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Topics - burewestnik

But it leaked.

From their myspace:
"Legendary grindcore trailblazers BRUTAL TRUTH triumphantly return after 10 plus years with Evolution through Revolution, delivering yet another classic in the band's legacy of indispensable records. BRUTAL TRUTH nearly razes the genre they helped pioneer by setting another high water mark for grindcore to-come. The albums pure and vital hybrid of ear-shredding extremes virtually explodes out of the speakers with the urgency of the times. Simply stated, Evolution through Revolution is BRUTAL TRUTH at the height of its powers."

Metal / To the ANUS/Corrupt people in Berlin
« on: April 16, 2008, 10:20:59 AM »
If you are interested in a meeting of corrupters/anusers in Berlin, please pm me.
I think it`d be good to attend a classical concerto,
a hike in nature or a grave defilement.

Metal / Tom writes Hellhammer book
« on: October 29, 2007, 02:21:33 AM »
From http://erichisdead.blogspot.com/


I began this book project on a much smaller scale a number of years ago, and it has grown beyond all expectations. It will mark the conclusion of a frequently difficult path for me and, I believe, for Martin, as well. It is no secret that Hellhammer was often a truly ambiguous, even outright destructive topic in my life. Or, likely, in the lives of all of the band's former main members. It was, for a long time, difficult for most of us to come to terms with Hellhammer's often chaotic and radically varied legacy. Hellhammer was much maligned, both during its existence and for years afterwards. Moreover, it was frequently very challenging to come to terms with how others interpreted Hellhammer and how they referred to and expanded upon what we had once created.