over.

Truly sadistic review deals with entire discographies. Some bands don't deserve anything better. But then, fun might be way too short. I believe that is why Deathmetal.org reviews Satyricon's album one by one. I'll give it a try however.

Satyricon - semi-relevant years (1992 - 1996)

To put it in one sentence: something is played and it's mainly black metal. While nothing is gained here, the time is lost. There's no sense in writing about how it supposedly goes nowhere (because often that might not be the case) or how it even fakes its intent to say something meaningful. Every other band at the time had some ambition and took their freedom to define styles within genre. Even if there were vast differences in artistic abilities and even some misunderstandings, you could take anything from Burzum to Gehenna and still hear different approach. But Satyricon starts already as an imitation. This music is as hollow as look on Satyr's face. It is hard to experience anything other than boredom here. Satyricon serve as an example, that nailing the blueprint of black metal, either with cynical or honest intents, is a short sightedness and too "intellectual" creation of orthodoxy turns out insufficient despite dramatic attempts to create interesting interactions between riffs.

Interzone / Pig-chimp love
« on: December 01, 2013, 11:03:14 AM »
ANUS posted:

Not only this backward thinking is futile, because we don’t produce our future from it in any way, but it gives common people more justifications to degrade themselves. I believe, that West is the only culture, which uses its past to deconstruct itself. Europeans and their descendants are the only people fixated on such things and coincidentally the only ones already without “protection” provided by religion. “Science” became proposed as one, albeit only if it’s not defying liberal conventions. Such theories will be in the end felt only by Europeans/westerners/whites/whatever, while other cultural/ethnic/religious group will perceive it in such way: “See? Now Europeans acknowledged, that they came from pigs”. They won't perceive it as a "truth" about them as well. It’s fascinating how this is identical to some of the rabinic teachings about goyim being nothing but a pigs.

Now, from nihilist point of view, such fact cannot be offensive in any way. Nihilism will not place universal attribute to given phenomenon, but define its meaning in given context and by its interactions. Is what I’ve done above valid then? Whoever posted that news was bought by line about machiavellian and greater good from something seemingly repulsive, hence “bad”. There it was order in state in a very traditional meaning, albeit achieved through oppression and morally questionable tactics, but how one could attribute “good” into creation of human from nihilist standpoint? It’s also a moment, where it loses its conservatism, because there everything is created from above. Of course you could place there “reality” but that won’t resolve everything. I think, that’s where every nietzscheanism meets its dead end and while initially liberating in order to find greater, holistic meaning, it starts to strip itself one piece after another. Liberals claimed that science can only brought harm to those unable to stand truth it uncover. Nihilism brought here new “objectivity”, because liberal became outdated and narrow (excluded intangible). Nihilism exclude human perception if it's unrelated to reality. But some aspects of human perception would be difficult to explain on basis of philosophies inspired by darvinism, yet maybe as such they are still a functional (which means "proper") part of reality? Nihilism could be effective method, but only potentially, while blunt force of masses, oblivious to higher truths and don’t asking questions became closer to ideal of cosmos in motion.

Metal / Belphegor - The Last Supper
« on: November 13, 2013, 03:02:47 PM »
Belphegor on The Last Supper shows growing avareness of black metal paradigm and gradual adaptation of some of its melodic ideas, before the band took path of which Marduk is infamous. At the same time its nature is transitional, incosistent in its artistic goals. Similar to their first Ep, which is like demo material that wasn't practised by sufficient amount of time in order to discern only those parts which are usefull, we can hear some stylistic quirks here. It sounds a bit random on song level and a bit directionless on album level. It's not brutal death metal. It's more of a phrasal variety. It borrows solutions and aesthetics of Sepultura, Deicide, Malevolent Creation and maybe Obituary. Unnecesarily, more advanced stylistics of Emperor and Morbid Angel are superimposed on their own aesthetics which ends up in conflict not only with nature of this music, but also with production which they, I'm sure, carefully and intentionally choose. Separate riffs and even whole sequences are good in my opinion and while it may be a matter of sheer luck, parts at which they work are great. Usually whole piece is a bit too disorganized but instead of achieving eventual genuine chaos they end up with merely incompleteness. So the case is, I won't be listening to this because mentioned parts tend to appear out of nowhere (of course in relation to older styles, as we learned what tech/math/core proved to be capable of) and end prematurely, so the whole experience, instead of being about following narrative became waiting for such parts in similar manner as one waits for hooks in pop music. It's really a matter of ratio. It's not constant as on one of those boring realeases out there. What constitutes an average here are its undeniable heights and lows. Belphegor on The Last Supper is better than many, but in the end will fall into obscurity because of incoherence. However, I think that there is a room for such realases. They can be beneficial from musician's point of view as a kind of repository of ideas - to took the good ones (and some of them can't be found elsewhere) and compose something more meaningful out of them. Those later albums of Belphegor are entirely vapid to me.

