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Topics - Apocalyptic Raves

Interzone / Meaning of the word Voivod
« on: April 11, 2008, 11:44:51 AM »
From what I could forage from wikipedia, it comes from the slavic word voivode which means some kind of military commander. In english, it would be a count, duke, or prince. Most famous example would be Vlad Tepes.

I'm a nuclear creature
For atomic fight
Come with me in my spider line
In the black hole of the night
Your visit is short today
Don't worry in the terror you stay
And if you don't trust me
I'll chop your body to eat

Whenever I listened to this song, the first track on War and Pain, it always brought up images of some post apocalyptic robot warmaster of death, but possibly referring to Vlad Tepes makes sense too.

Interzone / Skepticism -- borrowing from Clockwork Orange?
« on: March 07, 2008, 03:36:16 PM »
Some guy at the bar told me that the first track of Stormcrowfleet really closely resembled a score on A Clockwork Orange. Having not seen this movie in ages, does anyone know what this guy is talking about?

Interzone / Suicide
« on: November 10, 2007, 02:06:21 PM »
First off, based on the set of ideals and values that people on this site helped establish, am I wrong in the assumption that we can call certain actions, by their very nature "metal"?

A few examples would be burning down a Church, living in the forest for several months at a time, surviving a zombie apocalypse, etc. etc. etc.

If I'm not wrong in that assumption, is suicide a "metal" thing to do? In case you're wondering, no, I am not contemplating suicide.

If it were in fact a metal thing to do to take your own life, it would, no matter how you look at it, be a somewhat fatalistic decision. It could however be nihilistic in the grandest sense in that one may realize that their own body or mind has contributed nothing for the betterment of the world around it and must self terminate.

What I'm thinking is looking at death the way Per Yngve Ohlin would have. He seemed to look forward to death with profound joy and an admirable lack of apprehension. You can't exactly call this noble, but I think somewhere along the line, Dead realized he had done his purpose in this world and it was time to go.

So, again, for the right reasons, can suicide be a very metal, albeit fatalistic, thing to do?

Interzone / Punk
« on: October 28, 2007, 12:21:14 PM »
Let's face it, metal owes a lot to punk. But it seems like nowadays punk just hurts metal. On the one hand, if it weren't for the speed, aggression, and angst that punk brought to the underground, metal might not have been given the chance to evolve to thrash, speed metal, death metal, grindcore, etc.

On the other hand, punk musicians deny a lot of important things that metal nowadays needs. Few punk musicians will ever care if they master their instruments. Punk rock is a praise of simplicity, a resentment of musical finesse, which is something that metal desperately needs now (NOT to be confused with polished production).

What I think needs to happen is for metal to understand its history, but mostly ignore the modern punk/hardcore/crust/grindcore trends of today.

Interzone / The intro on Asphyx's Embrace the Death LP
« on: October 28, 2007, 11:52:15 AM »
Does anybody know what movie this came from?