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I think people who want to cast Nietzsche's name around should understand what they speak of, and not try to polarize him into arguments fabricated from the dumkopf groupthink of our time.

Too true...

However, he did leave us plenty of writing on the importance of heritage, race, and most importantly, breeding upward. He also spoke of how most people are parasites who are unneeded by future civilization. Connect the dots.

Connect the dots?.. He does seems most concerned about the idea of breeding upwards, about the mixing of races, about heritage. But when he uses the word 'race' does he mean to refer to matters of ethnicity or rather overman/underman?

The topic of your post indicates that you think that Nietzsche was a fascist. Fascism as a concept involves, among other things, some sort of nationalism: nationalism as a 'unifying force'. Now Nietzsche did NOT seem to lament the mixing of 'races' per say, at least where it was an internal motivating/agitating force in the resulting individual. (And he was surely not a facist in a politial sense: fascism has always depended upon the masses: didn't he preach seperation from the masses and all ideologies that must stoop to them and involve them?)

"200. The man of an age of dissolution which mixes the races with
one another, who has the inheritance of a diversified descent in
his body--that is to say, contrary, and often not only contrary,
instincts and standards of value, which struggle with one another
and are seldom at peace--such a man of late culture and broken
lights, will, on an average, be a weak man. His fundamental
desire is that the war which is IN HIM should come to an end;
happiness appears to him in the character of a soothing medicine
and mode of thought (for instance, Epicurean or Christian); it is
above all things the happiness of repose, of undisturbedness, of
repletion, of final unity--it is the "Sabbath of Sabbaths," to
use the expression of the holy rhetorician, St. Augustine, who
was himself such a man.--Should, however, the contrariety and
conflict in such natures operate as an ADDITIONAL incentive and
stimulus to life--and if, on the other hand, in addition to their
powerful and irreconcilable instincts, they have also inherited
and indoctrinated into them a proper mastery and subtlety for
carrying on the conflict with themselves (that is to say, the
faculty of self-control and self-deception), there then arise
those marvelously incomprehensible and inexplicable beings, those
enigmatical men, predestined for conquering and circumventing
others, the finest examples of which are Alcibiades and Caesar
(with whom I should like to associate the FIRST of Europeans
according to my taste, the Hohenstaufen, Frederick the Second),
and among artists, perhaps Leonardo da Vinci. They appear
precisely in the same periods when that weaker type, with its
longing for repose, comes to the front; the two types are
complementary to each other, and spring from the same causes." (Beyond good and evil)
Nietzsche seemed to me to be concerned primarily with the overman, where race, if considered in an ethnic sense, is a factor of flexible status on the way to the overman. Overman = someone who has the capacity for drawn out obedience towards a personal goal, who harbours a personal stance on what is good and bad, and who abounds in will on his way to his conception of the good.

Interzone / Re: How to get ANUS publically accepted
« on: January 29, 2009, 09:04:27 PM »
By getting ANUS more accepted I'm assuming you mean the Metal side of it? Well then:

1. Seperate the philosophy from the metal. If you expect all potential/latent fans of 'good' metal to embrace the same extensive take on reality, the same dogmatism, basically, you might possibly be dreaming. But it depends on what ANUS wants to do. It's caught between a rock and a hard place here. By promoting good metal more effectively in this way it would be doing so to people who are not of similar ideology. Depends on ANUS' goals: ideology or metal, or, both.. sperataly.

2. Get rid of the connotation to assholes, shit, AIDS, and other things like that which most people have an evolutionary tendancy to avoid (related to point one). Some 'higher sorts' are quite plausably turned off by such symbolism, despite one's possible take on the benefits of using such symbolism and how allegorically 'fitting' it all might be in a philosophical context. Again: Metal or ideology?

Nietzsche was not a fascist, in the conventional sense of the notion. His philosophy was a cry for 'higher sorts' to think and act accroding to their own will to power, not tow a certain line. Additionally, though obivously related to this, he despised German nationalism...

Interzone / Re: Australia
« on: June 02, 2008, 10:30:19 PM »
Doing a bit of travelling at the moment, from the uk originally. Just wondered out of shear curiosity if there was anyone from australia here who knows of any aussy bands. I've never heard anything of an Australian scene in metal, but i thought it would be interesting to ask.

Good question.

*As far as metal goes some of the best are:

-Portal - death/black/ambient hybrid
-Desembowelment - death/doom/grind/ambient
-Destroyer 666 (early) - black/metal
-Urgrund (early) - black
-Bestial Warlust - black
-Ignivomous - straight death

*As far as modern classical music and also neo classical music goes:

-Dead Can Dance
-Ross Edwards

*And if your partial to the marvels of what was the 70's progressive rock world we have:

-Rainbow Theatre
-Sebastian Hardie (despite the sentimentalities)

http://australia.corrupt.org/category/Art has some reviews with more to come soon.