By the way, is there any really brilliant band/album in that style? Sometimes Niden Div is mentioned in that context, but I think that it is entirely different entity - at least partially because of haunting and ever present ambience of grey trench-like monotony and sensation of inescapabilty they managed to create there. Maybe there is a general misconception in approach to such music (blackened death). They aren't quite there with techiques they utilize, as one expects something "deeper", while in fact they should be listened in a same way as works which are overtly primitive?

Interzone / What could be better, what can be done
« on: January 26, 2013, 09:27:12 AM »
Loosely related to:




Im not very oriented in recent situation, because of my long absence, but it seems that forum is withering. Topics are uninteresting and non-stimulating. I know that there are not much new material to discuss, and we know most of our opinions, but there are other problems as well. I'm against much of DLA evolution since mid 2000's. It was often gruesome and provocative back then. Now, with new, more serious layout, artwork and more mainstream political direction it's somehow inapropriate. I really liked the old, longer articles, which were instrumental to conceptualization of DLA's platform, even if time wasn't kind for some of them, instead of those recent blog posts. Especially when they are short and vulgar comments takes most of space. I think that we should cut off comments section. They really doesn't bring anything "recyclable" to our table.

Audiofile should be reformed. There are problems with hosting services, so maybe we could somehow get our own space (I'm just asking as I'm quite illiterate in computer science)? Maybe we could aquire some goods by a means of users donation? Then maybe we could expand it to other fields of arts instead of just music? Those few movies, reproduction of certain visual arts, important texts of high literature as well as good, even more recent articles/journalism?. It would be projected as a more universal repository for those seeking traditional values, mostly Indo-European with selected works from other civilisations (because at first we should secure what is closest to us) each with it's own entry and appropriate description. Of course resources should be in various languages, but we can agree that layout/description could be universally in English. Why bother? Even if some of those resources are available elsewhere, here they would be tied to specific identity, which would be instrumental in creation political entity. What could differentiate us? It should be organized better than on those other sites. Resources digitalized, prefferably by us, according to standards set beforehand and with not-so-open-for-discussion context. Besides what we perceive as our more or less common and well formulated cannon, we could discuss less obvious inclusions on the forum, without haste but with bit of arbitrariness provided by Anus staff, veterans, or maybe some external authorities. It sounds ambitious and more like life-long project, but why not? Everything is open to debate here. But first, we should get our music back because it's not so easily obtainable, as one could think. Problems with hosting services eliminated large part of musical blogs, boards etc.

And what about Wikipedo's entry? Or maybe we don't want such attention?

By the way: I personally need two things from users.

First: we are deprived of non-FLAC Ildjarn Landscapes. I would be much obliged if someone could upload that for me, in reasonable mp3.
Second: Can somebody provide scans of everything but the main content of Ride the Tiger? By everything but main content I mean parts absent from version available for example here http://www.kathodos.com/ridethetiger.pdf, such as preface or foreword, edition notice and especially notes and index (in English of course). Could anybody recognise this edition? Is that edition of Inner Traditions, translated by Joscelyn Godwin and Constance Fontana?. Are there any other editions in English?

