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Interzone / Video game music
« on: November 03, 2010, 05:13:08 PM »
Some music critics are saying that the background music of the latest video games is the most sophisticated music yet written.

Item of evidence: The latest version of "Halo" is supposedly musically entrancing to an unprecedented degree.

General point: Video game music composers must meet this demand: the music must keep players entertained or in the moment, but must also have indefinite length of time in mind, because what takes one player a minute or two to accomplish, might stagger another player for 45 minutes or more.

The music must be flexible, listenable, adjustable, in a way that for example Mozart never had to think about.

So what do you folks think about this idea, that video games are challenging music composers in a new and different way??

Interzone / Re: Happy Birthday, Anton Bruckner!
« on: September 07, 2010, 03:31:38 PM »
Anyone else having trouble with the Blomstedt link? I couldn't get it to open.  CSO is one of my favorite orchestras and I really want to hear this!

http://www.wsws.org/articles/2000/apr2000/heid-a03.shtml  A Marxist examination of Heidegger's work.  Must be trash though because Marxists are pseudo-intellectuals right?

Interzone / Re: Is "social-life" a mockery of human-life?
« on: July 14, 2010, 12:56:57 PM »
I personally would rather be alone then socialize with people to whom inconsequential bullshit is the norm. I dont want to wade through there bullshit so that we can "bond", just as I doubt they want to grin and bear mine. I cant possibly see how that leads to bonding with someone.
how does seeking meaning in your encounters with people lead to a loss of meaning?
ps. Im not meaning to come off as passive aggresive/agressive aggressive, I just at the moment cant formulate my thoughts better and would rather post and possibly be flamed than keep silent

hmmm theres alot of "I" in there

Same as me.  I have tried many times to go out to the places most college students go to "have fun" (which is usually bars, parties, and clubs) and I have found it to be the worst way to spend my time and a wonderful way to become suicidally depressed about what college and college kids consists of.  I happen to be someone who doesn't enjoy country music blaring in the background and people talking about such important topics  as popular tv, culture, celebrities, sports etc and the males talking (bragging) about who they fucked last. The people you will likely encounter at these places are of no value even as friends.  If you happen to become friends with one or more of them (which I unfortunately have done before), they will call incessantly to go to another party, bar, etc.  That's their LIFE, that's what they plan their weeks around.  don't let it be yours!

Nice, I didn't see that rebuttal.  I am guessing he didn't respond to that or post that rebuttal on his website?

Interzone / Counterorder.com
« on: July 12, 2010, 02:00:22 PM »
I stumbled across this site and it has a ton of content, some of which seems quite interesting.  Then I came across what it had to say about ANUS:

"What is ANUS? Neither Freydis, Nihilism’s Home Page, nor CounterOrder.com are affiliated with ANUS, an acronym for American Nihilist Underground Society. They currently promote an unusual mixture of heavy metal music and extreme nationalism.

Further, ANUS, the Center for Nihilist and Nihilism Studies, and multiple connected Internet sites, most of which are false-fronts, are part of a deceptive effort to present an Internet presence that is larger and more important than it really is. The proponents behind these websites are not nihilists, nor are they likely any of the other labels they’ve claimed in their panoply of terminology, they’re simply race-based ultra-nationalists and the rest is window-dressing. This is the reason why it's so difficult to determine from superficial elements just what exactly ANUS and associated groups really represent. And it appears that they want to own and co-opt every kind of post-modern phraseology they can find so they can manipulate it towards their agenda. That’s not to say that their actual ideas and conclusions behind the smokescreen have no merit or shouldn’t be debated, rather that their approach is intentionally disingenuous and that raises serious questions as to the honesty and integrity of the source. Being ideologically motivated they are willing to place belief ahead of facts because for them to mislead is acceptable if it promotes their core values."

Has anyone watched this debate between Bertrand Russell and Frederick Copleston?  It is from the 1950s and is way better than any of the "debates" done today on the subject with people like Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, etc.


Conservationist has the right idea here. Instead of attacking the person attacking your tastes, simply ask them to give reasons why. Make them expose the fact that they may not have any real reason for hating the music without seeming like an asshole. Remember, don't attack just ask for clarification.

I agree that it is better to be calm and have a rational conversation about this, but it is almost impossible with these types of people.  If you politely asked her what she doesn't like about opera or Beethoven, I can almost bet she would say "It's boring" or "it's gay/ fags listen to that" or "It's what old people like".  If you then asked her why it's boring you would get another vague answer such as "idk, it's stupid" or "It's really long". So as you can see these conversations are so pointless I almost have to agree with the first guy that said it would have been best if this guy ended the conversation the minute she said she loves American Idol to save your blood pressure from going up.  These woman are not going to be persuaded no matter how nicely or rationally you go about doing it because it won't be seen as popular and if they aren't popular they would probably rather die.

I am so surprised by some of the responses to this guy that i have come out of my long-time lurking to offer some defense.  The fact that this guy is being attacked for doing what lovers of high-culture should do (and that is point out to people how shabby and asinine "pop" culture music is and make them realize they are cluttering their minds with trash and wasting their money and that their opinions are worthless if they have no standards of comparison) is baffling to me.  Most people won't do this because they don't want to seem "mean" or "critical" or lose a potential friend or sex partner (a lot of fun friends that shallow would be anyway!).  A website ostensibly committed to defending quality music and taste attacking this guy for defending quality music is downright bizarre! 

His point couldn't be clearer when he said how this is an example of education's failure.  And he is absolutely right.  She is minoring in music in an American University and she is calling a Pop singer "talented", "opera sucks cock", and she hates Beethoven!  Horrors! The exact thing that education should be about (the training of taste, the training of the mind to make value judgements about what is genuine art worthy of praise and what is trash) is totally absent with this girl.  How embarrassing for her, and she probably doesn't even realize it.  If education were doing its job it would save us from the enslavement to popular culture and conformity.  It should show us the difference between real talent and mere fame. 

The fact that so many college students and graduates listen to this crap "music", watch this crap on TV, and scorn true masters and masterpieces is the biggest indictment of the educational system I know! He got blocked for challenging her shit tastes and not being able to defend them (if she could defend them why would she block him? Yeah, this says A LOT more about her than him and a lot bad. OP keep challenging people's shallow tastes, someone has to do it!

Quote from an article you should read: "The prevailing attitude is that you are entitled to your tastes, but not entitled to inflict them on me.  Most American students come to college with this attitude, and are appalled to discover that there are people who do not merely disagree with their tastes in music, art, literature (not to speak of clothes, language use, and social relations) but actually LOOK DOWN on their tastes, as inferior to some putative standard.  This is very hard to take, and is one cause of the widespread endorsement of cultural relativism in its many forms -- since cultural relativism simply lifts aesthetic experience out of the world of judgment altogether, and therefore neutralizes good taste as a value."  http://spectator.org/archives/2007/08/28/art-beauty-and-judgment