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Metal / PRELUDIUM - Impending Hostility CD OUT NOW!
« on: October 14, 2010, 12:36:48 AM »
Third full length album 'Impending Hostility' by Polish conquerors Preludium is a direct, fierce and deadly assault on the senses. Crushing imperial might of death metal is unleashed with added spitefulness of black metal, leading to veritable total devastation. Owing allegiance to no schools, Preludium are self-trained to destroy everything in their path without discrimination. And when they are done, everything will be wiped out save for perhaps the memory of their scathing historic onslaught.

MP3 - "Desolation"

MP3 - "Death Campaign"

'Impending Hostility' comes with a full colour 8-panel booklet with awe-inspiring post-World War illustrations elaborating on the theme of the bleak and horrifying cover artwork. All the CDs are made in USA in order to achieve Diabolical Conquest's aim of having world class quality for its releases.

Actual picture of one side of the booklet -

Available from our US distro and Indian distro or from the following list of labels and distributors around the world -


Trades and wholesales accepted. Contact: label@diabolicalconquest.com

Metal / Skogsberg vs. Swanö - Wisdom from the Crypts
« on: September 06, 2010, 03:56:13 AM »
Interview with Tomas Skogsberg (Sunlight Studios) and Dan Swanö (Unisound Studios and many bands)

"People from all over Sweden (and beyond) travelled for hours upon hours to see Merciless, Grave, Entombed, Sepultura...you name it. And I honestly spent a lot more outside trading demos than I did looking at the bands. And by the time I got like 20 letters a day and recorded death metal demos every weekend in my small 4 track studio...well...I knew something unique had happened to me!" - Swano

"I started the (Sunlight) studio in a pro-way around 86-87 at the age of 26." - Skogsberg

"I love working with the “elders“ like Asphyx and Hail Of Bullets. Most of them are family fathers and this is their one true style of music that they “fall back“ to. Most elders fall back to country or blues or some other stuff. These guys go banging their skulls to pieces armed to their teeth with pointy axes and HM-2 pedals in their forties! Respect!" - Swano

"Edge Of Sanity - “The Spectral Sorrows”: Sounds fucked up in everyway, yet it broke the band into a bigger market. Chris from Therion once told me: “How come you have the worst and the best sounding snare on the same album???“ - Swano

"Death Metal is for me is an unexpected twist in my musicality that have been the key to the life I live now." - Swano

- Conducted by guest writer Sascha Beselt of the Death Metal band Mandatory

Metal / Re: DC Webzine launches a record label - DC Records!
« on: August 09, 2010, 12:16:28 AM »
Okay, the pre-order offer has ended. The CD is now available through us for 8 EUR / $10 USD / $11 AUD postage paid worldwide.

Here are some reviews of The Dead - Ritual Executions -

Metalreview.com: "Our burgeoning battalion of today is fronted by the likes of Funebrarum, Witchrist, Teitanblood, Cemetery Urn, Excoriate (Deu), Ignivomous, and they're all collectively hurling their stony fists directly into the face of all that's spit-shined and punctiliously delivered from the more intricate end of the death metal spectrum. Which fittingly leads me into yet another addition to our Paleolithic Ranks: Australia's purveyors of putridity, The Dead. I'm pleased to see this band forge ahead with each subsequent release to elbow themselves amongst the expanding ranks of furrow-browed Cro-Magnons currently dragging knuckles through the death metal 'scape. Score one for the inaugural release from Diabolical Conquest Records: I say, long live The Dead." 8.1/10

Blabbermouth: "Ritual Executions" is like a virulent mutation of doom/sludge and old school death metal; think very generally along the lines of early ELECTRIC WIZARD meets AUTOPSY with gaps bridged by early Stockholm Swede-death, INCANTATION (well, sort of), and GODFLESH minimalism, which still doesn't quite describe it. More to the point, it is 47 minutes across seven often lengthy/stoner-jammy tracks of encrusted, stripped down death metal and sludgy/doomy plod that pops, sizzles, buzzes, and fuzzes through what might as well be vintage tube amps on the verge of blowing. It is the sound of acid melting flesh, hammers bashings skulls, and air being forced through bong water, led by resin-coated subterranean death vocals and accented with coked up, sadistic screams." 7.5/10

