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He was a tall and beautiful bodybulider

I think someone has a crush...

Anyways I'm not offended by this thing in Norway or making light of it, nor do I label it as "terrorism", but if there's any value in Breivik's actions it certainly did not shine through the obscurant poverty of Anonymous' original post, which is ironic and sad. Delicate, controversial and existentially profound subject matter requires serious and adept treatment in order for 'alternative' / non-mainstream perspectives about it to be constructive and persuasive.

In fact it now is clear, that none of the claims about his person are true, but that he was a computer game player living in his mothers basement.

He did anabolic steroids and he even most likely photoshop manipulated the images of himself.

He didn't have anything original to say, even if he was somewhat articulate in the Norwegian posts.

So there is no further reason to discuss this mediocre guys opinions.

Instead you should now point out the obscurant poverty of people praising Ceasar and Napoleon, whose massacres were of a much grander scale.

If there is one thing, the Norwegian socialdemocratic youths can learn from this, it is, that war and violence is not something only found in history books. And Anders Breiviks gift to them is to wake a few hipsters on picnic up to reality.

Yes, the book seems to mostly be copypastnings from the internet.

In the Q/A section he reveals himself to be somewhat of an idiot. He spent his youth as "one of east Oslos most notorious hip hop gangsters. " And he confirms to be a hardcore Warcraft fan.

All in all he seems to be a typical neoconservative anti muslim type, and not the saviour, we had hoped for, only difference is, that he went on a killing spree.

So he wrote a manifest after all. None less than 1500 pages :


Random excerpt :
The Nazis destroyed the reputation of “eugenics” by combining it to scientific racism and mass extermination. But seeking biological perfection is still a logical concept and I don’t see why we should abandon it. We just have to make sure that we offer it as a voluntary option to everyone or at least start by legalising it (promotional voluntary reprogenetics or private reprogenetics). We should legalise reproductive technologies that will allow parents to create off spring with biological improvement (reprogenetics). This must be a non-coercive form of biological improvement which will be predominantly motivated by individual competitiveness and the desire to create the best opportunities for children.


The cultural conservatives guide to reduce pollution:

1.   All 2nd and 3rd world countries (where the average birth rate is above 2,1) are to implement 1 child policies until their country is stabilised in regards to financial outlooks and overconsumption, saving their forests etc. This will both solve their poverty problem and result in drastic cuts in global pollution due to the fact that the population (consumer) explosion will be reversed. You cannot have any hope of reducing global pollution unless you focus on reducing the current population explosion in 2nd and 3rd world countries. Any country that does not comply will not receive any incentives (aid, development funding/loans, and trade import/export concessions). This approach can also be used for giving these countries incentives to stop them from cutting down their forests.

you'll find that more often than not, the vast majority of these right wing crusaders who claim to be acting in pursuit of a world free of socialism or whatever hatred of economic policy is currently in vogue are being worked into a lather by plutocrats.  among the most virulent of class warriors, you'll find a comparable lack of judgement as far as the ability to discern where their raison d'etre(s) are originating.  marginal intellects are easily convinced that their governments are the cause of a society's ills, and while that may have been true several hundred years ago, the role of government has been relegated to little more than tackle dummy status.  the actual coordinators are doing their utmost to insure that people point their fingers everywhere in order to create a groundswell of sentiment against governments that stand in the way of plutocratic interests.  the easiest to mislead in this effort are people who believe they are acting to preserve bloodlines or ancient rites/rights; if I can convince you that your soul is being sullied by a group of corrupt public officials, you're quite likely to fall into line.

Perhaps he is just a video game fan gone mad. We cannot really say, as he has not released a FC club style manifesto yet. But those random internet postings made it clear, that he had some understanding of the problem of cultural marxism(Frankfurter school,) which is probably the key problem of western civilization today.

Interzone / Thus passes the great hero Anders Breivik into martyrdom
« on: July 23, 2011, 04:30:57 AM »
Anders Breivik goes as a Martyr to join into the heaven besides the 11 brave people, who flew a plane into the two towers of american modern perversity.

Anders Breivik has written a little on this page :


He shows an understanding of the historical facts about marxisme and of the decline of christianity and western society after the war.

He was a millionarie and business owner, university educatede in economics, a tall and beautiful bodybulider, and he was a farm owner in a small town outside Oslo.

In other words, he was a true heros and an idol for all rigthous men to follow.

(Out of the 91 people killed, 11 were homosexuals, and all were social democrats!)

Interzone / Re: Forgiveness
« on: July 22, 2011, 11:12:16 AM »
We seem to agree. Though it is really futile to discern object/subject in such matters, as everything concerning human life can be called a construction in some sense.

But my dictionary defines "moral" as quite equal to "code of right action," so perhaps you are also moral without knowing it.

Interzone / Re: Forgiveness
« on: July 22, 2011, 09:27:30 AM »
The idea that everything is equally moral right, moral nihilism,  is a retarded idea.

Are you refering to Platos cave allegory? Staring at the shadows is in fact to judge by actions only, he who glances at the light of truth judges the character of the person, and he executes justice over a man even if the man have not yet commited the crime.

Interzone / Re: Forgiveness
« on: July 22, 2011, 02:35:36 AM »
The notion of guilt is that all are born innocent and equal, and that forgiveness can be bought.

