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Interzone / Re: Conformal Cyclic Cosmology
« on: March 03, 2014, 01:36:14 AM »
I believe that there's a switch in human brain, after thinking too much about some things (maybe, coincidentally, the universe is the greatest one of these things) ti goes off and you become crazy, or in denial.

A friend of mine calls this state (or the fear of this state) "The pins" because one time he had a panic-attack and felt like a trillion pins were colliding inside his brain. :P He is a very intelligent fellow btw but he gives the complete middle-finger to technology, otherwise I would have him join this forum.

One day I was discussing with him this exact topic. And we concluded that either of these two things exist:

1. The universe has a purpose of absolute intelligence, hinted by the existence of evolution. Why? Maybe because someone (...) can later use this intelligence to fight another intelligence in his giga-cosmic fighting board game? who knows. The Consequence? The (this) universe is probably going to end when the realization comes.

2. The universe has the purpose of a "majestic story being told". Why? For the beauty of it. A great love story has a great beauty in it. Even something absolutely horrible like Operation Barbarossa despite the miserable onslaught of everyone involved, has some kind of awe and morbid beauty, you'll have to admit. The Consequence? Absolutely no-one can suggest absolutely nothing, a movie could end in miserable futility (Thelma and Louise), marginal hope (Terminator 2 - The Judgment day), heroic defeat (Braveheart), or even heroic victory (Scent of a Woman). That might suggest cyclic cosmology too.

Any thoughts?

Interzone / Re: Suicide increases were not metal
« on: May 05, 2013, 07:53:02 AM »
Hmmmmm..... Let's see....

Another possible reason the article doesn't mention is that most of the baby boomers had the most defective psychology ever observed in sentient beings in the history of this solar system.

About the whites, yeah it contributes a bit, to be considered the SATANIC FORCE OF EVIL IN THE WORLD and denied freedom of expression under penalty of death dictated by anti-nazi law 939523049113.... but biology also plays it's usual role, whites are linked to introversion and relatively low self esteem, with asians an extreme version of this and blacks the extreme version in the other side of the axis.

But enlightened modern society has a solution for this "problem". We'll send in the brigade of psychiatrists. This will also have the positive side effect of making profits for the pharmaceutical comp.... err sorry, I wasn't supposed to say that..!

Interzone / Re: What's in it for me???
« on: April 27, 2013, 11:19:43 AM »
Getting some personal gain I think it's kind of necessary to keep the system running. But I mean little momments of happiness, that's what I call gain, score a goal if you play soccer, write a good program if you are a programmer, write a wonderful piece of music if you are a composer, all these bring some little moments of happiness that need to exist in regular intervals to keep the system running as I said, which means that they are by no means the entirety of what is valuable. They are only the gasoline.

This kind of gain is needed. But..........

There is something odd. I've come to believe that if you seek it, you kill it. It's a butterfly-wings like phenomenon. You touch it, bang it's dead, it loses it's purity. Therefore I believe you should embrace personal little "gains" but not seek them because you MIGHT (depends on the character) start becoming some kind of hedonist which is PRACTICALLY bad (I hate preachers, if it wasn't genuinely bad I wouldn't preach about it just because I hated the word).

Personally I rarely think about my personal gain. And I found that even if I try. I can't. I like to build things, create little worlds inside the GREAT ONE (interpret that as you will but I mean music, automations, etc). It also fulfills me to interact with some people that are worthy. Living a life in accordance to something, which something after years and years of trying to define it you reach to the cocnlusion that it is the everything, so in accordance to the will of the cosmos and working to preserve the perennial values of beauty and purity.

To be honest as I'm sitting here right now I can't even think of an action I want to do, for personal gain. What the hell is personal gain anyway? Money? A piece of ass? You can get both of these if you live your life normaly and you don't opt being a bum.

Personal gain is far gone in the past for me, and I didn't even try. Being on a mission is my natural state.

Interzone / Re: Senses
« on: April 27, 2013, 10:51:05 AM »
Us born under this horrible modern plauge have the modernity worked in under the skin to a large degree, but as we have never experience else, we will not be aware of how influenced we are by the modernitys plauge: not just in a cultural, but in a biological way.

Generation-X and onwards have been brainwashed in kindergartens and schools, where we have all been made about two times more fags than we would have been naturally, and we have been made 10 times more neurotic than naturally.