Metal / Metal without equality
« on: November 24, 2011, 04:24:46 PM »
There's an interesting matter which may create another argument for placing ANUS entry on wikipedo, or at least getting it mentioned as a long time historians, cultural researchers, philosophers, contextualizers and simply as one ULTIMATE source on metal. In Wikipedo entry on heavy metal, which by the way became more and more stupid and inclusive, there is a cite note (no. 38) from article now accessible only through web archive since its native site is dead. I think that article itself was discussed or at least linked on this forum few years ago.


It's a paradox that they mentioned younger (than Anus/DLA) source which in turn mentions Prozac, when primary, superior source is nowhere to be found on whole damn entry. Yet there are plenty articles of lesser significance from short lived sites to support various stupid claims. We know that's because Anus actually evaluate movements and outputs in genre, reject false and irrelevant and simply refuse to distort definition for those unable to fulfill prerequisites for "metal". For them it is everything noisy and distorted (or at least with that certain makeup) and any distinction seems impossible to their rationalist minds, yet they somehow manage to miss composition.

Mr. Prozac, maybe you should finally write a book?

Metal / Occidental Observer writes about Metal
« on: November 08, 2011, 08:07:26 AM »

As always with such people, they just don't get it - they need to be fooled by iconography or explicit themes to consider something worthy or of importance to whites.

And somehow idiots in comments section seem to prefer white trash Anselmo and uninspired, hollow music of Amon Amarth or others from irrelevant viking sub genre (probably simply because it's supported by something they actually can understand - over the top, trivial imagery) over the "real" metal.

Interzone / Re: Your choice of Holocausts
« on: September 15, 2011, 05:36:45 PM »
Take your pick:

    Obvious. A bunch of Nazis and their inflammatory leader rail against you, blame problems on you, call for your extermination, and then begin a slow encroachment on you with laws that scream out YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE. Eventually, they invade the rest of Europe and help local populations enslave you. The disadvantage of this is that it is brutal, but the advantage is that you can see it coming from miles away, which is why the net contribution of Hitler to Jewishness was (a) an increased awareness of the need for Jewish nationalism a.k.a. Zionism and (b) a giant IQ filter that slaughtered off the stupid, oblivious, insane and impoverished Jews while sending the wealthy and intelligent to America, the UK and Israel.

    Cryptic. Everyone talks about tolerance, peace, love and keeping you alive UNTIL it is discovered that you are (a) rich and (b) having a bad relationship with your neighbors, who happen to be brown, e.g. objects of pity and symbols of altruism for those in the West. Suddenly, you are the Nazis in their minds, and they will not stop at anything short of forcing Israel into compromising positions, while discriminating against Jews at home.

You think I'm full of it? It's what happened in the Soviet Union. Lenin and Trotsky were Jewish; 40% of the Soviet high command were Jewish. A few years later, they were all gone, many dead. The social fashion that is liberalism shifted against them once they were seen to be a privileged population, e.g. a successful one. The same thing has been noticed in the West.

Liberal resentment knows no bounds. It has one agenda: equality, by punishing the successful and giving to the unsuccessful. Reversal of evolution. Decay. That's all.

    Republicans jumped on the Democrats’ Tuesday loss of the congressional seat given up by disgraced U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner as a sign of eroding Jewish support for President Barack Obama and his party.

    New York’s heavily Democratic 9th Congressional District, centered on Brooklyn and Queens, is one of the most Jewish in the nation, and the Democratic candidate was an Orthodox Jew.

    "This Republican win in an overwhelmingly Democrat district is a significant indicator of the problem that President Obama has in the Jewish community,” Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matt Brooks said after Republican Bob Turner won Tuesday’s special election, an outcome that few had predicted a couple of months ago. - CNN

Jewish voters have figured out the obvious:


They have realized that while Hitler was a hateful goon, he was at least an honest one.

Not so with liberals.

Smile, stab in back. Repeat.

And they do it all with a justification: "Well, if Jews are rich, and Palestinians are brown, then the Jews must have oppressed dem Palestinians!"

Liberals aren't very bright. They are the party of the prole. And the prole is good at nothing, except blaming other people for his problems.