If you  see a man stealing a dollar from your friend, then you can be certain, that that man would steal a million from you, if he had the chance. Furthermore, if he seem like a sneaky wierdo, he would rape all of your pets in addition, as soon as you turn your back.

So you must judge him for the nature of his character, and not hold him guilty just for a dept of one dollar.

People don't like being judged by their characters, it's a notion of this-for-that : "I have not done nothing to that particular individual, so why must i feel the scourge of vengence?"

But it is our duty to execute justice over anyone with an immoral character, as they are born sinners.

Interzone / Re: Ego death
« on: July 21, 2011, 03:14:31 PM »
»anyone know some books on this concept or have advice? «

Patanjalis Yoga Sutras is probably what you are looking for.

Though, your goal should be something different than anihilation of the ego. Only dying civilisations produced selfdenying ascets. The anchorage monks ideas spread with the christian plauge, and the asceticism of Vedic religion came with the downfall and perversity of later times.

Religious searching meditations changes the mind, and is difficult to practice in a stressed modern world. It would be saner to practice for an elderly man, who withdraws into the solitude of the mountains and forests.

Like in the vedic religions ideal four stages of life :

1 ) The young man goes trough religious education and practice

2 ) The adult man lives a vigourous life as a family father.

3 ) When his duty is done, he hands the responsibility to his eldest sons, and withdraws himself to the solitude of the hut in the forest.

4 ) As he grows old, he becomes a wandreing sanyasinn, who wanders the world as a homeless beggar and wise man, detached from earthly posessions.

And I agree, doing psychedelics will probably just make you a crazy faggot.

Interzone / Re: Too much cruelty?
« on: July 20, 2011, 01:16:42 PM »

"If Dave is mentally retarded or criminal, you might do it to his whole family."

1. It's not about this cruel/uncruel dichotomy. It's about effective results.

2. If the man is a 'tard, he will pass on those defective genes. Kill the fucker. If he has already passed on the genes, kill his family. If you sterilize them, they will resent you and agitate against you, so kill them.

3. Most people are stupid assholes who are cruel by inattention and slovenly mass tastes. Kill them all.

Purge this earth of its proles-of-the-soul and you will have a new plateau for the human species. Also you get to keep your environment and its creatures that way. BONUS!

Doesn't most people have some neurotics, losers or faggots in their families even if they are OK people ?

Most people, we can consider good, cluster in the low end, just like most people, we consider intelligent, have IQ's between  120-130.

To be realistic, it would be quite difficult for the topmost of the bell curve to kill all beneath (but good luck anyway.)

Interzone / Re: All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal
« on: July 19, 2011, 03:55:43 PM »
Remember that the Neanderthals also could be human admixed, but with other humans than those in sub-Saharan Africa.

Metal / Re: KRODA issue statement on AFA attack
« on: July 14, 2009, 11:58:59 AM »
These AFA fags are so provoking, that I'll soon join a Combat 18 group.

To be serious, antifa and other communists are the essence of modern humanism, just like their rioting is the humanism in its pure form action. It's the slave riots, which is the forewarning of the end of the merchant kalpa, and the start of the rule of the sudra.

It's also funny, that they now say, that it is for the sake of the third world countries -- and they invent the term climate fugitives -- that we should build tons of electro automobiles in order to diminish carbon dioxide emmision.

Like it happened in Australia and in the Middle East where they made a desert out of fertile land, it might happen again to other greedy and irresponsible peoples. But why is it bad? At some point a glacier, desert or thundra will be restitutet by the Earth again, and the people responsible for it will have died off in the process.

Interzone / Christian anti-humanist
« on: May 26, 2009, 03:08:47 PM »
In the industrial age christianity had become a degenerate norm set comparable to the present day humanistic moralism.

But today christianity have been abandoned by those, who today call themselves humanists, and who are vigourously enforcing their sick dogma upon us. They are all secular, and their culture- and valuelessness have finally sprung out in godlessness

So the good and rightous men who have been figting christian so called altruism in the past, they now can claim the abandoned christian faith and reshape it into the original Lutheran or better, as there now is no heard of humanists to make the church into a porridge of wrong anthropocentric ideas.

In fact, the whole anti christian segment of the metal scene is adolscent in its projection of blame upon the church, for there is nothing today, that really is determined by christian religion (but we should whish, that there were.)

"BEAT THEM DOWN LIKE MAD DOGS!" - Luther about some revolting communist peasants.

There are two ways of trolling in order to propagandize against evil: 1) To get the truth out in a way, so it mocks and makes fun of the liberals and their hypocracy. 2) To instill hate and fear among different groups of people against each other  (f.e. liberals/conservatives or muslims/christians,) so the current course of the world is sabotaged as a product of their lack of ability to coexist (coexist in the wrong way, that is.)

In order to create an effective troll personality that can generate much hate and instill fear between different groups on an internet web forum or on the usenet, the most reliable way is to start with casual discussion, where the troll beats the target discussion participants, and then gradually go on to hotter subjects. It is really a method of gaining trust so the participants will take the troll serious, when he goes on to propose highly controversial subjects. This way it is much easier to get people to belive that some really extreme troll is a genuie person. The troll might also succeed in drawing participants over to his side, if he have made himself enough of an authority in the eyes of the participants in this way.

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