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Interzone / Re: Neurotic sex
« on: October 13, 2011, 04:07:16 PM »
How did you miss the one right after it?

Quote from: Ben Dover
While my wife and I both enjoy anal sex where I penetrate her, the best sex happens when she pentrates me. It took me years to get up the nerve to ask her to do me, but now we do it more often than any other sex act — her strap-on dildo is always erect, unlike my penis. I think a lot of guys who are penetrating their women are fantasizing about switching roles

Or is that just normal for you?

Interzone / Re: Action or No Action. What will it be?
« on: October 03, 2011, 06:41:24 PM »
From an external perspective, I believe economic poverty is the root cause of lots of the problems, and perhaps the easiest facet to engage in fixing the problems.
Is the root cause of someone being murdered the bullet flying at his head? Or the guy who pulled the trigger? Or the fact that he's poor? Or that he's too oblivious to think of any other way of handling his life? Or the fact that he was born in the first place (on accident)?

What you call "fixing the problems" I would see as masking them. You're covering symptoms. The problem isn't that there are so many people out of work, the problem is that there are so many unnecessary, less-capable-than-average people. If you spread the wealth around or split up working hours, you mask the fact that there are so many unnecessary, incapable people consuming an exponentially growing amount of resources.

I appreciate the external perspective, I'm not in love with capitalism either, and I think this forum needs even more honest criticism, but solutions like "Progress the global economy" don't sound like proper rebuttals. You said that once - what does it even mean? Give money to the 3rd world? I'll consider what you have to say if you give me something to consider.

In other words, humans want to fail.
I think that would be misreading the situation. Humans don't want to fail or suffer - the problem is that what is needed to succeed or be happy, to fulfill some innate desires, is contradicted by another set of innate desires or impulses. Humans want to succeed and be happy, they just have innately wrong ideas about how, or can't find a way to accomplish this collectively, or are being given the wrong ideas through media by people who are taking advantage of them.

It makes sense if you think of it this way: Emotions evolved as motivations to do certain necessary things. But being able to ever actually satisfy those emotions permanently would be disastrous for a species' Darwinian Fitness. Once those motivations are satisfied, what's to motivate you to do the things that satisfied them? If you could distribute a pill to make everyone happy, who's going to bother operating the happy-pill factory? With all this talk about the End of the West and the Modern Malaise, this should be old news.

Interzone / Re: Leftist thought on Race
« on: October 03, 2011, 06:18:38 PM »
There exist many shades of gray in practice -> In theory, black = white

I realized as soon as I saw the "Guess their race" quiz why you couldn't guess. The portraits are so small and grainy that you can't see what they look like.

Just for fun, I wrote down two possibilities for each mug before submitting and every one of them was one of those choices. I could even tell that the black woman who has very light skin (for a bi-racial half-black) was black. If you read what the people say about themselves, they admit they are frequently mistaken for the wrong race and are of mixed heritage. Any surprise their heritage cannot quickly and easily be determined by visual examination of a very low quality image?

I can understand if they want to quell bigotry or show that not everything/everyone can be neatly classified into a handful of categories, but when you resort to tricks and outright falsehood* it shows that "equality" has nothing to do with genuine equality or meritocracy.

*about the inheritable of traits - calling "unscientific" what every scientific inquiry of the subject has confirmed.

Just had to write so I don't stew on this.

Interzone / Re: Copulation Metal
« on: September 27, 2011, 04:57:47 PM »
I was going to relate a story about how I once visited the UltimateGuitar forums and saw thread like this and thought "the ANUS guys were about how stupid these UG tards are" but then I started to wonder why I couldn't stop touching myself after thinking about Cryptopsy - "Slit Your Guts".

You may have something here!

Interzone / Re: A theory on women.
« on: September 27, 2011, 04:19:19 PM »
We should stop looking at women as exalted, or otherwise special beings, and just accept that they are not going to make most of us "happy". Sure, the sex is great, and we can have some good conversations with them. However, such things are typically just a means to an end.
I agree. The sexes need to be realistic about each other and the purpose of this vague thing called "love" in order to get anywhere.

I am simply tired. I think I've found a woman who is intelligent but sooner or later her vanity comes out.
I can sympathize - I've met similar disappointment. But what are you expecting? Women were bred to be vain. Are you nearly as attracted to a homely girl as a hot one? That's why women are vain. Because men are concerned about their appearances. You can't blame modern women for their nature - You can blame your forefathers.

I once said the same thing to a feminist blathering about patriarchy: women prefer more aggressive and socially commanding men and breed with them. Don't blame modern men - blame your foremothers.