All nationalists should stand with Israel and the Jewish people. Defend them against this slow but certain indirect genocide. Support them in their quest for a nationalist state. The rights we want are the rights they want and we can help each other. Maybe we can even mend the scars of WWII, and finally bury that fratricidal fucking war.

To the author of "Your choice of Holocausts", as I don't want to post serious data in such comment section as you got there.
It's a very weak reasoning complete with americanized simplified "I don't care" knowledge about history. You are in serious need of data to improve accuracy of your conclussions. I feel same sensation as when encountered about metal by a total outsider who know only mainstream, facile perception of phenomenon or listens to modern simple garbage without essence but with lot of imagery. It's also a grotesque situation when you insult other nationalists either by your ignorance or typical western carelessness, suggesting, that they should made amputation of quite recent memory. Memory which is crucial not only for every sane person but especially for those seeking to build upon tradition. I know that history of your country don't combine with Jews in such drastic way, but there are many others. You should remember and know something about them if you are also addressing to them such calls as in the article. If you care of course.

Your reasoning about only early communistic cadre being Jewish is wrong, as well as supposed reason of assassinations between them. Also calling stalinism, responsible for many purges later on, liberal is a dubious interpretation. There are also other than materialistic or other populist (proletari's despise against those better than them) reasons for antisemitism. They were hostile, alien and disloyal. Parasitic, because they were working toward their own particular goals on organisms of other nations. Finally - genocidal when encountered the local elites:

One Jewish elite was often slaughtered by other (Zinowjev and Kamenev were also Jewish), as in case of mainly Jewish communists dropped on parachutes in 1941 near occupated Warsaw to form a competitive to sovereign, protected by invading Red Army, government, which gained legitimacy when West short-sightedly traded this part of the world to Stalin. While Polish communistic party was before war illegal in Poland and totally marginal (Surprised? I know that common perception of Eastern Europe is that they were pro-communistic proles. People hated them or was at least suspicious - probably remembering Battle of Warsaw 1920, to which they found enough motivation to win), Jews got legal, relevant parliamentary force. They also got legal, mainly socialistic but also communistic and zionist organizations and parties. Certain Polish nationalists got programs similar to early German plans, focusing on deportation Jews to place where they could be themselves. Of course for most of them it was an example of unacceptable antisemitism and, having proper apparatus, they opposed such initiatives. It's worth to mention, that their communities also breed faster back then, which brings on understandable ethnic anxiety of Poles/Slavs in newly reborn Poland. Those Jews were cheerful and joyous when 17 September 1939 Red Army attacked nation where they had such good conditions to live and one can hear them saying then, that it's their people coming. Before war Poland was a center of world's Jewry and was famous for its tolerance/blindness, Jews called it their place to live. Also through history Poland gave shelter to Jews banished from other countries many times. From Russia after Great war, and for the last time in 1939, from Germany, right before World War II). Then holocaust of remaining Polish elites begun as well as force fed propaganda and famous social sovietization which last for almost half century. However you must know, that through first years after war, remnants of old society was reluctant to new authorities. Similar to Russians - it wasn't that happy prole revolution as it is often carelessly presented. Maybe because uneducated people were stubborn or simply suspicious, communism was still weak and uncertain in Russia, even after 1917. In Poland terror, deceit, and Russian occupation finally established new order. Then, a new generation was created. Made by institutions of which you can knew only from Orwellian 1984 (you know that when we say about todays American or liberal/secular fascism or totalitarianism it's merely a silly word play compared to regimes behind red curtain), by new, one and only allowed ideology of Marx and Lenin interweaved with cult of Stalin. A generation comprised of people either truly committed to ideology or simply cynical and opportunistic and of those living in fear and apathy if they choose to doubt in sovereignty of Poland and rejected official ideology. Also ethnically it's a wreck to a point when nobody knows who is who.