Sputnik Music: "The Dead are just another example of Australia’s knack for churning out distinctive death metal – while riding the wave along with bands like Ignivomous, Aethyvorous, Cemetery Urn and Portal, The Dead are stylistically divergent from their geographical contemporaries, and within the confines of death metal as well. Ritual Executions is remarkably accessible on a track by track listen, but its longevity is greatly lengthened as layers from each of the songs are peeled away." 4/5 stars

Metal Psalter: "The Dead’s second full-length album, Ritual Executions, is just about the grooviest death/doom album I’ve heard in, well, ever. It’s not often that you hear such heaviness blended together with so many riffs on one album, but that is exactly what you’ll find on this album. Aside from a few minor things, Ritual Executions is easily the most fun and grimy album of 2010." 4/5 stars

The Sleeping Shaman: "The Dead have managed to effortlessly spew out some of THE best, most original Death Metal that I've heard in quite some time on 'Ritual Executions', so kudos to THEM and kudos to Diabolical Conquest for being smart enough to rescue this release from the cult oblivion it could SO easily have ended up in." 

Born In Blood zine: "Some might say (I know I did) that Autopsy’s 1991 Mental Funeral album was the first Stoner Death Metal album. I mention this because nearly 20 years later we have another one... The Dead are not a Death Metal Band, they play a cutting, exciting, and innovative blend of Stoner, Death Metal and Doom, rarely heard these days. They are that rarest of things, original." 9/10

Doom-Metal.com: "There’s Death and Doom, but it’s also crossed with brilliant moments of saving groove (a groovy dimension that transcends the last all instrumental long song ‘Death metal Suicide’ giving it a trance-like atmosphere). The whole thing pulsates like the soundtrack of the Apocalypse."

Hellride Music: "It was so absorbing of my mind and time today that it was in fact the only thing that got listened to today. I rarely get anything that captures me with that amount of pull, so that alone should stand for something to some of you reading this. The mixture of blistering rhythm tempos with the creeping tempo of the gigantic seaslug paced doom riffs definitely comes across as dense and obliterating. This is the stuff that keeps me going and coming back for more, it has balls, volume, groove, and is just plain wicked!!!! OOOOH soooooooo recommended."

Metalstorm: "Ritual Executions is Death metal enriched with groove, a slightly drugged-out atmosphere, lavish and trippy solos and a heavy load of Doom for good measure. For the fans of doomy and dirty Death metal as well as groovier, sludgier acts." 8/10 

Doommantia: "Diabolical Conquest Records label is pretty new but has huge potential to be a major force in the underground. The re-mastered version sounds much clearer and crisper so its the version you must seek out to hear the band at its best. If you like Hooded Menace, Ramesses and Toadliquor, you should find this to be a worthy purchase." 8.5/10

Here is our full list of distributors and record labels dealing with us so far -


You can buy our release from them! Cheers!

Metal / Re: DC Webzine launches a record label - DC Records!
« on: June 24, 2010, 07:43:49 AM »
Only a few days are left for the pre-order offer to end! 'Ritual Executions' will be released on Monday.

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the album!

Metal / Re: DC Webzine launches a record label - DC Records!
« on: May 26, 2010, 11:02:23 PM »
Ritual Executions album details revealed and is up for Pre-Order!
May 23, 2010

The second full length album of The Dead is a brilliant mix of twisted, brain-warping death metal and miasmic sludgy doom like no other. Perfectly arranged to maintain a sublime, engrossing balance, the combination of sharp, visceral hooks and massive doom trudges with remarkably groovy parts render Ritual Executions one of the most unique and fascinating albums to be released in this era. The remixing and remastering done by Aphotic Mote (Portal) specially for this DC Records version makes the originally dense and suffocating Ritual Executions much more breathable but retains the rawness and underground vibe that bring The Dead to life. The modified artwork sketched by vocalist Mike Yee suitably captures the essence and horrific otherworldly feel of The Dead's music - only a band member could achieve that.

Ritual Executions Track listing:

1. Burn Your Dead
2. Cannibal Abattoir [mp3]
3. Centurion
4. Born in a Grave
5. Ritual Executions [mp3]
6. Blood Angel
7. Death Metal Suicide [mp3 preview]

Total playing time 46:32


Ritual Executions Pre-Order Limited Offer

€7 EUR / $8 USD / $9 AUD - postage paid WORLDWIDE!

