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I expect that the night after they signed that petition, the vast majority of those people dined on the carcasses of tortured animals as products of the industrialization of death.

But that's "normal".


Shooting an animal which lived its life in a natural environment is "evil".

Liberals are scum.

Interzone / Re: Denigrating science to inflate the religious ego
« on: May 09, 2014, 11:56:26 AM »
Irritated again, crow? Angry? Attacked by those brutal materialist technicians?
You have no grasp of what science is. Other than your idea of what it can be at its worst.
Consider your own state, and contrast it to the careful, humble, objective state of the scientific mind.
Which do you consider generally more accurate, more truthful?

Be warned, Wild. Get back to your little spot on DM. This is not your area, and your attitude is not helpful, or permissible. You may discuss. You may not incite hostility and discord.

You know what crow? This site is deathmetal.org, not amerika.org nor crowslittledictatorship.org. That you constantly belittle/insult all the contributors whom you don't agree with, then turn around and lecture everyone on civility is fucking disgusting.

I was willing to defend you awhile back, but now it's completely absurd. Go ban me like Humanicide.

Interzone / Re: Denigrating science to inflate the religious ego
« on: May 09, 2014, 11:41:34 AM »
Irritated again, crow? Angry? Attacked by those brutal materialist technicians?
You have no grasp of what science is. Other than your idea of what it can be at its worst.
Consider your own state, and contrast it to the careful, humble, objective state of the scientific mind.
Which do you consider generally more accurate, more truthful?

Interzone / Denigrating science to inflate the religious ego
« on: May 09, 2014, 10:41:25 AM »
It's a popular thing in some conservative circles (and this forum of late) to stand up for religion against the terrible onslaught of fanatical scientific atheism that's single-handily destroying Western Civilization. Oh dear.

While the merits of this are still to be seen, what's most intriguing to me are the ways in which people go about counter-acting this. Science is accused of being arrogant, of not being able to explain how we got here, and not being able to explain why we exist.

It's my challenge that all 3 of these are absurd.

To the first, science is actually the most humble discourse humans have ever attempted to understand "reality" - and certainly far more so than religion. Consider: science never says it has the final answer. It is always open to new evidence and contemplation of things which were heretofore considered ludicrous. Not only that, but it is based upon observing what can be perceived, in a careful and verifiable way.

Contrast this to religion, which inevitably claims final and complete knowledge. It is extraordinarily reactionary against anything that contradicts its dogma, and its methods are almost entirely subjective, relying on what's occurring in the internal nervous system of the individual, whether from a true shaman or a dishonest epileptic rabbi. The problem with this is that it is impossible to communicate what was experienced, as nothing is external to be observed.

To the second, while science cannot yet answer that question, it is collecting information and forming hypotheses, until enough evidence is gathered to justify a conclusion. That's called humbleness.

You know what isn't humble?

Declaring: "God made the universe in seven days, the Sun orbits the Earth, and if you don't agree, prepare to get toasted."

Now, on to the last point. It's here that the criticism is true: science can't explain why we exist. However, why I think this charge is absurd is because nothing else can either. Sure, you can invent all sorts of reasons/explanations/bullshit, collect them in a holy book, and off you go; but that doesn't make it true.

What's particularly funny is that the people who do that call others arrogant!

Interzone / Re: Contribute to deathmetal.org
« on: April 30, 2014, 03:07:13 PM »
Today we ran the first post from our newest contributor, Aaron Lynn. It is an interview featuring Jeff Tandy, of Averse Sefira/Birth A.D. fame, in addition to his side-work as Professional Problem Causer.


Interzone / Re: It could be worse.
« on: April 23, 2014, 03:40:12 PM »
I think crow's frustration is that he desires the forum to reach a state in which it isn't necessary for him to explain why certain behaviors are unproductive.

Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« on: April 22, 2014, 05:10:07 PM »
Do you think it's possible to improve the intuition, beyond removing the ego?

Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« on: April 22, 2014, 03:39:26 PM »
I've started to consider intuition and intellect to be the same force, distinguished by speed and perhaps by how it is accessed.

When intuition manifests itself, it usually seems directed by a part of my brain that does not fall under my ego-program. It has to be injected into the Wild World before I'm cognizant of it. But, once I am, my thinking process can get to work on either it or its corollaries, before I shelve it for the time being. Then, sometime later, it will re-enter the conscious world with those enhancements packaged together by further development in the ego-less realm.

Perhaps the ego-realm is supposed to deal with problems like "Make tool, dig hole" whereas the intuition "force-process" can work underneath this without distracting. Then when the ego-realm is confronted with another situation, the intuition can suggest a method to do the action the ego-realm wants to commit.

I would consider both to be a type of thought and I don't see how one is really possible without the other. Intuition does seem superior in the sense that its conclusions aren't directly effected by ego, but it needs something to trigger it - and occasionally, to check it.