You made your statement like someone still in power to distribute privileges to minorities, while you're not:

To this day Jews fights against every form of Polish nationalism and tradition. It's totally preventive, because believe it or not, despite deceptively created, popular image of this country, nationalism is non existent as a significant mindset let alone political movement, unless you want to mention some marginal, reactionary and embarrassing radicals who are undoubtedly convenient as a role models to distort overall image of nationalism or conservatism. It's a divided society, defined by path choosen by their post war ancestors (plus modern, liberal products of rabid westernization to which future belongs I'm afraid). And since Jews got their influences and creates various pressures, they doesn't have to be militant, they can just resort to passive aggression now to create moral standards of what is right and what is wrong. Because nationalism consists also of tradition and history of people - it's hard to forget  their double standard, but it's easy to understand why their nationalism can't be similar to that promoted by Anus - because their is more realistic, darvinistic and hence often bloody. In some sense they just know better and you are, with such stance as in the article, merely a descendant of European liberal tradition of which modern world is logical consequence. Let's be honest - you propose some liberal, western and compromised form of nationalism while Jews got more proper and effective version. Of course forbidden if someone is against them on any level as can be seen by their anti-national policy everywhere outside of Israel. So I don't buy your kumbaya stance on nationalism, and i think it can be harmful. There are animosities between nations analogical to animosity between individuals. I hate some of them either because of their actions (often it's connected to concepts of what is proper, just and desired in my culture) or I "hate" their presence near me because they are too incompatible with me (again it's about standards). Never because of envy or because they are successful on some level. On the other hand I know that you probably know all of that but tries to promote nationalism "with human face", which would be beneficial to all, but I think that this time it should be truth and only truth from the beginning, without some sort of catch revealed later.

They are overtly hostile to my country. They are opposing every will of others to have nationalistic state. I can't have nationalistic country because of either direct actions of their moral authorities or because of pervasiveness of ideas they were stressing so much over the years. It doesn't mater if it would mean mutual cooperation between our nations. It's simply not their policy for others, because it's better to have net of influences than clear physical division. I can't have it because it could obstruct their influence over it and that's precisely against the policy of Israel toward rest of the world: To concentrate there foreign profits. Germans for example, with Siemens and few other also done that quite recently. It's just those double standards which prohibits others from creating goals based on national identity, by recalling moral imperative (distant but still, derivation from Jews own religion), and misconceptions of justice, lined with disdain for others written in their cannons. Everyone seem to disdain revenge, but of course in case of Israel it's justified, as a form understandable revenge or righteous retribution for holocaust. It also weakened our ties with reality as can be seen by condition at which West seems to be. Some assume that they are doing it to prevent violence against them, that they got enough of persecution through ages. Do they really believe that, for example some weak, small European countries, if nationalized, will attack Near East atomic power subsidized by USA and UK? Not to mention that most of those countries will be dependant on one level or another to members of their diaspora? I seriusly doubt that. It's just obvious that ethnocentrism is permitted only for them. So the rights we want are same rights they want, for sure, but they already have them and decided that we aren't supposed to. It's of course not within my power, but how can one gave more support for Israel as a nationalist state (they ALREADY got it, on they own terms, yet I, as I presented in my historical argument, thanks to their, also most recent "support", can't) if THEY don't want to be there?

If I wrote something historically inaccurate - go on correct me. Let's discuss.

Metal / Technical questions about bass guitar
« on: January 19, 2011, 10:51:53 AM »
Ok. I have never wasted space for something like that, but now I need help from people of which I know that they are competent in their METAL, and I know that there were similar thread about electric guitar. Other sources didn't even know what Death Metal really is, so they are wasting my time talking about how most bands uses drop D tunning (!) and quoting their nu-metal or metalcore examples.

I would like to know what kind of basses are used by Death Metal musicians (Immolation, old Suffocation, Incantation, old At The Gates, Morbid Angel, old Cryptopsy, Deeds of Flesh, Sinister, Monstrosity, Asphyx etc.), but even more than about certain models (as they're unaffordable for me) I'm curious WHAT KIND OF PICKUPS they use (humbuckers exclusively? is it as obvious and self evident as with electric guitars? or is there a wide range of preferences among Death metal musicians in that matter?) and HOW MANY FRETS they usually have.


Metal / UNHOLY FEST Ostrava 23-24-25.07.2009
« on: May 06, 2009, 04:57:45 PM »
Don't bother if you're not near central Europe
But seriously I post only to criticize...