Paypal ID: kunalchoksi@hotmail.com

(Don't forget to mention your address in the note when making the payment.)

Buy now because prices are sure to increase after the album is released.

The official release date of Ritual Executions is June 28, 2010.

The Dead MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/lordofthelivingdead

DC Records: http://diabolicalconquest.com/label.htm

Metal / Re: DC Webzine launches a record label - DC Records!
« on: May 14, 2010, 03:10:46 AM »
DC Records signs The Dead - Death Metal band from Australia
May 12, 2010

Diabolical Conquest Records is pleased to sign The Dead from Brisbane, Australia. Incorporating influences from genres such as doom metal to make their music gloomier and groovier and yet retaining the death metal aesthetic and underground essence, The Dead play in a unique, perverse style of raw and catchy death metal that transcends schools and trends. After releasing their debut full length album through the Australian Obsidian Records, DC Records will be re-releasing their latest full length album ‘Ritual Executions', which was originally self-released by the band and limited to 100 copies, in much higher quantities. This release will have a modified artwork by Mike Yee and has been mixed and remastered by Aphotic Mote (Portal).

Diabolical Conquest founder Kunal N. Choksi comments, “I am extremely happy to sign what I feel is one of the best and most original sounding death metal bands today. After promoting The Dead for years, reviewing three of their releases in detail (with the last two finding a place in my best albums of the year lists) and even conducting an interview with them, it was as if I was destined to sign them; no other band seemed worthier. It is an honour to work with a band I have known and admired for so long and I hope to give them the exposure they truly deserve.”

The Dead drummer Chris Morse adds, “It is an honour to be entrusted with DC Records' first release. DC Webzine has always been known for its honest and insightful reviews of underground metal releases and this will no doubt be reflected in the quality of music the label will release. It's a very exciting time for the band and we cannot express how jubilant we feel at being added to the DC Records roster."

Ritual Executions will be released early this monsoon. A special pre-order offer will be up soon."

A few The Dead mp3s from 'Ritual Executions' -

Preview of a 10 min instrumental song -

Full song -

Title track -


Metal / DC Webzine launches a record label - DC Records!
« on: May 12, 2010, 12:03:02 AM »
Diabolical Conquest launches a record label - Diabolical Conquest Records!
May 10, 2010

After running DC Webzine for five years, promoting hundreds of extreme metal bands and establishing a name for itself as a zine with rare integrity and honesty, we believe the time has come for us to take it to the next level. Instead of urging other labels to sign deserving bands, we will put our money where our mouth is and now do it ourselves. Needless to say, we will be promoting our bands extensively, and we will have worldwide distribution for our releases.

Based in India, DC Records will have the advantage of distributing extreme metal titles in a relatively virgin territory and catering to the needs of deprived metalheads there.

We will be making announcements about our bands and planned future releases shortly.


Metal / Latest THE CHASM Interview
« on: April 09, 2010, 07:56:28 AM »
One of the very few, probably the only interview given by the band in the last 3-4 years!

Interview with Daniel Corchado of the Death Metal band THE CHASM

"If there is another Chasm album in the future I'm almost sure that there won't be any vocals at all. Shouldn't be saying thisright now, but there is a very good chance it will happen"

"to be honest I didn't push it enough to keep the band on Earache, there was a point that we just simply didn't care about being signed. Nothing against Wicked World, in fact they did a decent job distributing The Spell, and Dan Tobin, manager of Wicked World, really likes/understands our music, but also they knew/realized that we were not very successful commercially"

"we took some long breaks, we were fed up with all the circus that is the "scene" nowadays, gotta say we were pretty close to disbanding, but we just relaxed and realized that we should keep minding our own business and keep writing music"

"I'm still a stubborn guy when it comes to Death Metal and this music, I still believe this music has to be done with some degree of class, a lot of atmosphere and feeling, a menacing tone and darkened sound"

- Conducted by Hamano Kyousuke  

Metal / Interview with Chris Reifert of ABSCESS/AUTOPSY
« on: February 11, 2010, 11:23:59 PM »
Interview with Chris Reifert of the Death Metal bands ABSCESS, AUTOPSY, etc.

"Autopsy is actually playing Maryland Death Fest this year, so we're not dead again yet!"

