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Interzone / Re: I need to talk.
« on: October 28, 2008, 08:34:11 PM »

Isolation is a good option if you can't find some sort of release. I really don't understand why we are not trying to form a community somewhere. This will be really helpful to people struggling to maintain Hessian ideals or just struggling to maintain sanity. All it really takes is deciding to move to one neighborhood. It will also help us be more cohesive and organized as a group. Right now we are like the neo-nazis. They are a disorganized group of extremely dedicated people. Even though they occasionally have demonstrations, they have no central leadership and thus get nothing done. We are worse because we don't even have small groups like they do, just isolated individuals that are trying to get even more isolated. In order to make any sort of impact we need to get organized, and although this site is a start, it doesn't come close to what we need. The meetings the site has arranged are a step forward, but with no pre-agreed upon goals to get done in those meetings, they accomplish nothing.

I abhor the idea of comparing the (or most of the) metal community to neo nazis. Their beliefs are based on lack of experience and a desperate excuse to feel better about themselves. I don't understand what you mean by 'making an impact.' About What? On Who? To what purpose? On a positive note, you who initiated the thread, there isn't a whole lot I can write that hasn't already been stated, but, I entirely understand how you feel, completely. Sticking to your guns is very tiring and hard. But its worth it. See this experience not as a problem but as a challenge. When you leave your job one day, that group of people, and look back on how you chose not to falter..well, what you will gain will be worth every step of the way. Yeah, Nietzche is a good read, but keep in mind there are alot of other good reads out there as well.

'Never Give Up! Never Surrender!'-Galaxy Quest