I occasionally reach states where both seem to be happening simultaneously - i'll think on a topic, something connected will enter my mind, the first will vanish, then I'll move on from the second and something combing both will enter my mind, ad nauseam.

The problem is I'm not doing anything else productive during these states. I tend to pace. Socrates stared at the sky. crows probably fly.

Interzone / Re: Contribute to deathmetal.org
« on: April 22, 2014, 03:11:27 PM »
On that note:

From now on, those who are blatantly moronic in the comment section on our news page are getting blocked. While our site cultivates a certain curmudgeoness, comments that attack our authors or other commentators do nothing but turn the discussion from the topic at hand to playground posturing.

If you want to do that, do it somewhere where the topic is irrelevant.

Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« on: April 22, 2014, 02:57:06 PM »
Tell me about your education.

Well, one day I decided to visit a black metal website calling itself ANUS, because I was frustrated with the lack of seriousness being shown to the genre anywhere almost anywhere else. I didn't know anything about the site's thoughts on any other subject other than metal, which I instinctually grasped immediately.

I started reading the site's other articles and had an emotional gut-reaction against it, due to its blatant contradiction to my left-humanist conditioning, but (intellectually!) I grasped that there was something that made sense here.

This started a long process of internal questioning and reading and re-reading of everything on the site, before I decided that this was worth supporting.

Oh, I also did the college shit too. Didn't learn much.

Interzone / Re: Contribute to deathmetal.org
« on: April 22, 2014, 02:28:56 PM »
If people took half the energy they spent on brooding about problems and applied that to solving them, we'd have fixed human society already.

But that would involve applying oneself to threat of action - which doesn't have the same safety net complaining in one's mind has.

We all die eventually.

Metal / Warrior on Melana Chasmata
« on: April 22, 2014, 11:58:15 AM »
As honest as ever:

At any rate, I, too, think Melana Chasmata might be the most deficient post-Celtic Frost reunion album I have been involved in. I have made uncounted such statements within the band during the extended time we were working on the album, and there exists a long string of very unambiguous mails to this effect, addressed to the band's management and to our partners at Century Media.

Melana Chasmata was an exceedingly difficult and complex album to make, and that is never a good sign. There were reasons for these difficulties, and they were far from superficial, on more than just one level. In the end, I couldn't have worked on this album for even one more day, even though I seriously pondered at least a remix, if not far more drastic revisions. But I eventually felt I needed to wrap it up and thus also conclude the entire emotional landscape attached to it.

Frankly, I personally am utterly puzzled by the extremely favourable opinions the album has garnered from most in our audience as well as from reviewers, record company, management, and fellow band members. My own stance is far, far more critical, and I have so far been unable to listen to the album as a whole. The faint light on the horizon, for me, is that I felt the same way about To Mega Therion in late 1985. Only a few years down the road did I begin to digest that album and its production, eventually enabling me to think of it as one of Celtic Frost's most significant albums.


Interzone / Re: Tell me about your education.
« on: April 21, 2014, 12:00:10 PM »
You are mistaking my stance for something you term 'buying-into'.
I read a comment by somebody else that said pretty much the same thing.
If there is an anti-intellectualism movement, then I am not aware of it.
But if there is, I can see why.
As with most things, I invented my version, myself, by myself.
Because of the chaos I've seen between self-identified intellectuals.

Have you considered the likelihood that the reason the intellectuals you've seen are questionable is because they're leftists? There are few real, open right-wing intellectuals still around.

These are quite sane:

Interzone / Contribute to deathmetal.org
« on: April 21, 2014, 03:50:08 AM »
    People occasionally write in and ask us if there's any way they can assist our endeavor to promote reckless sodomy quality death/black metal. While there are many ways, what we invariably ask is: "How committed are you?"

    The response we receive often consists of pledges towards strong commitment, shortly before never hearing from that person again. It is for this reason that we are often skeptical of such offers, even though we don't want to be.

    What we are looking for are:

    People who are reliable (ie, do not drop out after a couple weeks, nor repeatedly use the excuse of "things came up"). While things do occasionally come up, it does not take that much effort to spend 30-60 minutes a week contributing to the site.

    What you would be doing:

    Writing a weekly article. This could take the form of a news article, a review, or anything conceivably related to the genre. What you write is more or less up to you. Additionally, due to our position, we often are sent promotional materials for review, so this can be utilized as a source of material.

    While we appreciate those who send in the occasional piece, at this time we are explicitly looking for a regular commitment.

    Why we are doing this:

    In the near future, deathmetal.org will be undergoing some re-organization and shift of purpose. Those who have been with us for a long time are shifting their attention to new frontiers, and we need competent contributors to keep up with the quantity and quality of material the site has historically produced.

    Expect more on this shortly.

Interzone / Re: You are your grievance.
« on: April 19, 2014, 10:40:35 AM »
It worked for Cain.

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