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« on: September 07, 2010, 04:44:57 PM »

UD are proud to announce that we are finally back after such a long forced vacation. so proud that you can find, on our completely new myspace, OUR WHOLE PROMO TOTALLY FREE!!!!

Download it now directly from: www.antisocial.it/MAGAZZINO/ud/unconventional-disruption-ep.zip

While you are waiting for our new cd  Profusion to Euthanasia that will be ready in a few months.....

So, hoping you like a lot all these news, we would be grateful if you could do the following for us:
1- add us to your Facebook page (see link at the top of the page)
2- tell your friends, brothers, cousins ect. about our Myspace and FB contacts, so that also they can benefit for this incredible chance and support us in the future!

Finally, if you will freak out for our music and put us on your personal playlist, well, we will definitely not complain about it! :]
We are in trepidation to see your reactions and read your comments like virgin schoolgirls!