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Interzone / Re: Defining God
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:10:14 PM »
I focused on Christianity in the OP, but parallels can of course be drawn with numerous other religions.  For example, if the "common modern interpretation" of Christianity might be compared to the layperson's Hinduism, that earlier "monastic" notion might be conflated with Dvaita Vedanta (Jiva/Atman and Ishvara are separate but ultimately conjoined), the primordial wisdom nothing other than Advaita Vedanta (Atman = Brahman; Tat Tvam Asi).

Isn't the Dao "that which cannot be qualified"?  I was also going to write a bit about how the world, from the perspective of the Advaitin, becomes nothing more than an organic process, sentient or non-sentient (it doesn't matter); as far as I can remember, this is close to (if not exactly) the Daoist perspective, that the Universe is growing, its growth watched from within and without, and that is all.

Interzone / Re: Suggestions
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:04:30 PM »
I don't think you need to churn out quite so much material: the focus on quantity has, as mentioned in the other thread, caused a drop in quality.  At that, if you can maintain the quantity while raising the quality, do it.

The plethora of "news" posts is irksome: more articles on the compositional foundations of Metal would be preferred, as far as I'm concerned.  You could write wonderful comparison pieces, whereby the compositional and instrumental techniques of various bands within and between genres are contrasted, both in form and in substance.  An example off the top of my head: Blessed are the Sick vs. Blizzard Beasts vs. anything by Averse Sefira.  Content: "what are they doing, how/why are they doing it, what are the similarities and differences, and so what can we infer from these works?".

Our goal has never changed at the DLA/DMU: treat metal as art, and explicate its inner workings so that it can be understood by the world at large.

Good.  We're all on the same page then, in theory.  Why, then, are you discussing footnotes like Morgengrau, has-beens like Suffocation, and offal like Bloodsoaked?  Your actions seem to be against your purpose as stated here.  Why is there mention of Neurosis and De Profundis?  These are not the heights of Metal; they're barely the mid-points.  Stick with Hod, Centurion, Birth A.D., and the music that is actually passably good, otherwise your message about the quality of composition in Metal becomes obscured.  Create more articles which explore the relationship between Classical composition and Metal, or between ambient/electronic music and Metal; talk less about average music, even if it is "flavour of the week" or whatever.

When metal became popular back in 1995, the old underground made a fatal mistake: it retreated. Instead of getting in there, calling the newcomers out for the fools they were, and pointing out the obvious falseness of it all, the scene got hipsterized. People retreated into small friend groups and basically let their voices fall silent outside those they already knew.

Metal was never "popular" (the closest was NWOBHM); pop versions of metal have always been at least moderately popular (stadium rock, glam, nu-metal, screamo, whale metal).  Furthermore, there has always been a large amount of distaste emanating from Hessians towards poseurs.  It seems to me as if the history of the movement is being rewritten in your post so as to serve the formal changes that have occurred on this website.

Not content to repeat that mistake, the DMU is engaging with the mainstream-ish metal because we want to have a voice.

Let me translate this for everyone: "we're going to give another platform to substandard music and its fans so that what is truly good can be heard and understood by more people".  This is not a problem in the slightest!  However, if you aren't going to be open and honest about the motivations and reasons behind such a shift, many - such as myself - are going to be confused by the new bullshit-friendly DLA.  In light of this, more recent posts make much more sense, and are far more tolerable.

We want to have an effect on others, to shape the community, to improve discourse on metal. You don't do that by having a small site which is isolated to all but a select group of people who, if they volunteer, only do so to further advance content for people like them.

Straw man: those who have created small, "isolated" sites have almost certainly done so in order to expand their own group's understanding and appreciation of Metal.  People with the DLA's agenda would not do such a thing.  You're basically saying "people who aren't doing what we want to do don't do what we want to do".

There is something very wrong with dropping out and assuming that preaching to 150 other disaffected die hards on the internet will somehow make the world turn out in any positive direction at all.