"I spoke with Killjoy the first time in '86 when I was staying in Florida with Chuck Schuldiner. We talked on the phone and he seemed really cool. That was great since I thought Necrophagia was killer and totally sick."

"The beauty of Abscess is we can incorporate anything that fits the demented vibe we're searching for. It's gotta be heavy and ugly though otherwise it just won't work."

"The new album 'Dawn of Inhumanity' has the sound we were looking for and we are very happy with it." 


Metal / Peste Noire Interview
« on: August 15, 2009, 12:41:47 AM »
Probably the only official Peste Noire interview on the web-

Interview with Famine of the French Black Metal band PESTE NOIRE (in English and French)




"The last thing I want is to become popular; my music, in its essence and form, can NOT be popular, it is impossible and would be a contradiction. We do everything to make our music horrible and vile, it can only please to ugly hermits, I never understood the buzz around Peste Noire (and I agree with those who don't get it)"

"This whole system of defective downloading and immediate consumption truly makes me puke. The CD, as an object, is no longer a sacred item which one would have to wait for, which one worked hard to be able to purchase and listen to on a good stereo system also purchased after time and effort."

"Why would I be a neonazi when the Nazis did all they could to take over France and fuck its citizens over, a nation they had no respect for whatsoever?"

"We don't give a rat's arse about our fans. We only respect ourselves and do what we do only for our own pleasure."

"If I want to record reggae music, I will record reggae music. Now that I come to think of it, the next Peste Noire album will be pure reggae. We like to have a good laugh in Peste Noire."

Metal / AGATHOCLES Interview: Legendary Mincecore/Grindcore band
« on: June 13, 2009, 10:21:38 PM »
Interview with Jan of the legendary Belgian Mincecore/Grindcore band AGATHOCLES

"MINCE CORE is the same as old school grindcore, the way it was in the 80's, raw, minimalistic and socially and politically involved."

"I make the songs on an acoustic guitar, record them and write them down and at the rehearsal I explain the song to the others. It's a fast way of working."

"Writing the music takes not that much energy, writing the lyrics for all these songs is much more difficult."

"I myself have been working as a social worker for 14 years now, for an organisation for and with people with a disability."

Metal / INTERVIEWS: CBT, Vomitory, Defeated Sanity
« on: May 01, 2009, 03:40:55 AM »
Interview with Tobias Augustin of the groovy goregrind/pornogrind German band COCK AND BALL TORTURE

"I never was the typical heavy metal head. I always had my three or four fave bands and i listened to that stuff all day long, but most grind bands never really appealed me."

"It was cool to see that people liked our stuff. But after some time it annoyed us. They just copied each other in with all their intros or porn images from the internet."

"To easily remember all the songs we just had to use funny names. Some of the girl's names in our titles are inspired by girls from our hometown. Especially Clit-Doris."

"Live we never used lyrics. Mostly I tell some impro story and sometimes I just “rrroarrr grrrggl” and so on. Haha."

- Conducted by Baz

Interview with Tobias Gustafsson of the great Swedish Death Metal band VOMITORY

“The band has existed for twenty years and we know our shit by now, haha. Shame on us if we didn't!”

“I think too that "Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize" is the best Vomitory album in a long time, but instead of thinking that we would never be able to top it, we got inspired to actually do that. And I honestly believe we have with our new album "Carnage Euphoria".”

“In Sweden people are so sensitive for the trends and are scared shitless to miss the latest bandwagon.”

“Metal or not - at least I don't want to look like a bum more than I do naturally. It's not metal being dirty. It's just stupid and... dirty!”

- Conducted by Kunal N. Choksi

Interview with Lille Gruber of the German Brutal Death Metal band DEFEATED SANITY

 "''Chapters of Repugnance' will be a concept album dealing with some of humanity's darkest chapters."

"(On our new material) we have found our perfect balance between tradition and avant-garde."

"As a musician you don't wanna sit at home all week and have one rehearsal a week/month, you wanna go out there and play every night."

"I would rather like to see fans supporting young, fresh bands! Nostalgia is bullshit!"

- Conducted by Ewan Gibb

Metal / Re: Doomy Death Metal
« on: October 12, 2008, 11:10:15 AM »
Eternal Darkness, too. How could I forget that one!

Metal / Re: LARM! metal reviews archive back online
« on: August 01, 2008, 03:04:33 AM »
Nice. I remember referring to a few back then.

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