There are maaaaaany many things to consider if you start thinking this way. Actually there is a platonic truth out there, waiting to be found. An infinity of possibilities. There are things like MODERN(altered)-wheat and easily accesible live streaming porn for which there are theories that claim they are harmful, theories which seem VERY scientific and invoke evolutionary biology, EXACTLY the same way you do, at least in part. Some time during my life I became increasingly suspicious of the benign nature of TV and video games, but didn't find any evidence to support my theories that they might be somewhat harmful, I still suspect them though for a variety of things (decreasing the need to go out of your house because your brain assumes there is social interaction to be made INSIDE the four walls... hence making you inactive, or if you wish a fag).

Wow.... this thing is huge really... I might consider opening a new thread solely about it. As I said there is a whole superstructure of truth out there, if you start thinking this way.

Interzone / Re: Terrorism causes liberalism.
« on: April 27, 2013, 09:27:08 AM »
They’re a bong hit and an iPhone away from abandoning their mission.  One day Islam will submit to Facebook.

This is an intelligent thought and I believe it is not far from the truth. Though islam might seem an idealistic and sometimes beautiful religion (though inherently stupid and many times bizzare like all 3 abrahamic ones) it doesn't necessarily mean that the people who adhere to islam will have the character of the abstraction called islam simply because they did not chose to believe in islam through a variety of options (or an infinity of options if you are a self-styled religious person). Looking at their race(s), that vary from eurasian to full-blown negroid, from an evolutionary biological prespective, well... definitely some of these races didn't genetically develop idealistic concepts like loyalty for example or purity whatever (there are studies done on this topic, it's not the same as the IQ gabs, maybe Professor Richard Lynn has done some of them but generally if you go to www.amren.com shouldn't be hard to find some) . So I'm guessing there is a big gap between religion and the person himself in a lot of islamists. If you took a somali-type baby and placed him in the ghetto without "informing" him about islam, he might perfectly fit into the ape-like materialistic/random culture of that place.

So yes, I'm not conviced that these people are as heroic as ther religion is. Maybe they really do believe in the 72 virgins or whatever crap as a reward.

P.S. I am always talking about averages, I'm not some neo-nazi robot who sees black and says APE!

Interzone / Re: 'Uber-Man': A primer in how to be one.
« on: March 25, 2013, 10:11:44 AM »
I'd like to share my vision on how to become the Uber-Man too. Or I should specifically say "your own Uber-Man" because regardless of how "high" or "low" is any of us in the genetic/evolutionary scale (hardware) his attitude to life (software) can dramatically change his creative power (some thing I call "life urge") or even sense of containment as a result.

Of course there are roughly different categories of people, what applies to Albert Einstein and Ted Kaczynski wouldn't apply to a lowlife thug who listens to gangsta rap, or to a retarded child but the content of this forum, I believe, is itself making a selection of people which is not so crazily diverse so that nothing could be said of relevace to most.

I believe there is a state of mind (not momentary but which might hold on for a large period of time) that I would call flow, during which you engage consciously in activities that you have determined are valuable and important to you and work towards one or many end goals. You engage in them without great fear or great procrastination or great anxiety etc. It works kind of like athletic flow, meaning that once you get it started, and keep going regularly, you start getting that feeling of "being physically ready", this might mean stamina or strength or both. Going back to the spiritual flow, let me state some things I believe it is based on.

First, I agree with Cargest (btw I like most of your posts) that too much self-preservation leads to inaction. In that sense our childhood had a greater sense of flow because we had a lesser sense of danger and greater curiosity/playfulness. Dont misinterpret this, I don't mean go be a snake tamer to live in ultra danger and by that you'll become a god. No, instead I mean that a lot of things are avoided by adults due to "self-preservation anxiety".

Of course there are things that materially cotribute to the flow or burn it down. Physical exercise affects spiritual flow, sleeping well does the trick. Alcohol binges certainly do not. Caffeine if consumed in moderation and early in the morning certainly increases flow temporarily. Anxiety kills flow. If you postpone something you have to do, the anxiety this process generates will probably end up devouring your flow.

Working towards attainable Goals that need work (what Kaczynski calls the power process) contributes to the flow. So does having a huge trancendant goal (for example preserve your race, or preserve/promote what you consider "beautiful").

