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Interzone / Suffer the Little Children
« on: May 24, 2011, 01:37:07 AM »
Couple psychologically mutilates their offspring in order to earn massive good-guy progressivist leftist brownie points:


Enjoy this article and video about the "adult baby" phenomenon:


Metal / Metal Hardware Knowledge
« on: March 12, 2011, 07:30:02 PM »
After not touching a guitar for almost ten years, I have decided to return to the art and to try my hand at creating worthy metal in this period of stagnance and metal heterodoxy. However, I have almost no knowledge whatsoever of the technical/hardware aspects of electric guitar musicianship. I decided that ANUS is a much better community to direct my queries to than other metal/guitar forums because:

a. ANUS affiliates are more likely to have a grasp of how the various components of music-making relate to each-other in constructing a whole, instead of having an undue fixation with secondary or  tertiary aspects of musicianship (technicality, instrument-worship, wanking, etc). This seems like a place where one might cut through the bullshit of brand-loyalty and hobbyist fetishization of unnecessary components that leads the novice musician astray.

b. This might provide the ANUS forum community with an oppurtunity to exchange constructive input on the concrete, technical aspect of our shared Hessian culture. While it is evident that some of the best metal albums were crafted without the aid of carefully selected, expensive hardware, a good artist in a given craft generally seeks as much control over the exact nature of their creative output as possible. Sharing knowledge about the proper use of hardware seems like one way in which we can help each other become better musicians and thus more capable warriors in our holy campaign against all that is gay and unworthy in metal. Allahu Akbar.

That established, what has served you well in....

Guitars: What are the basic components of a guitar well-suited to black/death metal musicianship? What should one stay away from? In terms of brand and model, are there any positive or negative standouts?

Bass: Same questions.

Amplifiers: You get the idea.