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And if you ever have a difficult time finding a particular album that isn't in the Audiophile or the aforementioned links, a good ol' Google search will do the trick. Just add "megaupload" or "rapidshare" to the search and you'll get results.

Though I do have a question for the original poster that I always was curious about. What is higher priority for purchase: quality bands that have don't have massive exposure, or the classics? Would my money be better off going towards Averse Sefira's "Advent Parallax", or Burzum's "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" ? I'm currently a student about to attend college and I don't have the money to support all of the greats. So I'd like to put the money I can spend to where it will count the most.

Interzone / Zeitgeist?
« on: October 05, 2008, 01:53:28 AM »
I'm sure some of you have seen the new Zeitgeist video and I was wondering what your thoughts on it were? It seemed to have dropped the entire "conspiracy" aspect of the first Zeitgeist (which I didn't care for) and put focus on the simple concepts of what makes (American) society corrupt.


Skip the first 2 minutes and the last 5 minutes.

Metal / Metallica releases DEATH MAGNETIC single for download
« on: August 23, 2008, 12:58:18 AM »
The Day That Never Comes
"The Day That Never Comes" is described as the most downbeat track on Death Magnetic, and is said to be reminiscent of Metallica's epic breakthrough single "One," which won a Grammy Award in 1990. Like previous ballads and downbeat songs by Metallica, including "One", "Fade to Black", "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)", "The Unforgiven", "Until it Sleeps" and "The Unforgiven II", it is the fourth track of the album. Rock Sound has also compared the song to the likes of Thin Lizzy. The intro starts out with clean guitars that carry into the verses, while the choruses are backed with heavily distorted guitars. The bridge speeds up gradually and eventually leads into fast paced harmony between the guitars and a long guitar solo by Hammett, as per usual, a build-up comparable to that of "One" and "Fade to Black"."

Painfully average and even a tad boring for a single