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Metal / Re: Summoning make stand against fascism
« on: April 25, 2007, 10:34:24 PM »
I completely agree with Olethros about the Ottoman empire, simply because I'm a Croat, and Croatians are one of the Balkan nations. Nobody knows better than us what an influence the turks had on us (namely destruction and slaughtering).

The only reason turks didn't manage to conquer Vienna was because of the Croats who were used as a cannon fodder by the Habsburg empire. If is weren't for us,  Austria would be a completely dfifferent country.

Protector is showing a common ignorance concernig the history of other nations, and he should be thankful on our account that he's still austrian, and not some brown asian with big mustaches.

Croatia was under the Austrian boot for nearly 400 years, and we were nothing more than the cannon fodder for them all that time. One of the reasons that Austria became advanced and rich country is because they had us to defend them, and they almost depleted all of our natural resources in the meantime.

Austria never provided Croatia with military support during the turkish invasion, because they were too busy being scared. Now, I'm forced to look at the ugly alien turkish faces that make the large amount of population in Bosnia and Herzegowina (namely muslims, or "Bosniaks" as they recently started calling themselves).

I apologize for wandering off the subject, but it was hard for me to read his statement. After being a slave for so long, the man should expect at least a thank you, instead he insults us all with by saying that we lived happily under the turks while we bled and died for them.

Thank you, Austria!

Metal / Re: Summoning
« on: April 11, 2007, 11:43:27 PM »
In had similar experience with nature as you did, nature in many aspects really opened up my eyes as well, and I'm fortunate to have it almost intact very near from where I live.

As for Summoning, I think that the greatest power of their music is not that it praises Tolkien's fantasy world(as I have often heard from stupid people that listen to Summoning and also think that it would be a perfect soundtrack for the Jackson's mega blockbuster shit; of course they've never read the book because reading makes their head hurt, which brings me to the another ridiculous but perhaps true statement from one of them:"Dude, the movie was made so that we don't have to read the book.") but it really sets your imagination going.

And the beauty you see in your mind can also be found in reality, in nature mainly. So I'm not taking about escapism, inactivity or in retreat in your mind, but, just as they say Romantics did, find
higher things in your mind and imagination, and then use them in your world to make it better and richer.