What's wrong with the lineup?
2)Bands ranging from gay black metal to those somehow affiliated with ns - nobody cares, very credible
3)Old classics and declared posers (gues who's gonna play longer?)

No, really it's amazing: Infernus Gorgoroth (they barely left the court) vs new Gaahl's band God Seed (haha) or God Seed, Root, Shining vs Impaled Nazarene and those few ns remnants - its a mall not uderground music (there's something for everyone).

Metal / Malvery
« on: January 26, 2009, 03:42:44 AM »
Just a thought:

Malvery - Mortal Entrenchment In Requiem

If you are a person which knows a history of Mayhem and not some teenage goth worshiping suicide, you have already put all histery (a word which is probably liked a lot by this band) which may be implicated by this release aside.
At one mode what we have here are comphrehensive structures and standard tremolos but they sounds somewhat like if they're created to not satisfy simplier melodic expectations, deviating in last notes of a phrase. Second mode is slow, doomish, seemingly chromatic randomness connected by motifs easier to grasp in a way which reminds of Belketre.
Fast paced black metal blast beats often disintegrates into breakbeats in 3/4 of a phrase which gives unpleasant feeling that they still introducing something which never occurs or that the music is one big fill between main riffs. It's a doom metal technique and sounds more apriorate in slower sections. But even there it sounds like drummer chose to jam over it rather than figure out these long riffs or at least crucial places in them.
Vocal sillyness accidentally brought broad spectrum of reminescences like Atilla Csihar, Implaled Nazarene, early Anthrax, early Pink Floyd and grunge/sludge to name a few. Of course such technique is a bit risky and while it sometimes manage to accent certain parts, it often misses, sounds uncompetent in its attempts to achieve harmony with guitar or simply pitiful and stupid.
Important thing that come to mind is that the guitarwork is uncoherent with supposed content of music or theme it wants to represent. It sounds like vocalist came after recording, listened few times and planed where to sing his melodrama either in consonanse or dissonance with phrases and forced what this music is supposed to be about.
Formally it's not typical SDBM, but that being said, it's still too much of unbearable goofines and grotesque not to say fagotry and too many poor choices and confused techniques to enjoy this even if you can forget about idiotic impulse that forged it (and you shouldn't in the first place).

Metal / Metalhead cause a "tragedy" in Poland
« on: December 08, 2008, 02:50:47 PM »
At the district covered by bad fame, Burzum fan stabbed to death his neighbour. Coverage reveals
possibility, that the other guy was some kind of oppressor for Burzum guy's grandfather. I think
it's case from october or november.


During the first 1:30 few persons are "reconstructing" crime. It seems that victim and Burzum
guy's grandfather were fighting on the street. Then Burzum guy came and backstabbed victim.

1:30 Victim's mother: He wasn't such bandit to make someone something. Well they were fighting
sometimes. He was overreactive, you need to speak with him gently, then everything was fine. 

2:25 Reporter: Does he (Burzum guy) tells something about situation on neighbourhood?
2:28 Funny bandmate: No, he was a type of loner. he wasn't botherered by such things. I have
never seen him angry, he's always turn things into a good laugh.

2:52 Burzum guy's grandfather: I don't want any sensations because they will destroy me, I'm
already destroyed. I will jump in the fire for my grandson and he will jump for me. That kid was
an angel in human form.
3:10 Reporter: Why does that happen?
3:12 Burzum guy's grandfather: Because that person, deceased person was persecuting me for few
years. He was even shoting at me that day with air-gun.
3:24 Reporter: neighbours said that you were conflicted with local youth.
3:30 Burzum guy's grandfather: Not with youth. With bandits.

3:40 Crowd (about grandfather): he was always bickering...he's always saying that he's going to
lock up everyone...it doesn't matter for him is it girl or boy...
4:20 Incognitos: His (grandfather) fault was fact that he was fighting with those youth, he was
even vulgar, but with such youth, they just don't get it other way; he just want to live in

4:45 Reporter: Do you feel any guilt?
4:47 Burzum guy's grandfather: No. Nor my grandson. We're innocent.
4:50 Reporter: Is it true that You were punching dying victim with your staff?
4:53 Burzum guy's grandfather: Yes it is true.
5:01 Reporter: But he was dying already.
5:03 Burzum guy's grandfather: He attacked me. He tried to kill me. I don't care.