No matter how many books she has read or what topic she's knowledgeable about at the core she's just a blank staring, eyelash batting bitch who knows that her beauty will get her 90 percent of things in life.
I don't understand - how does having this particular flaw undo any other value she might have? Could I claim that your attitude negates any value you might bring to this conversation? I can accept that a person might have some undesirable quality in their nature as long as they recognize it and can overcome it, even if not entirely.

Imagine this misandrist take on your statement:

Quote from: feminist
No matter how many books he has read or what topic he's knowledgeable about at the core he's just a violent animal, woman-battering bastard who knows that being an asshole will get him 90 percent of things in life. And they're all rapists too!!!
I think you can appreciate the necessity of healthy gender relations to keep a society alive. Thus my interest in repairing them. And I just hate to see intelligent people who are motivated and capable (like the manosphere) go extinct over things so petty.

Women need to be ugly at some point in their lives (preferably teenage years) and truly suffer through the pain of that to develop any kind of value.
Greater modesty would be appreciated. Should be adopt the burka?

I just want to know what your solutions are (any of you guys).

Interzone / Re: A theory on women.
« on: September 25, 2011, 10:45:33 AM »
NAWALT! - Not All Women Are Like That!
As a misanthrope, am I not implicitly a misogynist?

Skimming those articles inspired a line of thought. Let's say I wanted to marry a white woman. That's my only requirement. White. The world over, only about 13% of people are identified as "white". That means 87% are not what I'm looking for. Not very good odds. Especially if I'm in Burma, where whites represent less than 1% of the population. They don't even rank, meaning it's probably less than 0.1% and only half would be female... perhaps Burma isn't the best place to look?

Or what if I wanted to meet a Swiss woman? The Swiss make up only ~0.1% of the world's population. Is it hopeless? Where do I find one?!?

I don't know... I really just tired of the bitter, fatalist attitude. Do we all just stay home with our Real Dolls (or borrow an organic equivalent)? Go extinct?

If you are looking for women to fill a void, that isn't happening.
No, but they can look to me to fill their void(s)!!!
She could with this rubber str---OK, I'll stop.

Interzone / Re: A theory on women.
« on: September 25, 2011, 10:21:04 AM »
On a serious note, what is responsible for this mass failure among women?? I odn't know what the fuck happened.
This is a forum of realists who would not deny (socio)biology being responsible for inferiority, if that was the case.
is it the fact that most television they are encouraged to consume has to do with drama and lies while most male television (while YES watching sports is stupid) atleast incorporates strategy?
If it's not the vacuum theory, offer something else.
(Sorry is this sounds 101-ish, and I won't profess to be an expert, but I'd like this to be more than a No Gurlz Klub)

One of the things we can learn from nihilism is that valuation requires context. If your context for evaluation is defined by standards for men, then yes, women are terrible failures at being men compared to men. I think evolution has ensured that women are biologically successful in the context in which they evolved. You wouldn't think lowly of women if they were filling roles they are naturally more apt to, because they wouldn't be failures in those contexts.

Getting to what the fuck happened (historical biology): Females and males had very different requirements for survival and reproduction, thus they developed different concerns and skills. As you observed, men are concerned about and more capable of strategizing physical conflict and the technologies involved and women are more concerned about navigating social conflict and relationships. Even a cursory exploration of the implications of evolution will relieve any surprise of the sexes' inclinations.

Getting to what the fuck happened (modern sociology): The problem might not even be that we abandoned a particular paradigm (patriarchy) but that we moved from a paradigm with proven effectiveness to no paradigm at all. With no established roles, or poorly fitting roles, we get constant disappointment and frustration, which is expressed in threads like these from both men and women. This occurred to me recently: it isn't the individuals involved in a relationship that are inane (because evaluation requires context) it's the concept of a relationship itself that has become inane.

Further: I've seen it hypothesized that the males in most sexual species are almost like a laboratory in which future characteristics of the species are experimented with. Thus, traits like intelligence vary more with males, I think this has been observed, so there will be more men of above-average intelligence than women. If you find that you're a man of above-average intelligence, then women of your capacity will become fewer the more intelligent you are. Sorry. Women aren't vacuous because they're below-average. They seem that way because they're simply average and you're not.

