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Interzone / A dry brain
« on: October 12, 2011, 06:58:36 PM »
I feel like my mind is blank too much of the time. Clear on the surface but vacuous.  It's like my mind doesn't have thought patterns to keep returning to to stay in tune -- at least I think that's how thoughtful people operate.

Not being in school at the time is part of this but even still, I fell as though there's a serious lack of brain exercise in my life. I try to read at least an hour a day, but this doesn't automatically keep my brain stimulated when I'm doing menial chores and such. 

What goes on in the mind of an ANUSite throughout the course of the day? Any tips on staying mentally active? How does one overcome the banality of day-today living?

Interzone / Article on design
« on: September 20, 2011, 10:14:05 AM »

For an irreducibly complex system, function is attained only when all components of the system are in place simultaneously. It follows that natural selection, if it is going to produce an irreducibly complex system, has to produce it all at once or not at all. This would not be a problem if the systems in question were simple. But they're not. The irreducibly complex biochemical systems Behe considers are protein machines consisting of numerous distinct proteins, each indispensable for function; together they are beyond what natural selection can muster in a single generation.

One such irreducibly complex biochemical system that Behe considers is the bacterial flagellum. The flagellum is a whip-like rotary motor that enables a bacterium to navigate through its environment. The flagellum includes an acid-powered rotary engine, a stator, O-rings, bushings, and a drive shaft. The intricate machinery of this molecular motor requires approximately fifty proteins. Yet the absence of any one of these proteins results in the complete loss of motor function.

Some adaptations are far to specific to have been the result of random mutation. The flagellum illustrates this; it didn't just poof into existence with all fifty proteins in place as a result of a random mistake during gene replication, nor did it evolve gradually from such a process. It's almost as if its form was pre-coded, probably in "junk" DNA.

Interzone / How does ANUS treat Untermensch In Real Life?
« on: September 17, 2011, 06:34:56 PM »
How many of ya'll are actually balls-out social Darwinists who treat dimwitted, ugly miscreants like shit and make sure they know their place?  I really doubt that to be the case, the average user of this site being a rail-thin, acne-ridden, deathly pale trailer park runt.  But even if you are a badass, and you do go out of your way to step on little people, what makes you think this is productive in any way besides swelling your ego? Isn't that time better spent helping out people with potential?  A noble warrior carries disdain for the weak, but he is not sadistic.  Call me faggot but I think being a loving person is the most courageous pursuit one can follow. I mean doesn't ANUS want to slaughter 90% of humanity out of love?

I was volunteering at a church fundraiser a few days ago and there was a disgustingly corpulent man helping out. Except, he wasn't really helping out because after moving a couple chairs he had to sit down and take a breather. He was friendly but had a dumb sense of humor and I was really just repulsed by the sight and sound of him. My hindbrain immediately ranked him as beneath me. But I wasn't mean to him, I even halfway listened during lunch as he explained how he checked his blood sugar. He was utterly ignored by us otherwise because we were busy

Thoughts? Opinions? Experiences?

Lately I've been thinking the only way the human race can rid itself of its destructive and degenerate habits is by experiencing complete infrastructural failure. In other words, people need to experience reality without modern amenities like running water, electricity, WalMart, welfare, sex toys, etc before a truly responsible society can emerge.