Now something more bizarre that I believe contributes too, is a concept I'll call "stranger in the city" and this is a bit more elusive but I'll try to be precise. You see, all of us know that it is common to get disillusioned with our enviroment especially if it is one full of morons doing repetitive things and not even realizing it. However sometimes, we might dream of moving to a culturally different part of the world, and that we'd be happier there, sometimes we might even temporarily feel that there are a lot of things to experience even in our own enviroments. That state of mind is still locked somewhere deep in our brains and I have come to believe that by meditating a bit and distancing myself from the everyday routine I can imagine myself being a stranger in this enviroment, someone who has recently immigrated and sees that between the trash, there are still some people that are honorable and interesting to get to know, still some places that you haven't visited, still some activities you haven't done, still some ideas you never tested to know if they'll work. It is great if you can slow down your mind and try to fill it with void, so that you can start all over again. A few times the only solution might be to "just get the fuck out of here" but most times there are avenues we never took.


That's about it, as I said, I was talking about being your spiritual uber-self, I also believe that genetic evolution through eugenics is a necessity too but this was not what I was talking about.

A small side note, well someone might be saying "well isn't all of this obvious? who belives differently?". Listen. You might be failing to do something you want, to achieve a goal or to solve a problem. There are those who will scream at you "try harder, kill yourself in working for it". I don't believe this is always a meaningful answer, especially if what you want to do requires gentle thinking, confidence and concentration, you must get the flow going.

Thank you if you had the patience to read through all that..

Interzone / Re: High Kwality Education
« on: January 30, 2013, 02:54:15 AM »
Perhaps if these women were in real relationships, they wouldn't need a class for this.

Well, I have to disagree with you my friend. Even women outside of relationships don't need this kind of "education" because they are going to discover sex anyway if the do the right choices in life. And doing the right choices is a matter completely unrelated to liberal indoctrination, or any indoctrination at all. Well in fact I guess that this "program" would not even help women who have difficulties attracting men at all.

The problem with all these people is that they don't tackle actual problems, they just have a certain, simple, subconscious thought process. 1) They start from a trendy subject (i.e. What can be done to help the poor) and 2) they choose the most nice-sounding way to proceed (i.e. give'em money so they can be like us happy liberal professors).

Exactly the same happens with sex in our society. The people who are left entirely out of anyone's attention are, of course, the ones who don't have trendy sounding problems. For example girls who might be pretty but are not as slutty to draw the morons' attention (they're damn conservative fascist bitches man). Or let's say victims of integration and white flight in USA or South Africa whatever.

LET'S EXTERMINATE THE PEOPLE WHO SUFFER BECAUSE OF UN-TRENDY PROBLEMS!!! We are against the barbaric thing called natural selection but .... ;D they're bad and they should die!

Interzone / Re: About That Overpopulation Problem
« on: January 21, 2013, 11:11:36 PM »
I believe that overpopulation is the most in-your-face example of the failure of modernity by far. I believe even morons can understand why. It is the wildest manifestation of the moderns' fixation with quantity not quality (in a universe that most clearly values quality more). In a functional universe like this, it is as if you're saying every personal computer has the same value. Well Mr Modern, even your capitalist system neglects this view. Pathetic.

Another thing about overpopulation is that it proves that technology (if it's gone too far) might become destructively dysgenic and apocalyptic. I don't know, maybe technology is not inherently bad, but there has to be a certain degree of genetic/cultural evolution of the life forms themselves before they are worthy of handling such a level of technology.

This is scary news. We need to explore space so we can find an alien life form and invite them over to our planet as immigrant workers. We need young people to take care of our elderly! And if there are no young people then we'll have to use aliens! I'm sure that if the aliens have a different culture we can just make some adjustments to accommodate them.


Interzone / Re: Could it be..?
« on: January 15, 2013, 09:44:23 AM »
The reason they become leftists is that they are shocked by the inequality/injustice/suffering of the world. And the reason they are shocked by this, is their humanist/liberal upbringing. That's the point, it is reproducing itself. Even if you're not brainwashed (politically) by your liberal parents, you're gonna become a leftist during your adolescence years just because the world out there is not as "good" as you've been taught by the garbage tv shows for kids and Christian stories of love and equality.

Suddenly, problems arise, the intelligent ones can perceive them all, the mediocre ones can perceive a few: Anything has a price tag on it so what matters more is marketing and not substance, spiritual health and virility (for men) are TOTALLY ignored (in favor of getting technical skills), most girls are whores, even more men are fucking morons and sexually dependent worthless drones, social skills are on a free fall, the nerd/loser caste is expanding expotentially (it will try to devour you if you are not alpha enough) and it's THEM, OR the hipsters OR the status-hungry types. And of course there are the big scale problems, ecocide is coming, economy is crashing, something is wrong with the third world, culture is non-existent in the West, race war, cultural war, criminality, drugs, depression, sexual perversion etc etc.