Interzone / Re: How to explain metal to normals
« on: September 07, 2011, 04:33:59 PM »
In response to someone's question about the purpose of violence in metal and the aesthetics of metal, I explained (dialogue simplified down to monologue):

"Yeah, I know. From a distance, it wouldn't seem like there's any difference between one form of angry-sounding music like punk hardcore and another like black/death metal. But to me, there's always been this subtle difference in the context of the emotions. Alot of metal doesn't sound simply 'angry' or disgruntled to me - it's aggression is often not directed at some particular thing, like corporations or the police (like in punk). It's almost like it's aggressive without being angry. I usually don't appreciate simply angry-sounding music because I'm not an angry person... but I can understand the need to act aggressively too. Aggressive without being angry. Cold and detached in a way, like Lovecraft's Old Gods that care not for human suffering, just like the natural world (the real world). That's why metal is truly psychotic music, as it's feeling are like they're not coming from a human being. When you hear the music, it doesn't sound human, does it? That's why the vocals sound the way they do. The perspective of metal is definitively inhuman, that's why it seems so foreign, that's why Mad At Your Girlfriend songs don't classify and that's also why it can get so stupid sometimes, as the musicians themselves have trouble intuitively thinking in the genre's terms. That, and the overbearing aesthetics are it's most noticeable trait, so that's what receives the most attention and emulation. But what really makes the genre (of 'death'/'black'/'doom', not so much 'speed' or 'heavy') worthwhile is that it is one of the few forms of music that thinks this way and paints the picture that it does. It offers this inhuman - psychotic - perspective on things that I don't see most anywhere else. Everything quintessentially metal seems to be a logical extension of that."

I don't think I said all that, but that's most of what was going through my mind when I attempted the explanation.

Interzone / Re: I don't even know what to say to this.
« on: September 05, 2011, 09:03:10 AM »
What do you guys think of the concept of conservative/traditionalist "communes"? [...]

The main differences between a leftist commune and a conservative commune being that not all property or possessions are shared between the families unless voluntarily shared by the owner.
I've had the same idea except I think the greater difference would be the rightist commune would have rules designed to remove people (jail/exile/execution) who don't meet certain behavioral standards and the leftist commune would have rules designed to prevent people from being excluded or receiving biased maltreatment for their behavior.

Two forms of collectivism with very different approaches.

There are "honors", "AP", etc. It is not for gifted students. Rather, it is the standard courses + more coursework. Students use these courses to concoct bloated, grandiose applications for colleges. I would know, because I was accepted by a great school. The courses were still fucking boring.
I can attest to the difference. In my school's gifted program for grades 5-8, there was a mixed bag of work ethic but a noticeable all-around ability. I remember even the slackers did really well when something actually interested them. People in this group were selected based on general ability tests.

When grades 9-12 came around, the bright slackers didn't bother with AP, but there was a whole new group of kids that were hard working even though they would need help from my 5-8 classmates when new concepts were being taught. People in this group were selected based on grades.

Interzone / Re: Death to racism
« on: August 31, 2011, 04:30:20 PM »
Is it any surprise that as a society becomes more populated by Africans that it starts to resemble Africa?
We're crossing over issues here.
I guess this was the wrong thread for that, sorry.

Time wasted on hating black people is stupid. Black people are what they are, but they're also facing a bad hand in this country -- dealt by diversity in all of its hypocritical, foolish forms. They are a de facto permanent underclass. That sucks. They'd have fewer material things at first but more self-respect and a future in Africa.
I agree totally - I spoke up because I started to see that attitude in this thread and also as a way of heading-off the accusation that that is the only motivation one could have.

Interzone / Re: Death to racism
« on: August 31, 2011, 04:24:28 PM »
If you don't hate American blacks, you haven't had to deal with them.
Actually, I disagree. Considering the places where I'm more likely to meet non-whites are also places where I meet or have met respectable people (Boy Scouts, Church, School, College, Work) I end up with a greater number of negative experiences being with rednecks, wiggers and punks (whites). So I've had good experiences dealing with people of other colors and cultures.

However, since I believe in science as a superior way to understand the world than this or that person's personal experiences, I'd have to say that diversity looks like a bad idea from a perspective of human well being. Despite slavery not being legal, I think many/most U.S. blacks are still de facto slaves, never getting out of the manual labor caste.
"Boy Scouts, Church, School, College and Work" -- Ha you've got to be trolling because those sure sound like activities your average uneducated American black enjoy! (aside: contradiction here?)Manual labor caste? Whaaaaat? That implies work, and hard work. Have you actually met any black people? I think you have them mistaken for migrant Mexican workers.
I suppose I did exaggerate - there actually weren't that many blacks in scouts, at church, in the AP track at school, in college or at work, but the ones that were were respectable and those encounters represent the majority of my counters with blacks. My point was that my personal experience is skewed in favor of non-whites, but even then, I can appreciate nationalism.

