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Metal / Re: 'Destroyers From The Western Skies'
« on: March 15, 2005, 06:05:21 PM »
Inquisition is trend garbage, always has been. And Cyncial you're right about Leviathan too.  
Mr. Killzone, if you wanted to "show everyone" that there are good USBM bands then why didn't you invite some of them on the comp? And you're suggesting that because I don't waste time putting out yet another shitty and random comp full of bands nobody would (or should) care about then my opinion isn't valid? On the contrary, I'm not a scenester who sucks up to bands in an attempt to make myself feel important. I like this music and that's more than enough. Your presence in the scene (particularly the Texas scene) is an afterthought at best. I'm all the way up here in Dallas but I still find you being here really obnoxious. Pack up and go home to England where mediocrity is accepted without question, you'll be much happier, and hey maybe you'll find yourself a nice boyfriend! "Cheers"!

mmmm...like I said opinions.... you have yours and I have...well we really don't know what your opinions are as you hide those by choosing to attack with negativity and stupid crass remarks  and personal attacks.
Which bands do you recommend?  Tell me more of your considered opinion in which you somehow seem bestowed with  such agrandisement of knowledge that you with scant  disregard , dismiss any efforts that I make, or the efforts of any of the bands who have worked hard.
It is your opinion that this is a "shitty and random" compilation. Fine, its your opinion...nothing more. And you have duly excersised your right to open your gob and state it.
But I have yet to see you  say anything that isn't  deconstructive at its source without  proffering any thing that supports your point. Ergo it is easier to say:"that's shit" rather than actually saying why its shit to support your opinions, which is what I believe I was actually driving at.
I don't object that you think what I am doing is not good (by posting what you did); its your opinion but the empty void that follows your words' echoes  loudly and shows me that contrary to the myth of being urbane in such circles you trade your reputation by attacking others.
And if to you I am an after thought to the scene and am obnoxious , well all the better for it.   And I have to say, "trying to suck up to bands to make myself feel really important"? Nah, not me far too busy for that. I may be a nobody but I am a nobody who is doing something.
I believe the expression around this part of the world goes something like this: money talks  and bullshit walks.

Metal / Demoncy/Thus Defiled/Catholicon
« on: March 15, 2005, 05:21:11 AM »
Friday April15 The Back Room  2015 E.Riverside Dr. Austin Texas

Demoncy (first show in Texas)
Thus Defiled (first show in US)
Vesperian Sorrow

$6 21 plus
$8 under 21

A night of extreme metal with the focus on Black Metal featuring local,national and international acts.
For those who have not heard of Thus Defiled they have played shows with Enslaved, Mayhem, Enthroned, Dynamo Fest and many others-they put on an excellent show

Metal / Re: 'Destroyers From The Western Skies'
« on: March 15, 2005, 05:09:01 AM »
ha-ha!  8) no this is  meant to be something to show those who think the US has no good BM -funny then that this is put together from  someone who is not even from this country.
The question it asks is obvious...

Metal / Re: 'Destroyers From The Western Skies'
« on: March 14, 2005, 08:04:34 PM »
 You have to understand how hard itis to try an put together a comp of this magnitude so many bands to choose from...I mean who do you pick? What happens when some bands behave in a way that makes trying to do this even harder, bands who don't reply to emails or bands who agree then decide not too. I mean, quite frankly you may have your own opinions about it, but this is a strong line up with the exception of two songs everything else is brand new. It will be nearly 80 minutes of music from the USBM scene, if you think you can do better, put your money where your mouth is Helix. And to say that Inquisition is an "also ran " or "never will be" as well as others, its your opinion at the end of the day until you can do just as good.

Metal / Re: 'Destroyers From The Western Skies'
« on: March 14, 2005, 02:50:19 PM »
well, that's your opinion..... 8)

Metal / 'Destroyers From The Western Skies'
« on: March 13, 2005, 12:58:25 PM »
'Destroyers From The western Skies' USBM compilation to be released by KillZone Records set for release at the end of April.

Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse-'Starbeast' *exclusive
Azrael -'Illumination' *exclusive track*
Teratism-'Grim Fucking Warlust' *exclusive track*
Leviathan-'Hissing And Sullen' *exclusive track*
Demoncy-brand new track from the album they are
recording right now
Bahimiron-'Blood Of Sodom' New Track
Draugar-"Running From Us' old unreleased track from an
early demo described as '"unusual"
Inquisition-'Under The Black Inverted Pentagram' New
taken from their new album on No Colours Records 'The
Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer'
Xasthur- special cover version of Manes'Maanens Natt'
from their album 'Under Ein Blodraud Maane'
Summon-'Beating Of Christ' New track taken from their
forthcoming album on Moribund Records 'Fallen'
Harvist-'Foundations'-New Track *exclusive mix
version* from a new album being recorded.
Fog-either 'Avatar Of Grief' or 'The Writ Of Keo'
*exclusive mix version* from their upcoming album
'Disturbing The Balance Of The Spheres' on Dark
Horizon Records-so exclusive is this the vocals have
yet to be laid down for anyof the album.
Krieg  'Every Wound Burned' *exclusive mix version* of
a song from their upcoming and final album 'Blue
Engorge-'Pathway To My Lustful Ruin' *exclusive track*
this is the band's first ever and last ever song
exclusively recorded
Kult Ov Azazel- will be a new track from their
upcoming album they have just finished
recording-probably exclusive mix version
Thralldom -exclusive track  called 'Metaphysical
Pre order will comence later this month

KillZone Records
Extreme Future Elitism