5:45 Victim's mother: I don't want any revenge. There is court and god for such things.
5:59 Reporter: could you possibly forgive him?
6:02 Victim's Mother: I have already done that. Because my religion orders that.

True tragedy: Condition of society (if at least one of them were guilty) or dogmatized view on
death (if victim was a scum). My first thought was: damn, another unstable kid. But after killed
guy's mother statement from 1:30 (just look at her eyes when she shamefully tried to excuse her
son's character, saying in plural to make all this sound less drastic) I also realized that
supposed victim was PROBABLY a common thug and deserved his fate. But it doesn't matter for
society, because he had wife and kid (since when procreation is such a high achievement? It can
be done without brain actually). Main argument against Burzum guy's grandfather is that he was
paranoid, annoying and hostile toward district's youth. I can understand that, I know few fucked
up old people bickering without recognition for reality but also I must say that every person of
slight higher standard, outnumbered and placed in such context would react that way. Still I
think it was more of copycat (and done badly) than statement or attempt to fix something.

Reality: Such places(if not entire towns) are often populated exclusively by vulgar whores (here
called girls), negro-like thugs (here called boys) and their alcoholized parents, all of them
living on the lowest intelectual and cultural level. their parents consider this a norm, a
standard and don't bother because their kids are just like them or pretends it's all right
because young people act in such manner these days. Their offspring are free to do all-wrong life
choices and are condemned to further degeneration, making problems for the rest of society
ranging from economical burden to physical threat.

Interzone / At the Gates - TRITSIO review
« on: November 10, 2008, 09:30:05 AM »
At The Gates - The Red In The Sky Is Ours

Production: Instruments are given very suggestive tone leaving every aspect of the record in an autumnal shade. Not entirely epitome of "Swedish sound", it is thinner and separated, more like the sound of future Goethenburg.

Review: Being highly aware of Norsk movement, these musicians took a different path than their more overtly rhythmic Swedish counterparts, coding rythm within fluid, often multi layered melodies rather than placing it as a main conveyor of themes. Music moves forward joyfuly in its intents, towards the triumph of moral lawlessness, celebrating achievements it has made so far. Guitars play their topics almost verbally, with certain dramatics, crossing the border of abstract symbolism and pushing their voices to a visual art. Melodic and progressive riffs are often driven into conclusions  resembling serialism in its "progressions", but manage to convey their strange beauty with gentleness and ease, instead of being a disjointed collection of notes, and succeed at it, even despite their intricacy by leaving internal conflict on a riff plane while the whole piece remains harmonic.

Major movements are done unconstrainedly, without pretense but with swift, intuitive logic and consequence possessed only by the most talented narrators. Sporadic, tasteful usage of folk violins laid on tremolo guitar phrases displays something which is apparent to those searching for proper context of this release: that they came from the same source and are utilized towards the same goal. Distinct percussion is placed on the record as a precise movement indicator, albeit not being one, often makes endeavor to express the same motive as the guitar but with its own means. As a byproduct it creates a satisfactory complexity and a sensation of interaction to the point where at moments of their greatest unity the two instruments melt into inseparable texture where their hierarchy becomes less obvious, seemingly influencing one another, while rationality still demands a retainement of melodic development as a main architect. Desperate vocal can only be compared to those of Burzum in terms of emphasizing an emotion of sorrow and misery but with a struggle loving spirit and sinister taste for uneasy victory of self realization and recognition of method of describing hither blurred reality. Its tendency to move its narration via chaotic bursts done within the space of percussion complementing its choices are well established Death Metal techniques (Slayer, Deicide) but here are used in a manner that creates more tension, which reveals compositional awareness greater than with simplier bands and actually adds dynamics rather than merely simple theatrical effect of brutally ripped silence. While astonishingly subtle, the music still remains cold and merciless as nature itself, like a predator and its prey participating in the same process, depicting the full spectrum of experience of life.