And "manual labor caste" was also an exaggeration but I think you can agree that blacks have more representation in manual labor and blue-collar work while whites have more representation in management and white-collar work. I'm not trying to garner sympathy so much as say that, as a group, blacks and latinos are unlikely to move up the social ladder, and therefore there will almost always be this feeling of black resentment/white guilt that necessitates separatism.
I disagree. They still receive mounds of financial aid and legal power. Hispanics have been the slave force, but they will gain power as well. The equality is going to be forced down everyone's throats regardless, even if that means raping the middle class. That is our current direction anyway.
That fits into what I'm trying to say. Despite all the help, they still inhabit the lower class because that's where they'll naturally fall. They'd be better off as a culture elsewhere.

You don't need to talk any Neo-Marxism out of me.

Metal / Re: Metal, classical, ambient: an unholy trinity
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:51:58 PM »
We judge metal by the standard of HLTO; it is probably the greatest achievement in metal. The works of Schubert cs. are it's equivalent to classical/music/art.
No, you judge metal by that standard...
....how can we even react to statements like these?
Start by not over-reacting. And did he misuse it's/its? Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!

There are at least a couple of propagandists around here whose goal it is to represent their ideas in the simplest way possible. After you've been around here a while you can see which general idea is being invoked under the specifics:

We judge [a kind of art] by the standard of [the best examples of that kind of art*].

*some of which may be disputed but there is a general consensus
Reapply the above to whichever context. If it's trying to accomplish what Burzum was trying to accomplish, then compare it to Burzum. It wouldn't make sense to compare a new death metal or thrash album to HLTO.

Frankly JJFF, your statement was kind of obtuse and therefore not every useful. When amongst friends, I think it's better to clearly communicate ideas than write slogans.

Interzone / Re: Death to racism
« on: August 29, 2011, 04:34:53 PM »
In fact this whole "hate" deal is a fraud unto itself.  "White flight" as you noted, was not about some nebulous, or knee-jerk "hatred" of Blacks, but a percetly reasoned reaction to Black behavior and a wonderful example of survival instict as well.
It might not even be about noticing an increase in black population. Residents of a neighborhood notice that property values are going down, they're hearing more police sirens than they used to and schools are getting worse. Ergo, new families that have the money (whites and asians have more money) decide to reproduce somewhere else. The color of the population changes by selection.

Is it so hard to believe that when the population of a society made by Europeans for Europeans is populated by too high a fraction of Africans as opposed to Europeans, that it stops working? Is it any surprise that as a society becomes more populated by Africans that it starts to resemble Africa?

Only if you'd spent your whole life convincing yourself that it's impossible.

If you don't hate American blacks, you haven't had to deal with them.
Actually, I disagree. Considering the places where I'm more likely to meet non-whites are also places where I meet or have met respectable people (Boy Scouts, Church, School, College, Work) I end up with a greater number of negative experiences being with rednecks, wiggers and punks (whites). So I've had good experiences dealing with people of other colors and cultures.

However, since I believe in science as a superior way to understand the world than this or that person's personal experiences, I'd have to say that diversity looks like a bad idea from a perspective of human well being. Despite slavery not being legal, I think many/most U.S. blacks are still de facto slaves, never getting out of the manual labor caste.

Interzone / Re: "Pokemon"! it has a fucking "é" in it!
« on: August 23, 2011, 04:07:54 PM »
I could have sworn this was a troll thread.

Interzone / ANUS criticism
« on: August 16, 2011, 05:04:49 PM »
This way, you will bring in people who are nihilists or appreciators of the phrasal approach of old school death/black metal but who don't espouse the same politics. You might foster a bigger a quite cool community that way. Imagine the political discussions on the politics site! But yes, you would have to live with a bit of diversity ('but no... look at my furrows of worry.. i feel threatened by  people who are not like me, no no wait wait i mean "diversity is failure"').  And this could be blasphemy to some who are convinced they are 'nihilistic warriors' doing heaps for 'the' cause (as if nihilism naturally led to one plan of action) by sitting behind an internet blog.

Maybe opinions seem uniform because you've spent the majority of your time talking to just a few people - so your observations reveal a small set of opinions.

One thing I've noticed over the years is that, on occasion, someone will come in and claim that the board is hyper-conformist. A few days later, they leave and the regulars get back to disagreeing on just about everything.

I think it's the lack of consensus that prevents anything from being done. You might have to choose between diversity of opinion and action.

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