If you are a fucking moron you can blame, what you perceive of all this, to capitalism and become a leftist. Or blame it to capitalism/intolerance/lack of humanism and become a moral liberal, or something like that, categories are a bit different in Europe.

Anyway.. there are some people who play it leftist to gain social power but I would call them manipulators and I believe there are the minority. There are also a lot of leftists who might have the morality of leftism but cannot apply it in all situations (since it is surreal in itself). For example you might be a leftist and believe in integration, but, let's be honest, you cannot buy a house in a black neighborhood and send your blond little daughter to a school there, you just can't... instinctively. To a degree, I can understand how these pathetic morons think.

Interzone / Your contemporary heroes
« on: December 24, 2012, 02:37:49 PM »
Who are your contemporary heroes? I mean people who are alive and still in productive age. Mine are Gary Wilson (www.yourbrainonporn.com), Jared Taylor (www.amren.com), David Duke (www.davidduke.com) and (I sincerely don't want to flatter ANUS but..) Prozac because of some incredible articles like Retreat (http://www.anus.com/zine/articles/prozak/retreat/) that if you ask me might be his best.

Of course I am speaking about ideas, I am not for person worship, but sometimes I feel gratitude for discovering reality out there, with the help of some people, and sometimes I need to express that feeling. Who are your heroes?

Interzone / Re: Connecticut Shooting
« on: December 19, 2012, 01:03:44 AM »
First of all I would like to say that in each "school killing" incident I try to understand if it falls in a category, for example the shooting by Pekka-Eric Auvinen can be a pure example of the "desperate smart kid" category, a shooting because of a girl is another category and a shooting like that Batman/Joker shit that happened recently in the US, which really made me laugh my ass off, is pure surrealism. Of course, there can always be overlaps Let me explain:

Imagine that there is a smart kid, John. John will show potential in his very first years, learning stuff easily etc. Before adolescence I believe these kids generally show potential, before they are ushered in more heavy sexual/societal pressures which are handled impossibly wrong by our enlightened modern society. If you think porn, promiscuity, pressure to have trendy opinions, dress trendy, speak with ebonics or whatever is "in" in your country, you are getting my point. So let's assume John also has some X degree of social awkwardness.  It is highly probable that he will not fit in as much as is needed to be happy. Probably he will be bullied because of this. He will not have a girlfriend, will have limeted to no sexual experience, expotentially his sexual frustration will grow so will his alienation and finally so will his frustration. Frustration (in my opinion) tends to manifest it self through desperation and/or anger. If John's character is such that he blames himself he will tend towards escaping to the void, if it is such that he blames "the others" he will tend to hate them, and of course if you hate some people, if you go postal you might want to erase them from the face of the earth. (From what I see Adam Lanza interpreted what I called "the others" as this school, but I am talking in general here, for the hypothetical John).

So it all boils down to what that X Degree of social awkwardness was and by what it was caused. Let's take two extremes and the middle. If it was extremely high and it was innate, he would have probably not fitted into any society and although this society is the perfect one to make him a pariah and drive him insane I would have to acknowledge that his genes/early nurturing might had made him let's say a 'negative' person (someone might disagree since the greatest development and brain rewiring happens in adolescence but whatever)

The other extreme, if he had extremely low X degree of social awkwardness it is fairly clear that external pressures and this alien society made him feel like trash.

I believe most cases fall somewhere in the middle, smart kids with low social skills which find themselves isolated because of perceived 'weirdness' which in the criteria of stupid, crude, social chameleons and other human trash might be just because he doesn't talk trendy or hit on girls with the ratio of the 'alpha males' (some develop sexuality later than others, and by the time they do are already pariahs because they didn't develop it earlier). These 'middle' kids would have fit better in another, more sane society with better values. Low social skills doesn't immediately mean absolute isolation, or let's say shouldn't. In fact I have many friends who during adolescence were just... not loud, for fuck's sake men, and were treated like garbage by bullies, some were still virgins up to their early twenties. I swear that I am not judging lightly, I am not talking about aspies or ugly weirdos etc.

That's all I have to say, and remember I am talking about generally about 'desperate kids who had potential', not specifically about Adam Lanza. I think my post is also an answer to Harry Potter's question.