It's an attempt to soldify a characteristic for Death Metal semi-concept album, accomplished through compactness despite its abrupt start/stop method of articulation, in which every part is longing for another with peculiar dependency between them. As death is the consequence of life, every part here is an introduction to the next as it follows its mostly narrative structure, but with reoccurrences of moods, before a grotesque convulsion takes them away, if they are equipped with multiple possibilities of transition, into a different direction. If they are crafted like there's no logical continuation for them, to maintain clarity it leaves them behind while persevering their implication on meta-structure, in similar manner as nature act with those, who are undesired to reproduct, recognizing it as a necessary condition for further developements to occur.

As one may find the record  self referential in few places, it is disputable at best as it indeed placed itself in certain context and wished to extend its content probably too literally and  aside from the art, but without trying to make a theme out of it nor of itself, all of which is a favourite manner of those with populistic purposes to reach an audience orientated on externalized, simplistic messages. Sensible, individualistic songwriting of the main guitarist Alf Svensson, delicacy and holistic consciousness remain as factors which immunize this genuine band from immitators better than other, more obvious efforts to ezoterize the genre, namely excessive brutality and overtechnicality.

Metal / Atrocity - Todessehnsucht Concept
« on: October 18, 2007, 06:47:43 AM »
Songs can be somewhat sorted, judging by perspective of narration, in two categories : individual mourning (at present or beyond time at all) and world downfall (from its cause to consequences chronologically, past to future) but both are placed in the same reality.

Status quo is being showed:
It seems at first as a desire for, or maybe nostalgia about values that was represented by God (at least as a idealized symbol of old=healhy times)or his safe,warm illusions, but it's used only to accent how empty cult of individualism of "self nominated gods" corrupted reality. Human is now detached from its context. Only death can bring ballance to our lives and put us in right place, thus we are seeking it artificially in this twisted, confusing realm. But hovever sadly it is, godless years seem to show us who are we and what is our predestination, destroying concept of human purpose created by many relligions.

Then concept of seeking knowledge about life reveals itself:
Alchemist of some kind begun his faustian quest(is it a sample from some movie?).
Journey begins from finding your own "voice", then you must be prepared for battle against all others, whose path is wrong. Some verses express truth that humans cannot exist without conflicts and are blinded by their passions. Heroic values seem to be destructive and affecting our free will, but paradoxically they made us sane in old times, through our aspirations toward dominate over our (even if selected by wrong factors) enemies. But even if so, it is rather a thesis about our motivations that would be later clarified by conclusion of album, than something deceitful that we should rebel against (this album gives some answers).
Next there are shown disturbing images of cycle we inevitably following but also how we are weakening ourselves by that. It seems that there is nothing else left than resignation and passive following. Or isolating from it, seeking absolute perfection of death. Knowing the truth about reality is a torment, which makes living on (dying)earth unbearable (or maybe it is accuse of modern world, socialization and its false, confusing ways which tries to separate humanity from its true nature and that causes inner suffering?). And then comes enlightenment...

Alchemist tried to escape the death but he only realizes that it was deceptive aspiration because afirmation and understanding of death, its role in nature and our lives (so called death impulse acting as a motivator to progress) is necessary to be trully alive (it sounds like that knowledge made him insane). Knowledge about life is useless without conception of death.

Like on their previous concept album wich was more or less extract from "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo"(with darker but also stereotypical psychological background, like someone needs excuses for taking drugs) Atrocity on Longing for Death maintain same fatalistic and suicidal atmosphere. I hate concept behind Hallucinations because lyrics is being wrote in primitive, very literally style of emotional yelping about "Abyss of Addiction" (albeit guitarwork is inspiring). Same with their Blue Blood. I just can't accept their socially engaged lyrics about how world gone bad (at least not on level they have presented there). It's closer tied with punk or grindcore than death metal (which usually don't condemn, or estimate but rather show you reality leaving valuation up to your judgement).

Can somebody translate latin sentence in Introduction?