Again, who actually does this?  A lesser or confined web presence does not mean that the person/people involved is/are not doing anything positive; in fact, if they spend less time talking on the internet, it's likely that they're spending more time engaging with the outside world.  A point that I have raised countless times which seems never to have been addressed is that you're far more likely to influence people in person than over the internet anyway - as far as my experience of getting people hooked on proper Metal goes, the ratio is something like 8:1 in favour of real-world interaction.  It's much easier to say "fuck you, dude!" behind a username than to someone's face (especially if they're 6'4").

Throughout history, people have made change by going in there and influencing others.

Throughout history, change has occurred when people have become fed up with what they perceive is happening at the moment, causing them to look to smaller, less well-known groups who've got it right (see most philosophical or religious shifts in all cultures across all times).

We have not changed our standards

See above.

in fact, we've raised them.


Before we took over here, this blog was praising three-note underground hipster shit bands

LOLOLOL ILDJARN?  In all seriousness, provide examples, please.  I have been an avid reader of dm.org both before and after the "takeover", and have never, until recently, found anything unpraiseworthy on the site.  It was the height of quality, as was the DLA, and as is much, though not all, of this new incarnation.  Don't pretend that the old was somehow worse in order to justify the new.

During that era, this site got an ugly reputation because it attracted autistic-style self-righteous hipster elitists who, with a false definition of elitism (extending quality to obscurity alone), were promoting music that is outright shit and appeals to no one but the flannel-wearing hipsters who have invaded metal.

THIS NEVER HAPPENED.  Where was the LLN worship?  I know "obscure-heads" (again, in person!); nothing associated with the DLA ever came close.  I've been here for around six years, so granted I don't know all the history, but the quality of output was utterly seemless until recently, when greater quantity almost certainly necessitated a lessened average quality (again, this is not a problem, but it is a fact).  This part of your post seems to be completely made up.

You don't fight the modern world by withdrawing. You fight it by getting in there and turning the topic of discussion to something intelligent, so that you can capture the 10% of society who can think and teach them what to do.

This is good!  Make sure you don't sell out on the way.  So far, things seem to be going very well: I'd be glad if you could keep this up and make something worthwhile out of it, but the pitfalls are there for all to see but those who are walking straight into them.  Remember, the philosopher understands society because he is outside of the game.

Since we've taken over this site again, we've gotten a number of high-profile interviews, reviews and articles out there, and they're getting into the mainstream and influencing people who wouldn't see them at a hipster clique.

I'd like to see interviews with Graveland, Summoning (once the album's out), or Morbid Angel ("What the fuck happened, guys?" would be a good place to start).  I'm sure the guy from Bloodsoaked is a wonderfully nice chap, but why is he being interviewed, except to pay off on his fanbase by forcing a positive outlook on this website through mutual masturbation?

Join us... we are the future. Or nurse your wounds with inflated and exaggerated self-importance, isolation and justifications for your own irrelevance. But don't try to hold us back. We will rape your eye sockets.

I have a large group of real-life friends with whom I listen to and discuss Metal.  I put on and play gigs, and attempt to share my understanding of the genre and related subjects with the people I meet at/around those shows and other "social events".  I generally find that, as was common knowledge here only a year ago, the average meatalhead has severely limited faculties when it comes to understanding the deeper aspects of this culture; nevertheless, I persevere, and at the very least I get some of them to listen to good music in lieu of crap music.  For those "in the know", I write articles on myriad subjects, but I would never be so hopeful as to assume that the average mundane could understand what the fuck I'm talking about, let alone my friends.  At that, I'm consistently surprised at how many random internet-goers actually read what I write and see significance in it.

As far as converting the masses goes, it would seem impossible to have success over the internet, for the following reason: people go to the internet to read what they know.  They do not go to be challenged, they do not go in order to think, or to grow: they go so as to find the group they fit into and stay in it.  The mechanism that you are employing here is a clever one: alliance followed by annexation, if it'll work (and, given the quality of writing and content, it almost certainly will!).  At the same time, in order to forge those alliances, sacrifices must be made, and the first one which has been made is quality.  Many of the "old guard" have seen this and commented on it.  If you want to throw out the people who know what's up in favour of the people who'll listen to what you say, that's fair enough; even so, a bit of warning would be nice.  We've supported you and your endeavours long enough that some amount of courtesy ought be shown, surely.  Otherwise, this site has become devoid of honour.  Again, this is no criticism: it is to be expected in this age.