While I say bravo to those who commited suicide, IF their only other choise was to continue being slaves, I would prefer a workplace shooting which is more heroic suicide.

Interzone / The most subtle of child abuse
« on: May 05, 2011, 11:30:58 PM »
What's the biggest crime some of us value? Child abuse. It is easy to target (even the morons do) when it is direct, If a weird looking fat, nerdy, computer programmer with glasses in his 30s fucks a child the crowd (and us) says arrest the pervert (I would say kill him to prevent further damage now or prolonging his suffering by inheriting it to his children, one of the most sincere and sympathetic thoughts Hitler expressed generaly for the genetically insane people). But what happens when child abuse is indirect, subtle, most probably unintentional, and being manifested because of a lack of the opposite which is nurturing of good values in children?

What do I mean? I have come to realize and have grown completely disgusted by the fucking bullshit and apocalyptic destruction they install in childrens brains through the most subtle and elusive mass propaganda for childern....... CHILDREN ENTERTAINMENT/EDUCATION!!! :):):)

Those fucking worthless morons that create the disney mythos of the princess that's gonna be saved by the prince or the binary good/bad innocents vs satanic robbers or the happy explorers of the forest who say hi to the bear and the bear smiles back and slips on the honey and laughs etc etc. When (some of ) the children later come to see Pinochet torture chambers, an alligator attacking a fat prey and cutting off some meat while it's alive, insane bitches manipulating men, insane men conducting a hateful gender war against women, political wars, racial hatred etc etc etc etc.... they become disgusted of reality as a whole. That's what I call child abuse and no one seems to grasp it. Not christians, neither liberals, nor atheists. ONLY the paranoid seem to be suspicious of that, but, hey, they are suspicious of everything so that doesn't say much. If you feed the kid with "drugs" so early on, when one day he becomes sober, he's gonna hate this world, and via child entertainment/education you have planted the seeds to destroy his soul. Your sentence should be death, like every child molester.

Interzone / Re: We need better gods
« on: May 05, 2011, 11:04:54 PM »
First of all I have come to believe that religion is essential for a complete philosophy and for understanding (or recognizing) the will of the universe. As I have said in some posts of mine I believe (roughly) that the steps out of masturbation into honest religion (in youth years) are 1) Rejection and Oposition to the religions of the Crowd (The DRI state), 2) First encounter with total nihilism, reactionary aggressions against inherent values, brake from the left (The Kaczynski state) (some choose fatalism after this), 3) After a glimpse from the Reality world, a new spirituality based on the will of the cosmos (The Pagan state). If you reach step 1 and not go to step 2, you remain a quasi-leftist or a full blown one. If you reach step 2 and not go to step 3, you are going to quickly become a bitter technofutilist empty agressor or simply a anti-left, anti-right, anti-bad, anti-good, anti-fish, anti-life/reality fatalist. THERE I recognize the need for a belief in gods.

Of course we need better gods, but this is very easy, we only need to understand gods as WILL towards something, that means they exist in reality and not unreality, and explain that if there was no will at all there wouldn't be evolution and general movement/struggling. And second we need to portray these gods according to a realistic version of the will. I mean it is of no use if some idiot recognizes that there is WILL in the universe, and WILL is GOD who is REality and .... ahem... that will is the will to make the earth a utopia where we are all equal. Like the communists say that the final stage of the world will be a happy state of communism (while they do not believe in god in heaven, they completely misunderstand the will of the gods of realityland).

If a kid was raised in a forest, he would definately believe in god(s) especially if he has a creative mind. I remember when I was very young before I was ushered into the scientific/brain dead world of fuction and dirty industrial machines, I believed there is something in those houses in England where they say they witnessed ghosts or strange wild cats ets, I am sure I believed in UFOs and sometimes as a kid I would stay up long hours fascinated by the night sky, looking for some hint that Fox Mulder was right all along. I mean that as kids we create mythology. Then the masses will try to torch this to the ground wether through christian witch huntign or scientific witch hunting.

Interzone / Re: The weeding out of good people
« on: May 02, 2011, 04:14:38 PM »
To let you know exactly what I mean, more stuff like that:


and less stuff like that:


If you see the difference the first is a wake-up call for someone with a brain. The second is more politics. One reason I admired ANUS is that recognises politics as a tool and when it is the right thing to do so, says that there are many other necessary things in life.

Not to mention those "It's easter, go to the church" stuff of corrupt. Anyway, amerika is far far better than corrupt.

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